Sunday, December 20, 2015

In montana cum festinatione (Lc 1: 39).

Before Christmas you are to set out to overcome your daily routine. Because it is a special time to start something new. You need to forget about your past sins and weaknesses. Now it is time to search for holiness. Obviously, it is not easy. Nonetheless, even if your paths lead through the hill country of difficulties and distress, you cannot give up. On the contrary, you must go in haste as long as you are led by the Holy Spirit.
You are to enter the chamber of God's presence and to meet the holy people whose life is a journey too. Furthermore, you ought to support other pilgrims on the road. You are to share the Good News which you hear from the angel and find in the Holy Bible. You must carefully listen to the gentle voice of your heart and your companion who is with you.
Subsequently, you will feel deep in your soul that you are on the right path. Since you will be filled with the goodness and kindness which come from above. You will be eager to cry out in a loud voice that God chooses you as a beloved child and wants you to become blessed as well.
It is good to know that you also are the chosen one to do wonderful things. In addition, your vocation is to perform miracles among others and to share with them the blessed fruit of your life.
During coming Christmas you ought to discover that you are called to have the intimate relationship with God who is your beloved Father. Thus, you will truly be the happiest person in the world who leaps with joy. For you will experience by yourself that what is spoken to you by the angel is being fulfilled.

Sunday, December 13, 2015


The Advent is a time of joy and singing joyfully. It is a special period of the year when you should learn again how to be glad and happy with all your heart. Obviously, there are many reasons that you are becoming sad and depressed. Nonetheless, the coming of the Lord must make you joyful. For he is the only one who can remove the danger away and overcome all your enemies. The Lord knows how to encourage you and take all your fears. You just need to open your heart for him so he could dwell in you as a mighty saviour of your life. Consequently, God will rejoice over you with gladness and renew you in his love by the power of the Holy Spirit. All the saints and angels will sing joyfully in heaven because of you and you will join them one day singing in the kingdom of God. 
The Advent is a time when you are to cry out with joy and gladness. Because you realize that in your soul is the right place for the great and Holy One. Therefore, you ought to be confident and unafraid in spite of wars, disasters and anxieties in the world around you. Since your strength and courage is the Lord who saves you from every evil. In the holy sacraments you draw the God's grace and the divine water at the fountain of eternal happiness. 
The Advent is a time of thanksgiving for all these gifts you have discovered in your whole life.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Domine, Domine (Mt 7:21).

The main goal of your life is to enter the Kingdom of heaven. If you want to achieve it, you are supposed to do the will of your Father in heaven. You do not have to perform great works but just do the simple deeds in accordance with God's will. You should avoid evil and follow the example of the Son of God. Also you ought to listen carefully to the words of the Scripture and act on them. Thus you will become a wise man who build his house on rock. No danger nor distress will make you afraid. For your hope will be set solidly on Jesus Christ. Otherwise, you will always worry about everything - about your tasks, responsibilities and future. Since you will be acting alone without the grace of God. In this way evil people and spirits will have an impact on you. You will finally collapse and be completely ruined. Therefore, your only choise is to keep a good relationship with the Lord. If you place your trust in him, you will receive the gift of mercy. If you observe his commandments, you will enjoy his blessings. If you ask him sincerly, you will be granted the Holy Spirit. And if you love him, you will experience his divine love and his presence in your life. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Puer sum (Jer 1:7).

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,
before you were born I dedicated you,
a prophet to the nations I appointed you.

How great is the vocation of the apostle? God loves him and chooses to proclaim the Good News to the nations. For that reason, the apostle needs to find out the will of God and ought to fulfill it in his life. It is not an easy task. The doubts can arise in the heart of the elect one. However, God never lets him be alone but always accompanies him with the divine grace. The apostle should trust and speak in the name of the Lord. There is no need for fear because God is with him to deliver from danger. The appointed person is touched by God and led by his mighty hand. The Holy Spirit lives and acts in his heart so that he could perform the miraculous deeds. With divine help he is able to build the kingdom of God among the people and cure their diseases. For the Lord is his strength and never lets him be put to shame. Moreover, Jesus Christ rescues and delivers him from evil. The disciple should only incline his ear to the words of God. In such a way, he will be saved and will help others to meet the Saviour.

Monday, June 22, 2015

De terra tua (Gn 12:1).

The essential thing in the life of believer is listening to God. Since God keeps communicating his divine will to men but they often are not able to recognize it. Therefore so important is to hear and follow the ordinances from the Lord. Thus you know what is your vocation and your future. The Father's plans are always optimistic for the beloved children. Although he sometimes makes you change your life and overcome the difficulties, he eventually does it for your spiritual progress. God's promises for the believers are full of hope and good fortune. For the Lord blesses all the actions of his disciples and supports them against the evil.
So let the Lord direct you and show you the right path in your life. Do not be afraid to obey his commands but trust him wholeheartedly. When you travel from one place to another, remember to ask God to lead you. Pray and keep contact with your heavenly Father. Through his holy angels he will guide you and share with you his secrets. In this way you will know where to stay and when to go further. With God's grace and blessing you will achieve more experience and prudence. You will also be an example for the people who do not know how to listen to God carefully and follow his precepts.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Transeamus contra (Mk 4:35).

