Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Hodie pro nobis caro factum.

Now let good Christians all begin
An holy life to live,
And to rejoice and merry be,
For this is Christmas Eve.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Minor in regno caelorum (Mt 11:11).

The least in the kingdom of heaven.

You may feel like in the prison because of your troubles. Yet you can always turn to the Word of God to search for encouragement. You can ask the Lord about the meaning of your life. For Jesus Christ is the One who gives you the best answer for all your questions. He enlightens your eyes, cures your diseases, cleanses your heart and makes you hear the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit. Furthermore, he raises you up from the death of your sins. As a result, you become the happiest man in the world who proclaims the divine miracles. But you need to know what you are searching while following the Christ. You are to trust him completely so as to come across the desert. No idol can take the place of Jesus in your endeavous. Neither idea nor wealth can change your mind as you are a disciple of the Lord. Since only the Son of God is your best advisor and leader to the kingdom of heaven. 

Friday, December 13, 2013

Utilia (Is 48:18).

What is for your good.

Only God knows what is good for me. Therefore I keep asking him to send me the light for my life. For the Lord is my leader who explains me which way to choose. I do experience that his will is the best choice for me. I  listen to him carefully and pay attention to his good advice. Consequently, my life flows like a river of grace towards the sea of everlasting kingdom. I share the gifts of the Holy Spirit with others and show them the goodness of the Lord. My heart is full of spiritual goods which I am to grant the needy. My soul is meditating on the message of the Scriptures and delights in it. In such a way, I try to yield much fruit and follow the example of the Son of God. Thanks to his help I am happy and make happy the people around me. For the truth is that the Lord watches over me and fills my heart with many blessings.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Consolamini populum meum (Is 40:1).

Give comfort to my people.

Our human condition often makes us sad and distressed. On the one hand we are strong and immortal, and on the other we are weak and obey the law of death. Therefore, the Lord wants to strengthen and comfort us. Through the holy Scriptures he enlightens us and warrants that the salvation is waiting for us. Thus, we hear his gentle voice calling us to prepare ourselves for his coming. We are able to make our best so as to wait in patience for his grace. Thanks to the divine gift all of us can be cleansed and open for the Holy Spirit. Yet on the earth we might participate in the communion with God. Although we are fragile, we always can turn our attention towards the Lord. We may experience his presence among us and his power which secures the whole universe. In the Son of God we find the sense of our life and the wonderful reward after our struggles. Eventually, in the Father's arms we are to discover our home full of peace and love.

Monday, December 9, 2013

In omni benedictione spiritali (Eph 1:3).

With every spiritual blessing.

Blessing is the best way to make a good relationship with others. First of all, you are to bless the Lord for all goods you have already received. Then, you are to bless your relatives and friends who have done a lot for you too. As a result, you will also be blessed by them and fulfilled with spiritual joy. In addition, with the God's blessing you will be granted many other gifts as wisdom, peace and hope. Thus, you will be able to become holy and the source of blessings for others. You will love people with all your heart and enjoy it. In such a way, you will carry out the will of God who has given these commandments. You will also keep praising the Lord that he has loved you so much. You will follow his example eagerly and enter the heavenly kingdom in the end. Overall, it is the intention of his will to make all his children happy and sanctified by the Holy Spirit. The Blessed Mary was the one who showed great obedience to the divine will. Therefore, such great miracles happened in her life and she is a perfect woman who intercedes for all people asking her for help. 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Spem habeamus (Rom 15:4).

Let's have hope.

It sometimes seems that your life is hopeless. But if you read the Scripture and meditate on the Word of God carefully, you receive the light of hope. Consequently, the Word of endurance and encouragement grants you wisdom to think optimistically. Furthermore, if you belong to the community which gathers to read the Bible, you experience the power of the divine Word. In this way you strengthen the relationship with Jesus Christ and other people. You trust and love much more not only God, but also your sisters and brothers. For the voice of the Holy Spirit changes your attitude towards your neighbours and the way of thinking. Thus, you can be an apostle of good tidings and show God's truthfulness. You give the powerful testimony and confirm that the holy Scripture leads you to the closer relationships. Finally, your life becomes the song of worship and glorifying God for his mercy.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Anima mea cognoscit nimis (Ps 139:14).

My soul knows it very well.

The Holy Spirit is around me all the time. Moreover, I can move, talk and work thanks to the God's Spirit. So wherever I go, I am accompanied by the divine grace. Everything comes form the unlimited goodness of the Lord. I even cannot comprehend the whole love which God has towards me. For that reason, I am very grateful for his presence in my life and all the good things I have already received. I also give thanks for the painful experiences which were the part of my past. Although sometimes I did not understand some of them, now I know that these facts where necessary to become a mature person. I keep praising my Lord for everything. I try to be with him as I meditate on the divine Word in the beauty of the universe, in the Scriptures and in the community of my friends. Consequently, I want to cleanse my soul from all sins and commit myself to the Lord completely. Overall, I would like to abide forever in the everlasting Kingdom. 

Friday, December 6, 2013

Adhuc in modico et in brevi (Is 29:17).

But a very little while ...

As a human being you live in the boundaries of time, but God is beyond this limit. For that reason, he can enter your life any time and change everything. In the little while your spriritual eyes may see and your inner ears hear the message from the Lord. In such a way, you can comprehend the meaning of the Scriptures and know what the most important is. Your heart can be full of joy and rejoice in the presence of the Spirit. Because of the divine strength you might neither be afraid to fight your enemies nor ashamed of your sins. On the contrary, you may be cleansed from your iniquities and proud of God acting in your life with such a great power. For the Lord is your light and salvation. Through the holy sacraments you may find refuge and exeperience the loveliness of God as if in the heavenly Kingdom. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Aperite portas (Is 26:2).

Open up the gates.

You want to be strong. You like to depend on yourself and your own ideas. Yet the truth is that you are not independent. From time to time you need someone to help you. And it is normal that you share your problems with others. The Lord also tries to bring you help. But you are to open your heart for his grace. You cannot shut the gates of your soul while he is knocking. Of course, this attitude towards God needs deep faith and strong hope that a real Person is waiting for your openess. In this way you will experience the divine peace which is the gift of the Holy Spirit. Since after making your soul open, you will discover that only God is an eternal Rock. If you humble yourself before the Lord, you will receive his strength to cope with everything. Otherwise, you will be weak and easily depressed all the time.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Misereor (Mt 15:32).

My heart is moved with pity.

Many people are in need. For that reason, as a member of the human family you are to turn your attention towards them. You have to step aside from your ambitions and plans in order to focus on others. If you do that, you see a great crowd of men who is looking for help. They lack different things - some just food, some friendship and love. There is always something you can share with them. But the point is to see their problems and to open your heart for them. Obviously, you are not powerful to solve all the problems of the world, but you are able to sympathize to them. You can stay with them and listen to their stories. Afterwards, you may tell them about Jesus Christ the Son of God who is present in the holy Eucharist to feed them with the divine graces. There everyone can eat and be satisfied. For it is the place where people participate in the treasures of the heavenly Kingdom.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Parvulis (Lk 10:21).

To the childlike.

The heart of child is usually pure and holy. Therefore, children play and enjoy life better than adults. They are able to rejoice in the Holy Spirit dwelling in them. Accordingly, as children of God we are to be focused on the spriritual things. First of all, we need to remember about our dignity and give praise to the Lord. We do not have to be very wise or learned, but we are supposed to believe strongly. As children we are to place our trust in God the Father in order to fulfill his will. In such a way, we will follow the footsteps of Jesus who was the faithful Son. As a result, we will be granted the necessary gifts from the Holy Spirit. We will get to know the Lord and understand the meaning of the Scriptures. We will have the eyes that see the hidden misteries and the ears that hear the divine message. Thus, we will be blessed and become the apostles of happiness to all the nations.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Rogate quae ad pacem (Ps 122:6).

Pray for the peace.

The Christian is full of joy when he is thinking about God. For only a thought of the Beloved can make a believer happy. Moreover, the closer he comes towards the Lord, the greater his happines becomes. For that reason, every day he tries to strengthen the relationship with the Holy Spirit. In this deep relation he gives thanks for the gifts he has already received and asks for more graces. The first gift of the Son of God is peace. Accordingly, if you love the Lord wholeheartedly, your mind and heart are fulfilled with  the divine peace. So you are able to prosper and progress in faith. Also you can trust God who supports you in the difficult time and saves you from all kinds of troubles. With his help you manage to resolve the biggest problems in your life. Even if you are suffering dreadfully, you hope that his Spirit is upon you. This awareness comforts you and helps to survive the darkest moments in peace.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Prope est regnum Dei (Lk 21:30).

