Wednesday, September 21, 2016

In virum perfectum (Eph 4:17).

I am not afraid of being a prisoner of the Lord which means following my Master everywhere. He has made me his disciple and taught me to behave with all humility, gentleness and patience. I accept his sacred chains with love and eagerness. Thus I imitate his example and I am able to respect my sisters and brothers. Moreover I do everything to preserve the community of love. 
His Holy Spirit fulfills my heart with peace and consequently I share hope and faith with others. Neither problems nor enemies are able to steal happiness from my heart. I believe that God is over all and my Lord may change every bad situation for good. 
I try to use his grace properly according to the measure of Christ's gift. Furthermore I ask him to show me the right way through life.
My vocation is to preach the Good News to the world because I was called for it. I do it and in this way I build the Body of Christ which is the holy Church. Eventually I will receive the reward of the eternal joy in the kingdom of God and I will become the mature person like my Lord Jesus Christ.