Ilekroć Chrystus śpi w twojej łodzi i jest uśpiony w ciele snem twojego lenistwa, tylekroć spada burza z całą zawieruchą wiatrów, srożą się groźne fale 
(św. Piotr Chryzolog).
Zastanów się dzisiaj czy nie ogarnia cię lenistwo w wierze? Czy zbyt często i za łatwo nie ulegasz złym pokusom? Czy nie brakuje ci gorliwości w wyznawaniu wiary? Ponieważ wtedy w twoim życiu może dziać się tak, jak opisuje to święty Augustyn:
Gdy płyniesz, wstępują wiatry do twego serca; 
gdy przebywasz to burzliwe i niebezpieczne morze, 
zrywają się wiatry, wzburzają fale, wstrząsają łodzią. 
Jakie to wiatry? 
Usłyszysz zniewagę - gniewasz się: 
zniewaga to wiatr, gniew to fala; 
grozi ci niebezpieczeństwo - przygotowujesz odpowiedź, 
jesteś gotowy odpłacić złorzeczeniem za złorzeczenie: 
już bliskie jest rozbicie łodzi.
Dlatego zaś burzysz się i chcesz odpłacić złem za zło, 
bo Chrystus śpi w twojej łodzi. 
W sercu twoim śpi Chrystus, panuje zapomnienie wiary. 
Lecz jeśli obudzisz Chrystusa, 
czyli jeśli wiara w tobie się ożywi, 
to na modlitwie Jezus obdarzy cię swoim pokojem.
Przecież tylko On jest doświadczonym sternikiem twojego życia. To On daje ci żelazne kotwice, czyli święte przykazania. Posyła Ci też żeglarzy, czyli aniołów, którzy cię strzegą. Twoimi żaglami są zaś prorocy, męczennicy i apostołowie.
Gdy więc fale morza, po którym płyniesz są wzburzone, a twoja łódź niemalże już tonie, wówczas zwróć się do Jezusa na modlitwie i proś:
Podaj mi także rękę, jak podałeś Piotrowi, by wyciągnąć mnie spośród fal Złego, aby wzburzona fala grzechu mnie nie zatopiła.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Estote perfecti (Mt 5:48).

Love is the foundation of Christianity. So you cannot be a Christian if you do not love your sisters and brothers. Furthermore, you are supposed to love your enemies and to pray for your adversaries. In such a way you become a true child of the heavenly Father. You follow the example of the Son of God who offered his life on the cross for the salvation of humanity. Hence he loved everyone and wanted to help all the people. You are not to wait for recompense but share your goods and talents for free. You should not look for an award on the earth but in heaven. Probably you will be disappointed many times while helping others. Nonetheless, keep doing and do not give up. For your Christian vocation is to be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect. As Jesus Christ praise your God all your life and praise him while you live. Remember that you are blessed and supported by the Holy Spirit. Keep your faith and help your neighbours get to know God.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Omnia possidentes (2 Cor 6:10).

Now, the grace of God is being given to you. But it depends on you whether it is used properly. The pity is forgetting about it. Now, it is the most suitable time for cooperating with the divine grace. For the Holy Spirit waits to fulfill your heart with the abundance of gifts. If you just accept them, you are ready for the salvation and miracles happen in your life. Thus, you become the minister of God who proclaims the Good News. Although the afflictions, hardships and constraints come, you are not afraid but act bravely and prudently. Since there is purity, knowledge, patience, kindness in your soul. These gifts have their source in the Holy Spirit. Moreover, you are strengthened by the power of God and with weapons of righteousness. Consequently, through glory and dishonor, insult and praise you are always the disciple of Christ. You can seem poor and weak according to the human measure but in the eyes of God you are a beloved child and the heir of the heavenly riches. For that reason, you should sing to the Lord and give him thanks for the many blessings.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sic est regnum Dei (Mk 4:26).

Królestwo Boże jest jak nasienie wrzucone w ziemię. Ma w sobie coś z tajemnicy - z misterium, podobnie jak cała przyroda, w której ukryty jest palec Boży. Widzimy jej Piękno, ale do końca jej nie rozumiemy. 
Królestwo Boże jest jak ziarno, w którym zawarte jest życie. Wszyscy mamy w sobie życie - dar Boży. Bez tego boskiego życia nie bylibyśmy w stanie niczego uczynić. Nie moglibyśmy kochać, pomagać ani służyć bliźnim.
Tajemnicę królestwa Bożego w pewnym stopniu pojmujemy na modlitwie. Wówczas bowiem Duch Święty objaśnia wszystko swoim uczniom, podobnie jak kiedyś Jezus pouczał na osobności Apostołów. Święci poświadczają tę prawdę w swoich pismach. Powinniśmy im zaufać, że na ziemi jesteśmy tylko pielgrzymami z daleka od Pana. Ten dany nam czas warto wykorzystać na pielgrzymkę do Pana i na modlitwę skierowaną do Boga. Teraz, gdy według wiary, a nie dzięki widzeniu postępujemy. Wówczas w Niebie będziemy w pełni podziwiać Piękno Królestwa. Ufajmy, że staniemy kiedyś w obliczu Pana i będziemy mieć udział w radościach Królestwa niebieskiego. 
Najważniejsze, aby nasze postępowanie zawsze podobało się Bogu. Wtedy Królestwo Boże już jest obecne w naszym sercu; wtedy jednoczymy się z naszym Bogiem i Królem. Obyśmy nigdy nie znaleźli się daleko od Niego. Obyśmy nigdy nie odłączyli się od naszego Pana Jezusa. Pamiętajmy: żeby wejść do Królestwa Bożego, najpierw trzeba stanąć przed trybunałem Chrystusa, aby potem otrzymać zapłatę za dobre lub złe uczynki. Dlatego wyznajmy nasze słabości i grzechy, a następnie módlmy się wspólnie: PRZYJDŹ, KRÓLESTWO TWOJE!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Immaculata Spiritu Sancti Sponsa