The Kingdom of God is near.

A Christian is a man of meditation. Accordingly, he sees the facts in the light of the Scriptures. Thus he is able to recognize the presence of the Holy Spirit in the world. Furthermore, he almost feels God's love. He lives now and is not concerned about the past or the future. He does perceive the time passing away but it does not make him sad. On the contrary, he keeps the words of the Lord deep in his heart to apply them to the circumstances. When he is in the dangerous situation, he does not stop trusting. Yet he knows that God is omnipotent and his Providence guards the mankind. For that reason, he blesses the Lord and praises him above all forever. Since from the beginning to the end everything is under the wings of the Almighty. The beautiful nature never ceases exalting him, but gives him thanks all the time. As a child of God you are to experience his goodness too. Actually the Kingdom of God is at hand.

Appropinquat redemptio vestra (Lk 21:28).

Your redemption is at hand.

Your life might be in danger. Since many accidents happen, people pass away and you do not know the future. You may always be hurt or get seriously sick. You are not able to control everything. You can only escape from the difficult situation and pay attention not to engage in the dangerous endeavours. Nevertheless, you are sometimes in the circumstances which make you suffer. In this case, you must be courageous and keep faith in the Son of God. As he survived the pains of cross, you also can do the same. To make it possible, you ought to trust in the power of the Holy Spirit. Since God does save his holy ones and never lets them be destroyed. For that reason, you should praise and exalt him above all forever. You also are to stand erect and to raise your voice of worship even if darkness and dark clouds surround you. The more complicated matters become, the closer your Redeemer is. 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

In patientia vestra (Lk 21:19).

By your perseverance.

Although many hardships occur in your life, you must be patient to face them. You can overcome troubles and give a good testimony as a child of God. Others who are not believers may be confused, but as a Christian you cannot be afraid while you are under guidence of the Holy Spirit. If you listen to God carefully, you receive power to survive any danger. In addition, you become wise and make good choices in your life. Nothing can hurt you. Nobody is able to have you suffer. For you are strong enough to remain faithful until death. You give glory and praise to the Lord as he takes care of you. You experience his goodness in the world and everything speaks about his great love towards you. Therefore you bless the Lord with all your heart, mind and strength.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Depositio tabernaculi mei (2 Pet 1:14).

I must fold my tent.

There are many things we must do every day. But the most important is to remember Jesus Christ our Lord. His example of love and sacrifice should strengthen us to take care of each other. Yet his life was not imaginary but real. This is a reason we are also able to follow his footsteps. In this way our sisters and brothers can see that we live as he lived and pay attention to the holy Gospel. Moreover, they might experience that miracles happen nowadays too. Since the grace of the Holy Spirit is present among us and through us. Consequently, in our words and deeds others can perceive the divine power. Obviously, it is not easy to love as the Son of God loved the humankind but we try our best to be imitators of Christ. Overall, we do trust in his prophetic message and enlighten our neighbours with the light of the Word. Thus, we give testimony to God and fulfill his precepts.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Ad vitam et pietatem (2 Pet 1:3).

A life of genuine piety.

Everyone needs grace to live a peaceful life. This grace is the divine power which enables people to be holy. However, not everybody is open enough to understand it. Sometimes this truth is hidden from the human mind. Therefore, very important is to remind others about the power of the Holy Spirit that makes the children of God sharers of the divine nature. For each man may attain virtue and faith, and discernment, and self-control, and perseverance. In this long process the child of God is being encouraged to love one another. The best example is the Son of God whose life was full of love towards his Father and people. Accordingly, Christians are to make their election permanent so as not to be lost. They should try to be pious all the time in order to enter into the everlasting kingdom. That is the main goal and sense of human life and vocation.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Meditamini in omnibus mirabilibus eius (Ps 105:2).

Proclaim all his wondrous deeds.

I often forget the marvels God has made for me. Although thousands of them happened in my life. First of all, the miracle of conception and the gift of soul. Further, health and happiness among the members of my extended family. Also the fact that as an altar boy I grew up near the church and received the holy sacraments. Thus, the grace of the Holy Spirit led me from the very beginning. Moreover, the friendly people I met and travelled with through the beautiful mountains. Then, the hurtful events which strengthened me rather than made me depressed. Despite them, I finished a good primary and secondary school, later theological and philological studies, took temporary and final vows, and was ordained in 2006. Since the ordination I have been serving the people in need by the holy sacraments and especially reconciliation. In such a way, the divine grace works in me and it is the greatest gift of the beloved Father. 

Friday, November 15, 2013

In quibus non subest scientia Dei (Wis 13:1).

In ignorance of God.

I am lucky because I have known God since my childhood. I am able to recognize him in the beauty of creation. Although I cannot see him face to face, I meet him in the miracles of nature. Since everything speaks about the Creator and announces his glory. For that reason, I am glad and praise the splendor of God. At the same time, I am worried because many people neither believe in God nor want to find him. They seem to have their eyes closed not to see the Lord. Nevertheless, the heavens and the earth proclaim the majesty of Creator. Thus, everyone is supposed to find out that God takes care of his creatures and gives them life. Had he not loved the world, he would have never created it. Therefore, do not be ignorant but raise your hands to God and respond to his great love. As a result, you will rejoice in his presence and find peace for your troubled heart.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

In sapientia spiritus est (Wis 7:22).

In Wisdom is a spirit.

Jesus, the Wisdom of God, is my Master. Through his Holy Spirit I am being taught how to live in holiness. Thus, I learn to be prudent in all my endeavours. This way of education is subtle and happens deeply in my soul. I am being encouraged to look for the matters which are beneficent and right. Also I receive the divine power which bids me unstained and kind. Thanks to this help I feel firm, secure and my heart is tranquil. Otherwise, on my own I would not be able to fulfill all my tasks and duties. With the Spirit of God I participate in the divine light which enlightens the whole universe. Moreover, I am to be a spotless mirror and the image of God. Accordingly, I share my talents with others who are called to be friends of God. As a member of the Christian family I do experience the love of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

A longe (Lk 17:12).

From a distance ...

Jesus comes to your area to meet you. However, it is you who are to be prepared for this meeting. You might have a lot of work to do but first of all you must be aware of his visiting. You are to call his name to help you survive in the days of trouble. You cannot stop calling his holy name but rather ask him to bless you. The Lord always answers and gives you advise. He shows what you are supposed to accomplish. Further, he cleanses you from your iniquities and egoistic ideas. Consequenlty, you realize that it is only God who is needed in your life. As a result you give him thanks and glorify him all the time. You adore the Holy Sacrament so as to strengthen the relationship. Thus, you experience joy and divine peace fulfill your soul. Eventually, the distance from the Lord disappear completely and you become similar to him.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

In incorruptibilitate (Wis 2:23).

To be imperishable.

We sometimes feel weak and exhausted but it is only our body which announces this fact. For our spirit is usually strong and can overcome all the difficulties. This is a divine part which never perishes but lasts forever. Obviously, our spiritual part is also in danger because of the devil who tempts us all the time. Nonetheless, we are not afraid as we know that our soul is in the hand of God. Although we may experience pain and death, we cannot be destroyed. Being under God's wings we live in peace and our hope is full of immortality. Consequently, every trouble helps and prepares us so that we may be greatly blessed and chastised in the end. Since God never lets his creature be lost but rather comes with his powerful grace to save. Overall, his will is to make us shine and rejoice in his kingdom where the Lord is King. Therefore, we should trust in him and respond to his everlasting love.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sub umbra alarum tuarum protege me (Ps 17:15).

Hide me in the shadow of your wings.