Mary the dawn, Christ the Perfect Day;
Mary the gate, Christ the Heavenly Way!
Mary the root, Christ the Mystic Vine;
Mary the grape, Christ the Sacred Wine!
Mary the wheat sheaf, Christ the living Bread;
Mary the rose tree, Christ the Rose blood-red!
Mary the font, Christ the Cleansing Flood’
Mary the chalice, Christ the Saving Blood!
Mary the temple, Christ the temple’s Lord;
Mary the shrine, Christ the God adored!
Mary the beacon, Christ the Haven’s Rest;
Mary the mirror, Christ the Vision Blest!
Mary the mother, Christ the mother’s Son.
Both ever blest while endless ages run.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Regnum caelorum (Mt 10:7).

Do you believe that the kingdom of heaven is at hand? Probably you'd rather think that it will come in the indefinte future. Then, you would not have to cure the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers or drive out demons. But, o Christian, it is your task nowadays. You are called by Jesus to touch the sick people with love in your heart. You are to raise the depressed and show them new perspectives. You are invited to clean the dirty souls and tell sinners that now is the best time to change their life. As a Christian, you always should pray for the possesed people who are led by the evil spirits. You are supposed to do all these things without cost. Just because you are a follower of Christ, you are obliged to perform the same miracles as your Master or even greater. Your mind ought not to be focused on the material things and only on your own business. As an apostle you must be ready for a journey with Jesus Christ. Whenever he calls you, you need to answer: Yes, here am I ready to go. Do not worry that you are not prepared. The Holy Spirit will take care of you and provide with everything which is necessary. The Spirit of the Lord will send the right person who will support you. The God's Spirit will fulfill your heart with the divine peace and you will share it with those who open their heart.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Ministratio Spiritus (2 Cor 3:7).

As a Christian you have confidence through Christ toward God. You do not depend on yourself but on the grace of the Lord. Since every good you perform has its source in the divine inspiration. You are qualified as a minister of a new covenant and supported by the power of the Holy Spirit. Your life and all your deeds come from the goodness of the Holy Trinity. Consequently, your countenance changes and people can see Jesus Christ on your face. The God's grace works in you and is recognized by others. Therefore it is a great dignity and glory to be in the service of the divine Spirit. In this way the righteousness grows in the world and holiness becomes present among people. Moreover, thanks to your ministry the Lord is extolted and worshipped. The Son of God uses your hands and heart to help the needy. Through your voice they can hear the Good News and get to know the will of God. The sinners are encouraged to confess their sins and find mercy in the divine heart of Jesus Christ. By your example people are taught the paths of God and guided in the way of truth. They find the commandments helpful and necessary to fulfill the Christian vocation. Finally, they achieve the everlasting award in the kingdom of heaven. They take part in the community of saints and blessed.

Apostolus Christi (2 Cor 1:1).

A Christian fulfills the will of God in his life. First of all, he listens carefully and then follows God's ordinances. In such a way, he teaches others how to live properly and holy. He knows that such a life is impossible without the grace of the Lord. Therefore he always gives thanks for many blessings from God. He is grateful especially for the compassion and mercy of the heavenly Father. Also he confirms that his strength and power come from above. He is not able to do anything without the divine support. A follower of Christ is encouraged in every affliction by God. As a result, he can help his brothers and sisters in their endeavours. He does not give up but rather gives an example how to overcome the difficulties and problems. He understands that everything what happens in his life is necessary for the growing in faith. Furthermore, he trusts in the power of the Holy Spirit and nothing is impossible for him. The Christian hope is firm and his attitude allows him to win over the evil. With strong faith he tastes and experiences the goodness of the Lord. For that reason, he blesses and praises God at all times. His soul glorifies in the Lord and finds happiness in the presence of the Almighty. 

Thursday, June 4, 2015

In viis veritatis (Tb 1:3).

A Christian is the one who walks all the days of his life on the path of truth and righteousness. He performs many charitable works for his sisters and brothers. For he knows that all people travel through life to the heavenly kingdom. This life is only preparation for the everlasting abiding with the Lord. The Christian teaches others how to spend time on earth and take care of the people in need. He is and example of the praying person who worships God. The Christian is very patient and uses his time for good things. He is always ready to go and act according to God's will. He is not afraid of the opinions of the evil people. He is well prepared and accompanied by the divine grace. His wisdom and strength come from the words written in the Holy Bible. Overall, he follows and delights in the God's voice heard in his heart.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Ad te, Domine (Ps 25:1).

Again and again I lift up my soul to you, o Lord. For I trust in you and hope not to be ashamed. There are still so many troubles and anxieties in my life. In addition, some people make me confused and distressed. They want to change my attitude towards you. Nevertheless, I come to you and pray eagerly not to lose my faith. I ask you to show and teach me your paths. I pray to the Lord so that he guide me in his truth. I need his compassion and kindness. Since I am a fragile person who can be easily hurt and broken. With confidence I approach him because of his goodness and mercy. I am sure that he will take care of me and lead me through life. I try to be humble and listen carefully to his precepts. So I spread out my hands and pour out my prayer. In this way I show my love to the Lord who is merciful to me. Every time I meet him I am healed by his divine grace. With new strength I fulfill my tasks and follow the example of Jesus Christ.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Ecce mater tua (J 19:27).

Maryjo, oddaję Ci moje oczy, abyś to Ty nimi patrzyła,
oddaję Ci moje uszy, abyś Ty nimi słuchała,
oddaję Ci moje dłonie, abyś Ty nimi działała,
moje stopy, abyś Ty nimi chodziła,
oddaję Ci moje serce, abyś to Ty nim kochała,
i aby Twoje serce biło we mnie dla Jezusa i dla braci,
oddaję Ci siebie samego, abyś to Ty we mnie żyła 
i napełniała Sobą na chwałę Trójcy Przenajświętszej.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Laetatum est cor meum (Sir 51:20).

I am very thankful because the Lord has offered me many gifts. I praise him and bless his holy name. For he has guided me since my childhood and led me on the paths of wisdom. I experience his grace in my soul and hear his voice in my heart. I try to follow his advice not to make mistakes. For that reason, I spend time on prayer and listen carefully to recognize God's will for my life. I am sure that in this way I will prosper and achieve happiness. So I offer him all my life and am ready to give up all my plans. My main goal is to follow Jesus Christ and to seek him wholeheartedly. I hope that he will send his Holy Spirit and teach me everything. I open myself to receive the divine gifts and to fulfill his requests. I direct my soul to him and in cleanness I pray to the God. It gives joy to my heart and refreshes me.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Domus mea (Mk 11:17).

A Christian often visits the temple in order to meet the Lord. Moreover, a Christian himself is the temple where the Spirit of God lives. Obviously as a human being he suffers and experiences weaknesses of human life. Nonetheless, he knows where his strength comes from. He prepares his heart and makes place for the word of God. Sometimes he needs support to clean his soul from everything what is not good. He knows that without the help of Jesus he is not able to manage it. When his soul is ready and pure, the Christian becomes a man of prayer. Otherwise, he struggles with evil thoughts, temptations and cannot find peace but lives in constant fear. But if he does believe in the power of God, the miracles start to happen. The Christian is a person who does not doubt in his heart. He trusts in every word of the Scriptures and is sure it will come true. Consequently, all he asks for in prayer happen because he follows the example of the Son of God. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Miserere nostri (Sir 36:1).

I like to be in God's presence. I am glad that he is looking upon me all the time. He who is the Lord of the universe takes care of me. He is the light for my paths and the source of mercies. I am sure that there is no other God but he who loves me. I very often ask him to give me new signs and to work new wonders. Usually he answers quickly and sometimes he performes miracles. But the most importatnt thing is that he is alwasys listening to my plea. He gathers me together when I am divided and broken. He reminds me of his mercy and is very gentle when I commit sins. He gets me know that I am his beloved child and he does not want to lose me. He takes pity on me when I am far away from him and invites me to become a saint. His goal is to dwell in my heart with his majesty and to make it his holy temple. He always fulfills his promises and rewards me. He is gracious to me and leads me in the way of justice.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Accipite Spiritum Sanctum (Jn 20:22).

Bez oczyszczenia duszy nie można skorzystać z pełni darów Ducha. Gdyż wówczas - podobnie, jak bez zachowania porządku w swoim domu i życiu – gubimy się i nie potrafimy się odnaleźć. Przyjmując zaś sakramenty święte – tworzy się między nami oraz w nas samych KOMUNIA. Komunia ze współmałżonkiem, współpracownikiem, a przede wszystkim z samym Bogiem. Natomiast bez wspólnoty komunii jest brak szczerości, nieuczciwość między najbliższymi i wielki niepokój w sercu.
Wiele jest darów Ducha Świętego, ale największym z nich jest Dar Pokoju! Przypomina o tym Jezus w dzisiejszej Ewangelii, gdy mówi: POKÓJ WAM! WEŹMIJCIE DUCHA ŚWIĘTEGO!
Jeżeli w stanie łaski, klękamy wspólnie do modlitwy, otrzymujemy Ten Dar! Jeżeli zaś tego nie czynimi, „jesteśmy zamknięci” przed ludźmi. Ponieważ zamykamy się w naszych ego izmach, problemach i dusimy je w sobie, zamiast przedstawić je dobremu Ojcu w niebie. Stres i niepokój każdego dnia ciągle narasta i możemy się załamać. Kiedy zaś wspólnie przystępujemy do sakramentów i komunii świętej, RADUJEMY SIĘ ZE SPOTKANIA Z PANEM, KTÓRY NAPEŁNIA NASZE SERCA OGNIEM SWOJEJ MIŁOŚCI, CZYLI DUCHEM ŚWIĘTYM. Kiedy wspólnie uczestniczymy w niedzielnej Eucharystii – mszy świętej, ZOSTAJEMY NAPOJENI JEDNYM DUCHEM I STANOWIMY JEDNO CIAŁO!