My desire is to be with the Lord. As I walk on the earth, see the beauty of the creatures, meet the interesting people, I long to abide with God. Nobody and nothing can replace this strong desire of mine. I also spend time on prayer and meditate on the Scripture, but it is still not enough for me. In addition, I try to keep his commandments, though I make mistakes which I do not want. Nevertheless, there is a strong longing in my soul to hear his voice and embrace him. Although I know that he is looking at me all the time, I would like to feel his holy presence and the touch of his Spirit. I long to be hidden in the shadow of his wings and to rejoice in him. Since I am certain that when his glory appears, my joy will be full. So I keep asking him to encourage and strengthen me in my everyday life: May the Holy Spirit direct me to the stronger love of God and to the endurance of Jesus Christ. 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Dei aedificatio estis (1 Cor 3:9).

You are God's building.

God is holy and for that reason whoever has the Holy Spirit in heart is sanctified. In addition, each of us is born thanks to the love of parents and the will of God. Accordingly, the divine grace is working on men from the very beginning. Then, as Christians we are being built by the words of Scripture. In such a way, Jesus Christ is our cornerstone and foundation. We listen to him carefully and follow his footsteps in accordance with the Gospel. Thus, the Holy Spirit dwells in us and makes us the holy temple. As a result, we can always find refuge and strength in an ever-present God. So we are not to fear but rejoice for the Lord is with us all the time. This truth should calm down our distress and give hope for the every day of our life.  

Friday, November 8, 2013

Consecrans evangelium Dei (Rom 15:16).

In performing the priestly service...

I am a priest called to be a minister of Christ. It is a great dignity and the matter of vocation. Though I even do not know why it was me to be chosen as a missionary. Actually there were more people better prepared but the Lord looked on me and invited to be his special follower. This happened thanks to the grace given me by the Holy Spirit. Consequently, I am able to perform the priestly service of the Gospel so as to help others. I believe that the Word of God is acting through my ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit. Furthermore, I have many proofs how the divine grace has worked through me and done miracles. For instance, in the sacrament of penitence God has already changed loads of human hearts and in the Eucharist sanctified many. I have seen those wonders and testify that it is the truth. However, I have not finished preaching the Gospel of Christ yet. I expect that much more wonderful things will happen in my life. Since I am going to proclaim the Good News to the people who need it most in the world.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Domini sumus (Rom 14:7).

We are the Lord's.

It is good to know that you belong to God who is your Creator. It should give you strength and assurance that Someone always cares for you. Moreover, there is a reason why you exist and a purpose you live for. The proof of God's love is that Christ died for you and saved you from the everlasting penalty. Therefore, you are to bend your knees and give praise to God. In such a way, you might show him respect and obedience to his holy will. It is also the best way to the never-ending happiness when you will gaze on the loveliness of the Lord. However, for the time being you ought to wait for this moment with courage and be stouthearted. One day, you will come to God and there will be much joy in heaven for that reason.  

Qui non baiulat crucem suam (Lk 14:27).

Whoever does not carry own cross.

Every morning I need to take my own cross. This cross is my daily routine, tasks and obligations. Nobody else can replace me in this job. I must do it myself. But it is not only my cross. Others have their own crosses which are to be carried too. To take one's cross is to follow Jesus Christ. For the Son of God teaches how to carry the daily burden in order to be his disciple. First of all, I am to carry it with love towards the people who accompany me. Thus, I can follow the example of my Master and love the heavenly Father. As a result, I am able to participate in the divine community of love. Such love is between the Father and the Son and is called the Holy Spirit. Therefore, carrying my daily cross with love in heart is the sign that the Spirit of God rests upon me.  

Monday, November 4, 2013

Sine paenitentia vocatio Dei (Rom 11:29).

The call of God is irrevocable.

Despite our mistakes, God always loves us. He wants us to exist as his beloved children. He takes care of us even if we do not care about it. In addition, he is ready to forgive everything and to bless us. For he is full of riches such as wisdom and knowledge. He does not keep the precious things for himself but shares them with us. However, we are not able to comprehend the divine mysteries but only approach them. Since we see from the distance and there is still a long way unless we enter the heavenly kingdom. Now we are often afflicted and in pain so we need God's saving help to protect us. We are the lowly ones and he is looking at us from above. Nonetheless, he hears our cries and revives our hearts with his grace. If we are in ruin, he rebuilds us and strengthens us. Therefore, we are to remain in his word so as to be his faithful disciples. In such a way, we will understand the truth that the call of God is irrevocable.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Gutta roris antelucani (Wis 11:22).

A drop of morning dew.

In comparison with God, I am to be humble. Since God is the Creator of the whole universe and I am only a tiny part of it. He is everlasting and I can live just for a short time. He is holiness and I commit sins all the time. Nevertheless, he is merciful for me as I regret. Moreover, the Lord loves me so much that I am not able to comprehend it. By his grace I can survive and overcome all the difficulties in my life. For he is a lover of my soul and his imperishable spirit lives in me. Therefore, I praise his holy name and bless my Lord every day. I thank him for his kindness and compassion towards me. I wish all people did the same and were faithful as well. I would like to discourse of his glory and to speak of his might. I also want to share with others my hope and faith. Accordingly, I pray for all that our God may make us a community of his beloved children.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Caritas Christi (Rom 8:35).

The love of Christ.

God's love towards us has revealed itself in Jesus Christ. Through his example, life and death, he showed us how strong the divine love is. Furthermore, he has always been for us and ready to help us. Consequently, nothing is able to seperate us from the love of the Son of God. Although in anguish or distress, we are supported by his Spirit. For that reason, we are not afraid even to sacrifice our life. For we are assured that we will conquer in the end thanks to the divine grace. Therefore, we keep praying and asking the Lord to be with us all the time. Because apart of him we are wretched and poor. We need his mercy and kindness as we commit sins and fall. Nonetheless, he stands at the right hand of his children to save us if only we turn to him earnestly. Overall, he yearns to gather us together in the heavenly kingdom due to his everlasting love. 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Spiritus adiuvat (Rom 8:26).

The Spirit comes.

I live thanks to the power of the Holy Spirit. I can wake up, pray, work and rest by this divine grace. Although I am weak as a human, I am strong as the child of God. For I am supported from above so as to fulfill my daily tasks. Consequently, I try my best to cooperate with the God's will. I listen to the divine voice carefully not to make mistakes any more. Thus, I am told that all things work for good for me who love God wholeheartedly. In addition, I am called according to his purpose in order to be conformed to the image of the Son of God. It is a great honour which I have received freely. For that reason, all my hope is in the loving kindness of my Lord. Also I do depend on his grace and blessings which are given to me through the Holy Spirit.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Passiones huius temporis (Rom 8:18).

The sufferings of this present time.

As Christians we are still on the go. We do experience suffering like others but are not afraid. For we believe that the everlasting happiness is waiting in heaven. Obviously, we would like to be with God yet, but we are also patient knowing that the divine will must be fulfilled. All the time we keep the strong hope that one day we will be set free from our futility. Then, we will share in the glorious freedom of the children of God. However, on the earth we are called to work hard and progress in love. We are being strengthened by the gifts of the Holy Spirit so as to live a pious life. Moreover, we are sure that we have never been abandoned by the God's grace. Since the Lord has done great things for us. For that reason, we are glad despite the sufferings of the present time.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Auxilium meum a Domino (Ps 121:2).

My help is from the Lord.

As a human being I still need the help of the Lord. Therefore, I lift up the eyes of my soul towards heaven. It is the only place I can receive the grace from. I do depend on this help and cannot imagine my life without it. Since my being is the gift of the Holy Spirit who keeps me in existence. The Spirit of God works on me and strengthens me all the time. For the Lord neither slumbers nor sleeps but cares for me. He is my best guardian who accompanies me from the beginning to the end of my life. He defends me from all evil and grants me courage to fight the devil. With the divine grace I am equipped for every good work. I am able to remain faithful and to understand the Scriptures. Moreover, the Holy Spirit makes me capable of accepting the wisdom of God. Consequently, I can proclaim the Good News to the world and encourage others through all patience and knowledge. In such a way, the word of God becomes living and effective. 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Contra spem in spe (Rom 4:18).

Hoping against hope.

God sends us many witnesses to the faith. One of them is our father Abraham. He is an example for us all. For he believed in God and spoke with Yahweh. In this conversation he heard the promise of the Lord. Abraham listened carefully and fulfiled the will of God. In his whole life he lived by faith and shared his experience with his relatives. As Christians we are called to keep faith like him. In addition, we should give testimony to the Catholic faith. Since it is our strength and passport to the eternal life. The Lord is believed to remember his covenent for ever. So we can be sure that we belong to his beloved children as well. Eventually, we will enter the heavenly kingdom becoming holy as our predecessor. There we will rejoice and see the fulfilment of the God's promises made for a thousand generations.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Prope est Dominus (Ps 145:18).

The Lord is near.

I strongly believe that my Lord is close at hand. For I recognize his presence in the surrounding world. I meditate on the wonderful glory of his Kingdom and want to share it with my sisters and brothers. Then, I give him thanks that he is faithful and blesses me all the time. I cannot be silent because he still broadens my heart to love more eagerly. I am going to be just and holy in all my works. So I need his help and call upon him waiting for his grace patiently. He reminds me of my vocation so as to bear fruit that will last. He encourages me to be a humble witness to the Gospel. Accordingly, I share his divine peace with the people I meet in my life. I am not worried because my Lord is walking with me. Overall, I have never been alone since the Kingdom of God moved in my soul. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Secundum patientiam (Rom 2:7).

Through perseverance.

There is a temptation to give up. Since you can choose the easier way to go every day. However, the christian way is not the easy one. Of course, there are many reasons not to walk this way. For instance the mass-media remind you to relax and to enjoy your life. The other solution is not taken into account. Therefore, you are usually discouraged and hold the priceless forbearance and patience in low esteem. Nevertheless, as a Christian you are led to repentance and perseverance. You are not allowed to have stubborn and impenitent heart. On the contrary, you are to work hard for the eternal life. Finally, you will be repaid accordning to your good works. For that reason, you are supposed to trust in Jesus Christ completely and to share your troubles with him. He is your refuge and will help you to follow him on your cross way patiently.  

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ex fide in fidem (Rom 1:17).

From faith to faith.

I can progress in faith thanks to the Bible. For meditating on the words of God I try to live according to them. Every day I reveal the new message which the Holy Spirit sends to my mind. Thus, I learn the truth and the divine will becomes evident to me. In addition, the created world confirms this knowledge and testifies to the God's wisdom. For that reason, I cannot justify myself that I do not know what Jesus Christ wants me to do. Obviously, I can follow my own reasoning but always remembering that my mind should cooperate with the divine word. Otherwise, I would be limited and my mind darkened. Accordingly, I read the Good News diligently and find the spiritual light there. I do experience that the word of the Lord is living and effective. Since these words discern reflections and thoughts of my heart.  

Monday, October 14, 2013

Vocati sancti (Rom 1:7).

Called to be holy.

Holiness is a goal of my life, because I am called to be holy by my Lord, Jesus Christ. He has chosen me to follow him and to preach the Good News. I know about it from the Scripture and the witnesses who preceded me in the faith. In addtion, I have received the gift of the Holy Spirit through the sacraments of baptism and confirmation. Further, I was ordained in order to be a missionary of gospel to the world. Therefore, I am to progress in faith so as to be a good example for my sisters and brothers. My vocation is to share with others the truth and light of Christ. I am to bring them grace and peace of the Holy Spirit. Overall, all of us are the beloved of God and as his children we are to give him thanks for his kindness and faithfulness. Let us sing him praise joyfully. Amen.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sicut caro pueri parvuli (2 Kgs 5:14).

Like the flesh of a little child.

The miracles happen if you listen to the word of God carefully. If you follow the orders which the Scriptures give you. Further, if you are obedient and pay attention to the people who are sent by God. Thus, your spirit gets healthy and you are ready to fulfill all the precepts of God. In addition, you become thankful and acknowledge that God is a giver of all good things. Also you want to praise him and testify to his wondrous deeds. For you have experienced his kindness and faithfulness toward you. You are even ready to suffer for the Gospel as you know that this saying is trustworthy. In all circumstances you raise your voice to the Lord and ask for his mercy. Since you are aware of your weaknesses and sins. As a result, you are being cleansed by the divine grace and the power of the Holy Spirit. In such a way, you are born again as a beloved child of the heavenly Father.  

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Exsultet terra (Ps 97:1).

Let the earth rejoice!

God wants me to rejoice and to be glad. However, I forget what my vocation is and follow my own ideas. Moreover, I often put myself in the centre of the universe and am surprised that I become sad. This place is reserved only for the Lord who is the King of the universe and I should circle round him fulfilling his holy will. In this way happiness and peace will come back to me. Furthermore, the Spirit of God is the source of all good things. For that reason it does not make sense to try to live without his grace. I am rather to look for the light for my heart and gladness in the Lord. Otherwise, I will walk in darkness and feel depressed. My vocation is to dwell under God's wings and to be secure in him. Overall, he is my beloved Father who has created me so as to rejoice and to attain the everlasting joy. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Ministri Dei mei (Jl 1:13).

O ministers of my God.

I am a priest of God so as to serve my sisters and brothers. It is a great gift from my Lord, because he chose me and consecrated by the Holy Spirit. Accordingly, I am to pray at the altar and to intercede for people. However, I sometimes do not use all my skills in order to support them. I spend my time on the things which are neither important nor pious. Therefore, I know that I need to focus on the matters of God. I am to come to my Lord and to tell him what happens around me. Since he is waiting for me to silent my mind and to teach me the truth. Moreover, he wants to share with me the divine wisdom and the understanding of the facts. As a result, I recognize his wondrous deeds and his holy presence in everything. For I remind myself that I live, walk and am in God all the time. Thus, I am sure that he judges the world with justice and governs the peoples with equity. In the end, he will draw all to himself as his eternal kingdom comes upon his people. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Diliges (Lk 10:27).

You shall love ...

We are children of God who is love and we are created to be like him. It means we are to love one another with all our being. However, we often forget about this truth. For that reason, Jesus Christ came  so as to remind what our vocation is. Consequently, we ought to read the Scripture carefully and to follow its precepts wholeheartedly. As a result, we will achieve full happiness and peace. We cannot justify ourselves when we do not care about each other. For our responsibility is to see the needs of neighbours and to help them. Our business is not the most important thing but rather gentleness and sympathy towards others. Eventually, we will be checked for our compassion and caring of the poor people. If we are found worthy, we will receive the eternal prize from God's mercy.   

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Per Spiritum Sanctum (2 Tm 1:14).

The help of the Holy Spirit.

The divine word invites me to stir into flame the gift of God which I have. However, I am still very cold and not eager to have my heart warmed. I probably have neither enough courage nor faith to let the Holy Spirit work in me. For that reason, I escape from the difficult situations and fear tomorrow. I need the divine grace and power and love to control myself and to testify that Jesus Christ is the Lord of my life. Also I try to overcome all hardships with the strength which comes from God. Since I strongly depend on the truth of the sound words of the Scripture. Further, the grace of the Holy Spirit changes my attitude towards the events which happen in my life. I receive and trust each word of the Holy Bible and it  enlightens everything which is darkened. Every day I would like to grow in faith seeing the miracles which God performs for me. 

Friday, October 4, 2013

Confusio faciei (Ba 1:15).

The look of shame.

As human beings we are weak and limited. We usually know about it and often are ashamed too. Nobody on the earth is free from his own constraints and limitations. Further, we commit sins and cannot stop making mistakes. However, the real problem is that we deny this fact. Obviously, each of us used to desobey God and did not listen to his voice carefully. Consequently, many times we broke the covenant with our God. Nevertheless, the good news is that Jesus Christ wishes to bring us out from such a pitiful condition. He is aware of our disobedience and disloyalty but he loves us and wants to destroy our bonds. Just in this way we are able to overcome our sins and to gain the victory of the everlasting life. Since with his grace we can cleanse ourselves and prepare the holy temple for the Holy Spirit in our heart. Therefore, help us God our Saviour, for the glory of your name. Pray wipe away our sins and rescue us for the sake of your holy name (Ps 79:9). Amen.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Angelus, qui praecedat te (Ex 23:20).

An angel before you.

It is not true that you are alone. For God takes care of you through his angels. They are very close at hand and you can always ask them for help. They speak to you and you are to listen to their gentle voice attentively. They transmit God's will so as to obey it. If you follow their advise, your plans will come true and desires will be satisfied. Moreover, your ways will be straight and you will find happiness. Since your journey will be in accordance with the God's wisdom. Therefore, you are invited to trust the Lord and his messangers. In such a way, you will be able to survive everything which happens in your life. You will neither fear nor escape when difficulties arise. By cooperating with these good spirits you will overcome every evil and win all battles on the earth. Finally, you will also look upon the face of the heavenly Father as all angels and saints do. 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sectare patientiam, mansuetudinem (1 Tm 6:11).