Nikt nie może bez pomocy Ducha Świętego wyznać swojej wiary.
Nikt nie może bez Jego pomocy zrozumieć słów Pisma Świętego.
Nikt nie może bez Ducha Chrystusowego rozpoznać piękna stworzenia Bożego.
Nikt nie może bez daru Ducha dołożyć jednej chwili do swego życia!
Dlatego modlimy się w dzień Pięćdziesiątnicy
- we wspólnocie Ludu Bożego i w stanie łaski uświęcającej:

Przybądź, Duchu Święty!
Przyjdź, Światłości sumień!
Obmyj, co nieświęte, Oschłym wlej zachętę, Ulecz serca ranę!
Przybądź, Duchu Święty!
Rozgrzej serca twarde, Daj twoim wierzącym Siedmiorakie dary!
Daj zasługę męstwa, Daj wieniec zwycięstwa, Daj szczęście bez miary!
Przybądź, Duchu Święty!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Ut sint unum (Jn 17:11).

A good community is essential for the spiritual life. Therefore all the time we are to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to build our unity. The Christian community is based on the example of the unity in the Holy Trinity. The Son of God tried to create and protect such a community among his disciples. However, it always depends on each person whether he wants to be in the good relationship with God and other people. For everyone has free will and is able to choose his friends by himself. The proper relation with God and people gives peace and joy to the heart. The inner unity with God defends from the Evil One and helps to progress in holiness. The man who is united with the Holy Spirit knows what is his vocation and the aim of his life. For that reason, it is good to be consecrated and joined with brothers in order to enter the kingdom of God.

Cum omni humilitate (Acts 20:19).

A Christian is to give testimony to Christ in his daily life. Everything he does should be performed in the Jesus' way. Thus others see and learn more about Christian faith. First lesson is humility which is the most important virtue. Christ was humble and taught his disciples to serve the needy with love in their hearts. In spite of many trials that came to him, he did not give up but prayed eagerly to his Father. With courage he stood against the evil and the people who tried to destroy him. He earnestly bore witness for the sinners to repentance before God and to forgiveness for offenders. The next crucial lesson of the Son of God is obedience. He has never done anything contrary to the Father's will. He acted with the power of the Holy Spirit and always helped the people around him. Finally, he offered his own life for his sisters and brothers. He did not escape but showed his greatest respect for the humanity and the dignity of each person. By his example he still encourages Christians to keep strong faith in the time of persecutions and hardships. It is his Good News for all.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Pater amat vos (Jn 16:27).

The heavenly Father always takes care of you and can give you whatever you ask in the name of Jesus. For he does not want you to be sad and unhappy. The only problem is that you do not remember about your beloving Father. Usually you try to achieve everything by yourself or with the help of others. That is the reason why the Son of God came to the world and taught about the relationship with the Father. He very often showed his disciples how to pray and finally sent them Holy Spirit. He did not hide anything concerning the mysteries of the Holy Trinity. He rather invited his friends to enter into the deeper relation with God. He felt the Father's love and shared this experience with all his sisters and brothers. Some of them understood what he had meant and joined his company. However many others did not choose him as their leader and master. They did not accept that he had come from the Father to save the humankind. It is better not to follow their example. Since your vocation is to love the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Ego sum tecum (Acts 18:10).

The Holy Spirit speaks to your heart and says: Do not be afraid for I am with you. It should encourage you to act and give the testimony. For you can be sure that you are secure in the hands of God. No one can attack and harm you. On the contrary, there are many people to help and support you in your struggles. Accordingly, you can easily and peacefully work and fulfil the God's will. For that reason, you ought to shout to the Lord with cries of gladness. You should give him thanks that he rules over all the earth and loves you very much. Moreover he prepares for you the inheritance in the heavenly kingdom. Therefore your life is about singing praise to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Finally you are supposed to find rest and happiness in the community of saints and angels in heaven. There you will not question God about anything since you will be filled with the heavenly splendor.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Spiritus veritatis (Jn 16:13).

We all need the Holy Spirit to come because we lack wisdom and truth. The Spirit of God should be our inner Teacher when we read the Bible. This divine Light must help us understand the words of God. For there is the hidden message which the Lord shares with the human beings. However without the Spirit of truth we are unable to find this deeper meaning. Quite the opposite happens with the grace of God. Then we can discover the mysteries of the Holy Trinity. Also we are able to learn the things that are coming and to find out our vocation. In the Spirit of Christ we do glorify God and worship him for the abundance of his spriritual gifts. Overall, we are sure that every good comes from the merciful Father, the Creator of heaven and earth. We praise the Lord and ask for his Spirit to fulfil the promises from the Holy Bible.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Manete in dilectione mea (Jn 15:9).

Umiłowany uczeń Chrystusa pisze, że Bóg jest miłością. On doświadczył tej miłości, gdy spotkał się z Synem Bożym. Widział, że Bóg Ojciec umiłował świat i Syna swego Jednorodzonego dał, aby każdy kto w Niego wierzy nie zginął, ale miał życie wieczne. Apostoł Jan tak bardzo zachwycił się tą Bożą miłością, że towarzyszył Jezusowi aż po krzyż, na którym Zbawiciel oddał swoje życie. Zaświadczył, że nikt nie ma większej miłości od tej, gdy ktoś życie oddaje za przyjaciół swoich. To Syn Boży nauczył go miłości do Ojca, który jest w Niebie. To Syn Boży wskazał mu na miłość Matki, która stała wiernie pod krzyżem. To Syn Boży ukochał go i zaprosił do odwzajemnienia tej miłości. A Jan pokochał ze wzajemnością Jezusa, zaprzyjaźnił się z Nim, a potem zaczął głosić Ewangelię. Nauczył się od swego Mistrza miłosnej modlitwy do Ojca, pokochał braci i głosił im Bożą miłość. Albowiem doskonale wiedział, że miłości do Boga i do drugiego człowieka to najważniejsze przykazanie.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Dominus aperuit cor (Acts 16:14).

It is important to choose the right place of prayer. Otherwise, we can have problems with listening to the voice of God. We are to pray with other people and encourage one another in worship. As a result, the Lord may open our heart to pay attention to the Word of God. For it is always the divine grace which leads us in meditation. The Holy Spirit comes from the Father and teaches us the truth about ourselves. Then, we become ready to follow Christ and preach the Gospel to others. We are even eager to suffer for the truth and offer our life for the sake of Jesus. Nowadays, the world needs our testimony and strong faith because many people do not know either God or the Saviour. Nevertheless, the Lord takes delight in his people and wants to save them. As his disciples we are called to help him bring all the children of God to his kingdom. Only in this way, there can be joy and happiness among all the peoples. For all should know that the Lord loves them and prepares the best place for each person in heaven.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Via et veritas et vita (Jn 14:6).

My heart is often troubled though Jesus reminds me not to be worried. The reason is that my faith is weak and I do not place my trust in the Lord. I am a poor creature who is not able to love God with all my heart and all my soul and all my strength. In the Holy Bible Jesus Christ makes me sure that he is with me and I am loved by the heavenly Father. Nonetheless, I still have doubts and am afraid about my future. I am scared when something is not all right or others hurt me. I forget that I totally depend on God and he will never let me perish. Also my problem is that I want my dreams come true and do not accept other solutions. Therefore, again and again I need to realize that my focus must be on Jesus Christ. For he is my Saviour and Redeemer who offered everything for me. He is my only way, truth and life. In him I hope and I will not be ashamed.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Servus maior (Jn 13:16).

Jesus Christ who was very humble teaches me how to follow him. He is ready to wash my feet in order to show me the role of a servant. He does not want me to rule others but rather to serve them. However it usually takes me a lot of time to understand that only being a humble person will make me blessed and happy. This is the vocation which the Son of God invited me to choose. The whole Scripture encourages me to be a humble child of God. But my problem is that I often do not like to listen nor obey others. I think my plans and ideas are better than everything else. Consequently, I make many mistakes and even commit sins. In the end I am not pleased with myself. I realize that it is much better to follow the instructions of the Lord. So I ask him to support me in my endeavours and to lead me on the way to holiness. I need his Holy Spirit to change my heart and to make it similar to his divine heart.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Cor et anima una (acts 4:32).

The community is essential in the spiritual life. For it is impossible to love God without loving one another. However, the community members need to be of one heart and mind. Otherwise, the real community does not exist and even hinders the spiritual progress. The people who belong to the good community have power and bear witness to Christ. Others appreciate their testimony and are eager to join such a community of believers. Since the Christian community shows how to take care of the needy and help them. The Lord is in the centre and the members obey him. Everyone is ready to share his own property and skills with the people in need. The inspiration comes from the Son of God who offered his life and invites his brothers and sisters to do the same for others. Overall, this is the best way to enter the kingdom of God and to become the follower of Jesus Christ. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Pro ovibus (J 10:15).

Jesus Christ wants to be your shepherd. However, it depends on you if you allow him to lead you. He is ready to offer his life for you because he loves you. But it is up to you if you open your heart for him. Obviously, there are many others who would also like to have an influence on you. They try to cheat you using their skills and power. They have no concern for you and quickly leave you unless you pay them. It is not the case with your Good Shepherd who takes care of you. He is always at your side and knows all your needs. He loves you and in this way fulfils the will of God. He will never change his attitude towards you and will do everything for you. His love is not egoistic but sincere. Since his goal is to gather all the people in the community of believers and introduce them to the heavenly kingdom. There will be a great joy because of the salvation of many men and women. There the good angels and saints will live forever in the presence of the Almighty. Their main task will be praising the Lord, the Holy Spirit and the heavenly Father.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Pastor bonus (J 10:14).