Persue patience and gentleness.

I often lack of patience and gentleness. Therefore, I am to look for these virtues diligently. First of all, I need to examine my conscience if righteousness, devotion and love is there. Then, I should try to be patient and gentle as I live among people, although I am often egoistic and indifferent. For being focused on my own interests I lose the divine gifts. So I am called to make the noble confession in the presence of my sisters and brothers who are around me. I am to keep faith and to depend on the Lord. He gives me the better sight when I am not able to perceive the needs of people . Thus, I am being raised up from my low desires and invited to show the warmer love. Overall, I want to be kind towards the people I meet on my journey through life. 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Ecce ego venio (Zec 2:14).

I am coming ...

The best part of the day is to raise your eyes to the Lord. Thus, during the meditation on the Scriptures you escape from the daily business. In such a way, you are taught how to resolve your problems and worries. Consequently, you are granted the light for the future and know what the most important is. Also you see the earthly matters from the different perspective and recognize the true meaning of the events happening in the world. As you pray the holy angels are around you and support you in the difficult times. As a result, you are able to perceive things with great hope and trust in God's Providence. Since your Creator had prepared everything with the purpose. There is the deeper sense and reason in the world which unbelievers cannot comprehend. Nonetheless, the Holy Spirit is certainly working and creating things all the time. This Spirit is like an encircling wall of fire for all people. So you are called to rejoice and discover the grace of God around.  

Friday, September 27, 2013

Discerne causam meam (Ps 43:1).

Fight my fight.

I find rescue at my Lord, Jesus Christ. With him I feel secure from any danger. Otherwise, I worry a lot and am afraid of my enemies. For that reason, I come to the Lord to receive strength and new hope. I need to hear again that he takes care of me all the time. I do not have to go and abide far away, but stay at home with my God. When I am close to him, I live in light and my faith grows up. I am led by the Holy Spirit and reach the holy mountain of God's presence. There I experience the divine peace and joy. Consequently, I become grateful and want to approach closer and closer to the Lord. In addition, I take courage and am ready to fulfill all God's commands. For my strength comes from the awareness of his presence in my soul. His Spirit speaks in my heart and assures me that I ought not to fear. In such a way, I am fulfilled with the divine gifts and do not fight my fight alone.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Factum est verbum Domini in manu (Hg 1:1).

The word of the Lord came through ...

The truth is that my ways and thoughts are often different from the God's ones. Since I have my own plans and ideas which I want to follow. However, I sometimes listen to the word of God and discover that my Lord has prepared the other plan for me. It is very often painful because I would not like to change my own point of view. I'd rather fulfill my own ideas. But Jesus invites me to consider my thoughts carefully so as not to make mistakes. He reminds me that my own endeavours do not make me happy at all. On the contrary, following them I become more and more unhappy and confounded. For I am a human being who desires to satisfy his own bodily and psychological longings. Thus, I forget that the spiritual matters are the most important in my life. And my Lord encourages me to remember this truth. I am called to go up into the hill country of divine wisdom and afterwards to share it with the people who also need the same. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mater fidei

Mother, help of our faith.
Sow in our faith the joy of the Risen One.

We turn to the Blessed Mary so as to find the encouragement in our faith. She has always been with her Son and with all her children to support them. She stood at the cross of her Son and wants to be with us when we suffer on the world. She is our Beloved Mother in our journey to the kingdom of God. Therefore, we come to her and ask to intercede for us.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lumen fidei (Pope Francis).

In the Mother of Jesus, faith demonstrated its fruitfulness; when our own spiritual lives bear fruit we become filled with joy, which is the clearest sign of faith’s grandeur.

The first fruit of faith is joy which fulfills human heart. Accordingly as your faith is strong, you are joyful and ready to share your experience of faith with others. It was also a case in the life of the Blessed Mary who proclaimed the greatness of divine love just after the Annunciation.   

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lumen fidei (Pope Francis).

Faith is not a light which scatters all our darkness, but a lamp which guides our steps in the night and suffices for the journey.

Although I do belive, yet I have many questions to be answered. Nonetheless, I follow my Lord Jesus Christ in my journey and trust in him. I do know that he will lead me on the right path towards the kingdom of God. Moreover, I keep in mind the holy and blessed people who proceded me and entered into the heaven. I also want to join them and to become a member of the divine community.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Lumen fidei (Pope Francis).

If we remove faith in God from our cities, mutual trust would be weakened, we would remain united only by fear and our stability would be threatened.

We are to be witnesses to the faith among our neighbours. Otherwise, we will not progress in faith. Since faith requires testimony and sharing it with one another. Moreover, we need to announce that we create one human family based on the values as faith, hope and Christian love. Nowadays such a testimony is necessary. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lumen fidei (Pope Francis).

Faith teaches us to see that every man and woman represents a blessing for me, that the light of God’s face shines on me through the faces of my brothers and sisters.

As human beings we do create one family. But as Christians we tighten contacts with this family. Consequently, we are able to offer our life for each other and to follow the example of Jesus Christ our Lord. The reason is that we recognize the Son of God in the faces of our neighbours. In such a way, we participate in the divine blessing.   

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Lumen fidei (Pope Francis).

Faith is no refuge for the fainthearted, but something which enhances our lives. It makes us aware of a magnificent calling, the vocation of love.

Faith opens up new horizons in my life. Accordingly, I am ready to be a missionary and to preach the Good News to the people who have no hope. It is my vocation granted by the Lord. Therefore, I am proud of being the witness of the divine love which acts and moves my heart all the time.     

Monday, September 2, 2013

Lumen fidei (Pope Francis).

The man of faith finds support in the God of fidelity, the God who is Amen, and thus becomes firm himself.

My strength comes from the fact that I believe in the Omnipotent God and trust in the Divine Providence. For that reason, I am able to walk through my life with confidence. I do not give up even if I make mistakes or commit sins because I know that the merciful God is always ready to forgive my weaknesses.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Lumen fidei (Pope Francis).

By professing the same faith, we stand firm on the same rock, we are transformed by the same Spirit of love, we radiate one light and we have a single insight into reality.

As Christian I am a part of the One Catholic Church. My faith and attitude towards God is similar to the point of view of other believers. The strength which unites us is the One Holy Spirit. As One Christian community we progress in faith thanks to the shepherds who lead us. 

Lumen fidei (Pope Francis).

The core of all being, the inmost secret of all reality, is the divine communion.

As human beings we are called not only to the communion with one another, but also with the Lord. Since in the community we can grow up and learn how to be a good man or woman. Accordingly, in the relation to Jesus Christ we are taught how to live a holy life. As a result, we become the perfect children of God and create the Christian family which is the Catholic Church.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Lumen fidei (Pope Francis).

The waters of baptism are indeed faithful and trustworthy, for they flow with the power of Christ’s love, the source of our assurance in the journey of life.

I am also thankful that my parents asked for the sacrament of baptism in my name. Thanks to them I have received the God's grace to live a Christian life. Moreover, I have been cleansed and encouraged to become holy in order to enter the heavenly kingdom. I am still walking through my life but always in hope of gaining the eternal prize.

Communio sanctorum

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Lumen fidei (Pope Francis).

The Church is a Mother who teaches us to speak the language of faith.

I am very thankful for my Mother Church. There I have grown up and received the gift of faith. There I still progress on my path towards the heavenly kingdom. Thanks to God's grace I have become a witness to the Good News and an apostle of Jesus Christ my Lord.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Lumen fidei (Pope Francis).

The light of Christ shines, as in a mirror, upon the face of Christians.

My aim is to be similar to Jesus and to shine as he did. 
My vocation is to have the face of my beloved Lord and to show it to others.
My pleasure is to follow Christ and to serve all the people in need.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lumen fidei (Pope Francis).

Those who have opened their hearts to God’s love, heard his voice and received his light, cannot keep this gift to themselves.

A Christian is to be a missionary. For God has called him to bear testimony to the divine love and to show it towards the people who do not believe. His great honour is to speak about the miracles of faith. Accordingly, as the beloved child of God he is to proclaim the Divine Providence and the presence of the Holy Spirit.     