Powołanie jest dziełem Tego, który oddał swoje życie na krzyżu; Tego, który każdego dnia ofiaruje się na ołtarzu eucharystycznym; Tego, który zawsze pozostaje wierny przymierzu z człowiekiem. Jest Nim Jezus - Dobry Pasterz, który doskonale zna swoje owce. Jezus - Syn Boży, który ukazuje ludziom kochającego Ojca. Jezus - Męczennik, który oddaje swe życie za braci. Jezus Chrystus, który przypomina o owcach zagubionych i zachęca, aby pomóc przyprowadzić wszystkie owce do Ojca. Własnym przykładem uczy jak budować wspólnotę Kościoła. Stanowi wzór dla powołanych i posłanych, gdyż sam jest jednorodzonym i ukochanym Synem Ojca, który oddaje swoje życie, aby je potem znów odzyskać. Nikt Mu niczego nie nakazuje, lecz On sam ofiaruje się z miłości.  

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Oves meae (J 10:14).

Powołani to ci, których szczególną miłością obdarzył Bóg-Ojciec; ci, którzy potrafią miłością odpowiedzieć na Bożą miłość. W ten sposób wchodzą w wyjątkową relację z Bogiem - intymną relację zażyłości i dziecięctwa Bożego. Stanowią przykład dla tych, którzy lekceważą tę relację. Zachęcają ich, aby poznali moc Jezusa Chrystusa Nazarejczyka - Ukrzyżowanego, którego Bóg wskrzesił z martwych (Dz 4:10). Potwierdzają swoim życiem, że nie ma w żadnym innym zbawienia, gdyż nie dano ludziom pod niebem żadnego innego imienia, w którym mogliby być zbawieni (Dz 4:12). Powołani mają za cel - upodobnienie się do swego Mistrza. Ciągle są w drodze do doskonałości, pokonując swoje słabości. Pokazują, że ich pragnieniem jest Niebo i oglądanie Boga takim, jakim JEST (1 J 3:2). Dziękują swemu Panu, że jest dobry i łaskawy, gdyż ciągle powołuje nowych uczniów. Pokładają ufność w Dobrym Pasterzu i pragną Go uwielbiać.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Cadens in terram (Acts 9:4).

There are bad instincts in every man. Although we would like to be perfect, we commit sins and make wrong decisions. Sometimes we are like the blind who really do not know where they are going. Therefore, we need so much the light from above and instructions what to do. We are to kneel before our Lord and listen carefully to his voice. When we look on our way of life from the divine perspective, we become ready to change our habits and follow Jesus wholeheartedly. Furthermore, the holy people in our life help us to recognize the right path prepared for us. Also the Holy Spirit speaks to our heart and reveals the God's plan. For that reason, so important is to stay in the presence of God and to let him act freely. During our prayer the miracles happen and we even do not know how it is possible.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Ego sum panis vitae (Jn 6:35).

You come to Jesus and you never hunger; you believe in him and you never thirst. Since Jesus Christ gives you the fulness of life and everything you need. You meet him in the holy sacraments but you still do not believe in his power. Too difficult is to accept that he really is the Son of God and consequently omnipotent and merciful as his Father. Although the Gospel assures you that your Father cares of you and loves you very much. Therefore, the beloved Son was sent to support you and to save you from the disaster of death. Moreover, the Word of God promises you the eternal life in the heavenly kingdom. You are supposed to participate in the glory of the Holy Trinity and the community of saints. For the time being, you can shout joyfully to God and sing praise to his holy name. You may also worship the Holy Spirit who accompanies you on the journey to your homeland in heaven.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

“Ego sum, nolite timere!” (Jn 6: 20)

We travel through life as in a boat across the sea. Sometimes we do not even see the shore of our destiny. We move in the darkness and need the light of Jesus. Apart from him we feel lonely and lose meaning in life. The strong waves of troubles hit against our ship and the wind of anxiety changes our course. By ourselves we try to continue our journey but it is usually pointless. We do not even expect the Son of God to intervene on our behalf. Accordingly, we rarely ask him to walk by our side and to support us. Nonetheless, he speaks to our hearts and gently touches our souls. His words always bring peace and strength. If only we could experience his presence, so we beg him to stay with us. Being with Jesus changes everything and he opens for us new perspectives in life. Overall, we do not have to worry any more. We  are really safe under his guidance.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Ex Deo est (Acts 5:39).

It is necessary to use reason in our relationship with God and other people. For reason is a gift which comes from our Creator and we are supposed to use it. Too often we let our emotions lead us but it is not the best solution. Contrarily, the reason helps us remember our past and draw a conclusion from our mistakes. Using reason we are able to look to the future and to make the right decisions. Moreover, being sensible means acting patiently and prudently. The reason does not eliminate the faith but rather gives a good foundation for it. And there are some instances when we cannot solve the problem with the use of our human skills, but we need the divine enlightement. If we follow our reason, we may easily avoid the dangerous situations. In every case we know how to behave appropiately and which words we should use. As a result, we enjoy the consequences of our good actions. For our reason brings us closer to the Lord and to his teaching. We become his disciples and praise him forever.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Lux in mundum (Jn 3:19).

God loves the world so much that he gives what is most imporant - his only-begotten Son. Then, the Son of God shares his richness with humanity. He is the source of life and mercy for all people. Although not everyone believes in Jesus Christ, he keeps sending the Holy Spirit into the hearts of men. Of course, he is not able to do the miracles without the good will of the human person. For each person has freedom to choose his light or reject it. However, without his grace people walk in darkness and are easily misled. Consequently, they commit sins and become unhappy in their life. They also destroy their beautiful vocation of loving God and one another. Therefore, all Christians ought to live the truth and to come to the light of Christ. As a result, their works are clearly seen as done in God. Nowadays, the world needs such examples and witnesses who do live according to the Gospel.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Natus est ex Spiritu (Jn 3:8).