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Lumen fidei (Pope Francis).

Religious man is a wayfarer; he must be ready to let himself be led, to come out of himself and to find the God of perpetual surprises.

I have become a wayfarer because of God who has called me. He asked me to leave my friends and family so as to start a new journey. From that time I am still being surprised by his plan for my life. Yet I have never been dissapointed and I know that he will never abandon me. 


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Lumen fidei (Pope Francis).

Truth leads to humility, since believers know that, rather than ourselves possessing truth, it is truth which embraces and possesses us.

To progress in faith I need to be more and more humble. And I become more humble through prayer and adoration. During prayer I experience that Somebody is guarding me and leads me on the paths of my life. Thus I am able to hear his gentle voice and I know that I am to listen to him carefully. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Lumen fidei (Pope Francis).

Each of us comes to the light because of love, and each of us is called to love in order to remain in the light.

Jesus is the light and love for us. He enlightens our humanity and leads us to the true love. As human beings we often make mistakes and do not know how to love in truth. Therefore we need the example of Jesus and his unconditional love. Only in this way we can enjoy and remain in the light of the heavenly kingdom. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Lumen fidei (Pope Francis).

Only when we are configured to Jesus do we receive the eyes needed to see him.

The holy sacraments change my heart and make me more similar to Jesus. By taking part in them I am being sanctified and my faith grows as well. Yet I still need to be cleansed by the Holy Spirit, because I commit many sins which take me away from my beloved God.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Lumen fidei (Pope Francis).

the light of love is born when our hearts are touched and we open ourselves to the interior presence of the beloved, who enables us to recognize his mystery.

It is a divine grace when one can experience the presence of God in one's heart. After such an experience you are able to go and to preach the Good News to unbelievers. Since when you entered the deep mystery of God, you were also encouraged to share this experience with others. Accordingly, you feel that God is alive in you and does not allow you to be silent about him.   

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Lumen fidei (Pope Francis).

(...) to believe is both to hear and to see.

I believe and as a result desire to hear and to see my Lord. This strong desire leads me and bids me read the Scriptures carefully. Consequently, I hear the voice of God who speaks to me through the Holy Sprit. However, it sometimes happens that I am not prepared for his gentle words. Therefore, I ask him to make my heart capable of experiencing the divine presence.   

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Lumen fidei (Pope Francis).

If love needs truth, truth also needs love. Love and truth are inseparable.

I believe in God who is love and truth alike. Consequently I am supposed to be similar to this divine love and truth. Obviously it is not easy to love with truth in your heart nor to tell truth with love. Nonetheless, as Christians we are called to follow Jesus Christ who said that he was truth himself.  

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Lumen fidei (Pope Francis).

The question of truth is really a question of memory, deep memory, for it deals with something prior to ourselves and can succeed in uniting us in a way that transcends our petty and limited individual consciousness.

I keep in mind the truth which I found out in the Scripture and in the Catholic Church. This divine truth often helped me to organize my life. Without it I would have been lost many times. For that reason I continue looking for the truth in the Bible and try to follow God's precepts contained in it. 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Lumen fidei (Pope Francis).

Today more than ever, we need to be reminded of this bond between faith and truth, given the crisis of truth in our age.

My Lord helps me to see the world in the light of truth. Although people keep various attitudes towards the facts, I rely on the interpretation given by the Scripture. I am certain that it is the best way of understanding the reality. The reason is that only God is able to give the best explanation for the things which happen in the universe.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lumen fidei (Pope Francis).

Faith is necessarily ecclesial; it is professed from within the body of Christ as a concrete communion of believers.

Thanks to God I belong to the community of Church. Accordingly, my faith grows up when I see the believers who encourage me and show me their deep faith. At the same time I am also an example for the people who lack faith. 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Lumen fidei (Pope Francis).

Faith in Christ brings salvation because in him our lives become radically open to a love that precedes us, a love that transforms us from within, acting in us and through us.

Jesus Christ is working in human beings through the Spirit of Love. Consequently, each act of love in our lives comes from God. Thus, we are his beloved children loving others with the divine love. Overall, these are the most important commandments to love God and one another with the love of Christ.   

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lumen fidei (Pope Francis).

The life of faith, as a filial existence, is the acknowledgment of a primordial and radical gift which upholds our lives.

To be a child of God is the great privilege. Knowing it helps you live your life with dignity. However, it is also responsibility to be carried out. Overall, being the beloved child of God supports you and encourages you to fulfill your vocation.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lumen fidei (Pope Francis).

Faith does not merely gaze at Jesus, but sees things as Jesus himself sees them, with his own eyes: it is a participation in his way of seeing.

Every day I try to gaze at Jesus and to follow his way of life. However, it is neither easy to imitate Christ nor to keep strong faith all the time as he did. Sometimes I would prefer to organize my life on my own. I have neither time nor enough patience to wait for God's instruction. Nonetheless, I want to be obedient to the word of God and to look at the reality from divine perspective.    

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lumen fidei (Pope Francis).

Our culture has lost its sense of God’s tangible presence and activity in our world.

I do believe in God who is present all the time. He is at hand so that I can perceive him in the created world. Moreover, he is still working and creating the visible world. Thanks to him I can live and act with love. It would be a disaster, if I forgot about his divine presence.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Lumen fidei (Pope Francis).

Christian faith is thus faith in a perfect love, in its decisive power, in its ability to transform the world and to unfold its history.

Jesus' love is my inspiration. His example made me follow him and serve the people in need. It always transforms my attitude towards others so that I can love them more and more. God's love helps me understand my own history and the events I have experienced in my life. Consequently, I can share this special Love with every person I meet.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lumen fidei (Pope Francis).

Faith is God’s free gift, which calls for humility and the courage to trust and to entrust; it enables us to see the luminous path leading to the encounter of God and humanity: the history of salvation.

Faith teaches me that I need to be humble and courageous. Since my strength comes from God whom I trust most. On my own I cannot do anything so I depend on my Saviour completely. Moreover, my faith helps me to have good relations with the people who are Christians. As one family of believers we encourage each other and support one another in times of distress.   

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lumen fidei (Pope Francis).

By constantly turning towards the Lord, we discover a sure path which liberates us from the dissolution imposed upon us by idols.

Thanks to the Lord I am free from any danger. Nothing can harm me since the Almighty God is my Lord. But apart from him I would not know what is good or bad for me. Consequen if peace is in my soul, I am sure that the Holy Spirit works and leads me all the time.   

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lumen fidei (Pope Francis).

The man of faith gains strength by putting himself in the hands of the God who is faithful.

As a human being I am weak and need strength from God. I become stronger when I believe that my Shepherd keeps me on his shoulders. As a result I am able to overcome all kinds of difficulties and to win the prize of eternal life. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Lumen fidei (Pope Francis).

Faith “sees” to the extent that it journeys, to the extent that it chooses to enter into the horizons opened up by God’s word.

Faith in Jesus Christ leads me always through my paths. I do not know exactly where I will go but I trust in him. I am certain that he will not let me be lost. I have already experienced that he cared of me. Therefore I am not afraid of my future. I keep on going with Jesus as my best Shepherd.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Lumen fidei (Pope Francis).

God is not the god of a particular place, or a deity linked to specific sacred time, but the God of a person, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, capable of interacting with man and establishing a covenant with him.

God also communicates with me and I can hear his gentle voice in my heart. But I need to be well-prepared for his calling. I sometimes have problems with listening carefully. I am easily disturbed by many things. I often think about my past and my future too much. Therefore I am not able to hear him speak.  

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Lumen fidei (Pope Francis).

The Church never takes faith for granted, but knows that this gift of God needs to be nourished and reinforced so that it can continue to guide her pilgrim way.

I know that I need to progress in my faith day by day. Since every day there are new situations I am involved. I am often not sure what to do and in this case I am looking forward to the grace of God. My Lord always is at my side waiting to support me and assure that I do not have to worry at all.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lumen fidei (Pope Francis).

The conviction born of a faith which brings grandeur and fulfilment to life, a faith centred on Christ and on the power of his grace, inspired the mission of the first Christians.

My vocation as a missionary comes from the faith in Jesus Christ. He inspired me to follow him and to preach the Good News to the people who do not know the Lord. I consider this task as a grace from God. I am thankful that I may join the honorable community of apostles.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Lumen fidei (Pope Francis).