You are to come to Jesus in secret and to talk to him sincerely. Moreover, you are to acknowledge him as your Lord and God. After all, you know how many miracles happen when he is present and acts. He also has the power to transform and strengthen you. He is ready to send his Holy Spirit into your heart. Thus, you can experience the happiness of the kingdom of God. You do not have to ask too many questions, because your mind is not even able to comprehend all the answers. You'd better believe that everything you are taught by him is valid and his truth is in every word of the Holy Bible. Nobody can tell you better words than those you can find in the Scriptures. For the Word of God is full of the Spirit and the divine grace. Studying the Bible makes you amazed and enlightens your soul. Consequently, you feel the spiritual wind and hear the sound it makes. During the meditation you do experience that your heart is being touched by the love of God.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Praedicate evangelium (Mk 16:15).

Your soul should be in love in order to meet your Beloved, since it is love which is the foundation of a strong relationship. If you love someone, you  cannot even sleep, but you keep looking for the one your heart desires. This was the case with Mary Magdalene, and it can be the same with you. Also, you are to be thankful for the forgiveness of your sins and are supposed to give testimony to your companions who do not know the love of Christ. This knowledge can change people's attitudes and make them rejoice in spite of their troubles. Obviously, it is not easy to convince others to believe and to put trust in the Lord. First of all, they need to get to know Jesus personally and experience his power by themselves. Therefore, ver important is the Eucharistic gathering and taking part in the holy sacraments, where your faith can grow and your heart can learn how to love others. Afterwards, you will be able to go out into the world and proclaim the Gospel to everyone.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Dominus est! (Jn 21:7)

Jesus Christ reveals himself to us in the places where we live and work. For he does not want to let us be alone in our endeavours and problems. Moreover, he knows that other people are not able to help us in some cases. Obviously the company of friends is supportive and necessary but sometimes we just need the Lord. Especially, when we look for spiritual life or we are in the darkness without any hope. He usually comes unexpectedly and brings light for our souls. The point is to recognize him among our brothers and sisters. Then, we should acknowledge that we are like children without their guard. Similarly we are lost and confused without our Master. We are not even able to fulfil our ordinary tasks without his grace. We just need one word from him which will change our circumstances and attitudes. Following his instructions makes us lucky and satisfied. Overall, we mostly lack his love and presence. If he is with us, nothing can be too difficult or impossible. Since he is the only one who can enkindle the divine fire in our hearts and lead us to the kingdom of God.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Nomine Emmaus (Lk 24:13).

All of us have our own village called Emmaus. The place where Jesus Christ is waiting for us. However, as the Apostles we also are focused on our own business more than on the words of God. Usually we do not recognize the moments of our life when the Son of God joins us. Furthermore, we prefer to think and talk about the bad news and events which have recently happened. We are not capable of looking up with faith towards heaven. We forget about promises of the Holy Bible which says that the heavenly Father always takes care of us. We are more likely to find our own solutions to the problems and to convince others that they should do the same. But by the grace of the Holy Spirit we are slowly taught that miracles do happen and we take part in them. Step by step the hope comes back to our hearts and we start to understand the circumstances better. With holy women and men we are invited to believe in all the Scriptures and to participate in the great mysteries of our faith. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Rabbuni! (J 20:16)

The spiritual path leads through darkness to light. It starts with loneliness and ends in love. The tears of weakness and sin change into tears of happiness and freedom. Sometimes it is enough to bow down before the sign of cross and immediately one is delighted by the help of the holy angels. For the good spirits are sent to accompany the human beings in their struggles and difficulties. Moreover, when the Lord sees that the cross of pain becomes too hard, he himself appears to strengthen those who suffer. During every prayer the exhausted person is supported not only through words but also through the divine power. Eventually, the Son of God comes to be with the distressed and embraces them gently. However, very often our human eyes are not able to recognize him because of strong pain or unbelief. Nonetheless, Jesus Christ keeps speaking to the weak soul and tries to rebuild the good relationship. If the person hears his voice, the whole situation is completely transformed. After such a meeting with the Lord, the weak people become missionaries and apostles.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Avete (Mt 28:9).

It is high time to announce the Good News not only to others but also to ourselves. Since we all live in sadness, distress and anxiety. But is not our vocation. On the contrary, every day we are to meet Jesus on our way and exchange with him our troubles and joys. We should not be afraid to approach him who is present in the Holy Sacraments, to embrace his Body in the Eucharistic Bread and to do him homage in the church. He is still waiting for us so as to speak to our hearts and to encourage us not to give up. He wants to invite us for the special mission of sharing the Gospel among the people who do not know him. It is even more necessary nowadays in the world which forgets about the Lord and Saviour of humankind. In addition, there are people who choose lies more often than truth in order to convince others of their own point of view. Besides money plays very important role in the society which thinks that everything might be bought. For that reasons, brave Christians are supposed to oppose these wrong attitudes and to participate in evangelisation.