Faith, received from God as a supernatural gift, becomes a light for our way, guiding our journey through time.

The Catholic faith has been granted to me as a gift from God. Every day I can progress in this faith and see more thanks to it. Whenever I do not know where to go, I may jump in the unknown keeping in mind that God guides the journey of my life. Finally, I will reach the heavenly kingdom with the place prepared for me.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Lumen fidei (Pope Francis).

Faith is a light and once the flame of faith dies our, all other lights begin to dim. The light of faith is unique, since it is capable of illuminating every aspect of human existence. 

Faith helps me to survive in times of distress and trobles. Since I can always depend on my Lord who guards me and leads me through the difficult moments of my life. Also his words written in the Scriptures illuminate the paths I need to walk. Therefore I am grateful that I have been granted such a great gift like Christian faith.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Lumen fidei (Pope Francis).

Humanity renounced the search for a great light, Truth itself, in order to be content with smaller lights which illumine the fleeting moment yet prove incapable of showing the way. Yet in the absense of light everything becomes confused; it is impossible to tell good from evel, or the road to our destination from other roads which take us in endless circles, going nowhere.

Jesus Christ is the Truth himself. Therefore, I am looking forward to his Truth which enlightens my reason. For I cannot find the right path through my life apart from his divine light. On my own I become easily confused and am not able to know what is right. So I need his support to recognize the things which are good for me and dismiss those which are wrong.     

Friday, July 5, 2013

Lumen fidei (Pope Francis).

The light of faith.

Those who believe, see; they see with a light that illumines their entire journey, for it comes from the risen Christ, the morning star which never sets.

I am so happy because I can see Jesus who is the light of my heart. He enlightens the darkness of my sin and gives me new hope so that I may wake up every morning and enjoy my life. Moreover, I am able to share the divine light with others who need it as well. Thank you, my Lord, that your warm light shines in me and  throughout the world.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Crede Domino (Gn 15:6).

Put your faith in the Lord.

If you put your faith in the Lord, you do not fear. For God is your shield in the times of distress and troubles. You can ask him for everything and it will be granted to you. You can share all your problems with him and they will be resolved. Since your God is listening to you carefully and does not let you suffer too much. He will answer and encourage your heart. His words will bring hope to you. And his signs will ensure you that your God is on your side. But the point is to believe in his promises and to follow his advice. Accordingly, you will be brought from the difficult circumstances and see the new perspectives. Thus you will be thankful and ready to offer your life to the Lord. You only must not lose your faith, though the terrifying darkness envelopes you. For like the Sun rises up after night, similarly the fire of the Holy Spirit appears and enlightens everything. In such a way, God acts in your life and makes  covenant with you.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pauci sunt, qui inveniunt (Mt 7:14).

Those who find it are few.

God wants his creatures to find the most valuable things in their lives. However, human beings often prefer to decide what is precious on their own. Consequently, it happens that they lose the divine treasures and cannot recognize the true value of these gifts. Thus, they may behave like the unreasonable animals who only satisfy their desires. But this kind of life leads to disaster sooner or later. On the contrary, the children of God try to live like sisters and brothers. Their main aim is to help people in need and to support them. In this way, they fulfill God's commandments and follow the example of the Son of God. Although it is not easy to live like that, they do their best to improve the condintions of the poor. Furthermore, they live in the presence of the Lord and walk blamelessly in justice. Also they think the truth in their hearts and speak well about others. They never harm their fellow men but honor those who fear the Lord. Therefore, it is a pity that just few are able to be the light and salt of the world.  

De ventre matris meae (Is 49:1).

From my mother's womb.

I am created thanks to the great love of God. This truth makes me strong and ensures me that my life is very important. Since God wanted me to exist in space and time. For that reason, he prepared parents for me and I could grow up among people who loved me. In the difficult periods of my life he concealed me in the shadow of his arms. Therefore I have never been lonely nor abandoned. Moreover, the Lord has strengthened me and given me the Holy Spirit. Consequently, I am his servent and try to accomplish his holy will. Although I sometimes make mistakes, the grace of God works through me all the time. In addition, I find my joy in Jesus Christ who has always been my Shepherd and best Friend. Accordingly, I follow his steps and preach the Gospel to the people I meet on my path. In such a way, I become a light to the nations so that his salvation may reach to the ends of the earth. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Ubi est thesaurus tuus (Mt 6:21).

Where is your treasure?

Firstly, the question is what the most valuable things in your life are? It can be many different things like money, respect, power, etc. All of these articles are connected to the material world. And people who are looking for such values are usually disappointed. Since these items can be easily lost and they do not guarantee the true happiness. Therefore, it is so important to store up treasures in heaven. But we often do not know how to accomplish it. We forget that heaven is in this place where God is present. Accordingly, the gate to the heaven can be found in our human heart. To comprehend it we need to be enlightened by the divine grace. As a result, we will live in the light and understand the deepest mysteries. Otherwise, we will still abide in the darkness and will not recognize the most valuable matters. 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dei aemulatione (2 Cor 11:2).

With the jealousy of God.

God is always jealous of us his creatures. Accordingly, we are to be jealous of his commandments and precepts. Since we are called to be like a chaste virgin to the Lord. Our commitment to Christ ought to be sincere and pure. And we cannot allow anyone to drag us away from the Holy Spirit. For there is only one Gospel and one Author of the Scripture. So we need to keep it in mind and never forget about this truth. Moreover, we should be apostles of Jesus Christ all the time. It means we are expected to be humble and to follow his way of life. In such a way, we give the best example to others who are seeking their sense of life. Overall, we are certain that the truth is only in Jesus Christ who wants to live in our hearts. He is our Saviour and Redeemer who takes care of us and makes us jealous of God.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hilarem datorem diligit Deus (2 Cor 9:7).

God loves a cheerful giver.

We are called to share our love with each other. And it only depends on us how much we will grant. Jesus Christ showed us that it was possible to give everything. For that reason, we are supposed to follow his example. Consequently, our God the Father will make his grace abundant for us so that we may also give to the poor and be the apostles of his righteousness. This task is not easy, but it is worth to be undertaken. As a result, all of us will be enriched by the blessings of the Lord. In addition, the light of the Holy Spirit will shine in our lives and we will experience God's mercy. Afterwards we will behave towards others as Jesus did. From the gifts we have received we will take something for the people in need. Furthermore, we will keep other people in mind with all their problems and weaknesses. Also we will fast in order to bid God have mercy on them. Thus, having helped others our hearts will be cheerful for we will be repaid by the Lord.     

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Notam gratiam Dei facimus (2 Cor 8:1).

To know of the grace of God.

Everything happens thanks to the grace of God. It is given to all of us from the moment of our birth. Consequently, we are able to survive in a severe test of affliction. Even in the worst days we are still capable of rejoicing. Moreover, we can share our joy with others who are depressed and sad. Since the most important gift from the Lord is spiritual happiness which cannot be measured. This divine grace makes us eager to serve sisters and brothers in the world. Also it leads us closer to God so that we may be sanctified. In such a way, the community of believers is getting stronger and holier. Accordingly, we excel in every respect, in faith, discourse, knowledge and in love to one another. Thus, we become similar to our Lord Jesus Christ who came to teach us humility. We sing praise to our God and place our hope in him.

Monday, June 17, 2013

In multa patientia (2 Cor 6:4).

Through much endurance.

Every day I receive the grace of God in order to cooperate with it. I must not keep it just for myself. On the contrary, I am being supported by the Lord so as to help my sisters and brothers. Therefore the time I live now is the most suitable to share all the divine graces. For my salvation does happen today. Obviously, I make many mistakes and am not without fault. Nonetheless, I try to be the best minister of God as I can. Although I lack endurance, I ask my Lord to sustain me in afflictions, hardships and all kinds of difficulties. As a result, I am able to survive though I am very weak on my own. The reason is that the Holy Spirit fulfills my soul and strengthens my body. Encouraged by the power of God I carry on struggling with my weaknesses and conquering  the evil one. Furthermore, I never give up but stand face to face with troubles. Overall, I always rejoice in the Spirit and am able to enrich many with manifold blessings from the Lord.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Revelata facie (2 Cor 3:18).

The veil is removed.

As human beings we have a veil over our minds so that we are not able to recognize God. But whenever we turn to the Lord and ask him for the Holy Spirit, we are enabled to contact our heavenly Father. In such a way we can communicate with God and get to know his holy will. Furthermore, we are being transfored into the divine image and become holy as well. Such a sanctification happens thanks to the God's mercy and grace. It is the main aim of our whole life. Nonetheless, there are many people who do not take care to become the beloved children of God. They ignore the Gospel and all the messages received from above. As a result, they are focused on the earthly matters and create their own idols. Therefore, we keep on preaching Jesus Christ as Lord and ourselves as his disciples. Since God has removed the veil from our eyes and let his light shine in our hearts.  

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fiduciam habemus ad Deum (2 Cor 3:4).

Our qualification comes from God.

Apart of God we are miserable and poor. But with God we become valuable and strong. Therefore, all good which comes from us has its source in the Holy Spirit. In addition, we are able to be ministers of God thanks to his grace. Consequently, we preach the Good News and testify that Jesus Christ is present among us through his Spirit. This Spirit strengthens and encourages us to share the divine gifts with others. Thus, our ministry as Christians is glorious and helpful for the people in need. Since they can experience the holiness and kindness of the Lord. As a result, all believers want to extol and worship God. For whenever we call upon the Lord, he answers us and teaches the ways of righteousness. Accordingly, we are expected to obey his commandments so as to join the community of the greatest in the Kindom of heaven.  

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cum vidisset gratiam Dei (Acts 11:24).

When he saw the grace of God.

The grace of God is still keeping the universe in existence. Since every creature receives life through it. However, human beings usually do not recognize it. The reason is that they do not use their inner senses to perceive God's presence. But when they do, their lives change completely. They are glad and encouraged by the Lord. In addition, they are able to remain faithful to God in firmness of heart. Their strength comes from the Holy Spirit and in such a way they give good example to non-believers. As a result, many people can become Christians too. There are various vocations among them and they constitute the large family of God's children. As they pray together, the Holy Spirit fulfills their souls and makes them apostles to the world. Accordingly, they listen to the divine voice and do whatever they are asked for. Thus, the Good News spreads throughout the world and changes the face of the earth. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Deus totius consolationis (2 Cor 1:3).

The God of all encouragement.

 Everyday I am being encouraged by my Lord who shares with me his grace and peace. For that reason, I bless and worship him all the time. I would not be able to survive all the difficulties apart of his support and strength. Furthermore, I can encourage others because his Holy Spirit works in me. Notwithstanding so much pain in the world, I know that all bad experiences are neccessary to teach me patience and dependence on the Lord. Since Jesus Christ is waiting to take me on his shoulders if only I ask him. He enables me to endure each suffering and gives me new hope. In such a way, I become firm and ready to deal with all my troubles that my life brings. As a result, I praise and glorify the Lord for his blessings. Also I look to him in the Holy Eucharist which makes me radient with joy. Thus, I am delivered from all my distress and taste the goodness of God.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Neque per hominem (Gal 1:1).

Not of human origin.

I am always between heaven and earth. On the one hand I have my physical body and on the other spiritual soul. Consequently, I cannot be focused on just on the material things, but also on the divine matters. This spiritual part of mine pulls me into the mysteries I cannot perceive with my own eyes. On the contrary, the senses of my body long to be satisfied with the fleeting pleasures. Thus, I am still fighting to keep the proper balance. However, I am not an angel who never makes mistakes. Unfortunately, I sometimes make wrong choices which lead to suffering. After all I always trust in God who calls me through his grace. For that reason, I do not give up and every day try again to become better and better. This endeavor helps me to survive the worse days of my life. Since I know for sure that there is something divine in me which is not of human origin. 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Invenerunt illum in templo (Lk 2:46).

They found him in the temple.

As Christians we are supposed to look for and to find Christ. Accordingly, each day we pray and listen to the words from the Scriptures. Also we are given special days to intensify our endeavours. Nonetheless, we lose Jesus in our daily tasks and obligations. Since we are engaged so much in the earthly matters that we forget about the heavenly ones. Consequently, we use rather our minds than hearts to perceive the reality. And it is our big problem for not only our thinking but also faith is the foundation of the whole truth. Therefore, we need to spend more time in the holy temple where we can abide in the presence of God. As a result, our perspective will be changed and we will understand more things. In addition, we will be astonished by the Lord's point of view and abashed by ours. Of course we are not able to comprehend all the divine wisdom but even a bit of it can have enormous impact on our lives. Overall, we are to be obedient to the Wisdom of God who dwells among us and teaches us in the depth of our heart. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Magister, verax es (Mk 12:14).

You are a truthful man.

If you are a Christian, it does not mean that everyone respects you. On the contrary, it will often lead you to troubles. You sometimes might be despised and other time laughted out of court. But the disciple of Christ does not care about such things. In every case he is prepared to give testimony of his strong faith. For that reason, he is often tempted and has to explain his behaviour. Thus, in every moment of his life he is teaching others the way of God in accordance with the truth. Due to God's grace his conscience helps him to distinguish good from evil. He also knows what the God's will is and why people ought to fulfill the divine commandments. This knowledge is very important especially nowadays when many people live as if God does not exist. Consequently, they put God to the test and make money their idol. Overall, the truthful Christians are badly needed to convert others from their incorrect thinking. 

Monday, June 3, 2013

In viis veritatis (Tb 1:3).

On the paths of truth.

A Christian is supposed to walk on the paths of truth and righteousness. Moreover, he is to perform many charitable works for people he meets. Especially as he lives in the circumstances which are difficult and sometimes even dangerous. Nonetheless, the disciple of Christ is not afraid but ready to help others. Since his strength comes from the Holy Spirit working in his soul. Accordingly, he cannot rest if someone else is in need. In this way he gives an example to others how they should behave. Also he shows them that his good deeds have their source in God. Bad news can never put him down but rather encourages him to make more effort. His patient and sensible attitude towards people is based on the deep relationship with the Lord. He always knows what steps ought to be overtaken because the divine Spirit inspires him. In addition, the Spirit cleanses his heart so that the Christian is able to recognize God's voice in himself. Thus, he is being reminded of the oracles pronounced by the prophets and saints.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Laetare et exsulta in omni corde (Zep 3:15).

Be glad and exult with all your heart.

Christian is to be happy because every moment he receives the grace of God. Like the Blessed Mary who conceived thanks to the power of the Holy Spirit. For that reason, each of us ought to rejoice and be thankful to the Lord. Since everyone takes more from God than gives. Everyday each man is being granted many blessings so that he can live and fulfill his vocation. It happens because the divine grace works in human hearts all the time. Thus, a child of God should neither worry nor fear. Since a mighty Saviour is on the Christian side and always guards him through the holy angels. For God created men in order that they may be glad and obtain the eternal happiness. Overall, the disciples of Christ are to love one another and to follow the example of their Master. As a result, they will sing joyfully at present and afterwards in the heavenly kingdom with all saints and angels.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Quam desiderabilia omnia opera eius (Sir 42:23).

How beautiful are all his works.

I can see God in the created world. Since he is hidden in all his works and everything has a mark of his mighty Word. Without his grace nothing can exist. Accordingly, I act and do his will because he supports me. Furthermore, I perceive his glory around me all the time. Although I am unable to see all his miracles which have happened in my entire life, I stand firm thanks to his strength. In addition, I feel his presence in my heart and the Holy Spirit abides in me. Even though I do not understand myself, he possesses all knowledge about my inner life. Thus, I am secure for he knows and prepares the best future for me. For that reason I entrust my whole life to the Lord and reveal him my deepest secrets. Nobody else is able to help me but Jesus Christ who gave his life in order that I could be saved. In him I have the best friend and councelor who cares for me and advises on what I should do. Therefore, I am grateful for all his beautiful deeds and wonders which I have experienced throughout my life. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Respice nos (Sir 36:1).

Come to our aid.

I depend on God and his grace. Consequently, I ask him to look upon me and guard me all the time. Also I pray him to show new wonders and strengthen my faith. Since I am divided into parts and need the Lord to unite me. Moreover, I always beg for the divine mercy in order to be called a beloved child of the Father. Just in this way I can form a holy temple as I am supposed to do. I know for sure that he has already supported me but am still in need. So I place my trust in God and wait for the fulfilment of his prophecies. Overall, I am certain that he will hear my prayer and be gracious to me.