Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Hodie pro nobis caro factum.

Now let good Christians all begin
An holy life to live,
And to rejoice and merry be,
For this is Christmas Eve.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Minor in regno caelorum (Mt 11:11).

The least in the kingdom of heaven.

You may feel like in the prison because of your troubles. Yet you can always turn to the Word of God to search for encouragement. You can ask the Lord about the meaning of your life. For Jesus Christ is the One who gives you the best answer for all your questions. He enlightens your eyes, cures your diseases, cleanses your heart and makes you hear the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit. Furthermore, he raises you up from the death of your sins. As a result, you become the happiest man in the world who proclaims the divine miracles. But you need to know what you are searching while following the Christ. You are to trust him completely so as to come across the desert. No idol can take the place of Jesus in your endeavous. Neither idea nor wealth can change your mind as you are a disciple of the Lord. Since only the Son of God is your best advisor and leader to the kingdom of heaven. 

Friday, December 13, 2013

Utilia (Is 48:18).

What is for your good.

Only God knows what is good for me. Therefore I keep asking him to send me the light for my life. For the Lord is my leader who explains me which way to choose. I do experience that his will is the best choice for me. I  listen to him carefully and pay attention to his good advice. Consequently, my life flows like a river of grace towards the sea of everlasting kingdom. I share the gifts of the Holy Spirit with others and show them the goodness of the Lord. My heart is full of spiritual goods which I am to grant the needy. My soul is meditating on the message of the Scriptures and delights in it. In such a way, I try to yield much fruit and follow the example of the Son of God. Thanks to his help I am happy and make happy the people around me. For the truth is that the Lord watches over me and fills my heart with many blessings.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Consolamini populum meum (Is 40:1).

Give comfort to my people.

Our human condition often makes us sad and distressed. On the one hand we are strong and immortal, and on the other we are weak and obey the law of death. Therefore, the Lord wants to strengthen and comfort us. Through the holy Scriptures he enlightens us and warrants that the salvation is waiting for us. Thus, we hear his gentle voice calling us to prepare ourselves for his coming. We are able to make our best so as to wait in patience for his grace. Thanks to the divine gift all of us can be cleansed and open for the Holy Spirit. Yet on the earth we might participate in the communion with God. Although we are fragile, we always can turn our attention towards the Lord. We may experience his presence among us and his power which secures the whole universe. In the Son of God we find the sense of our life and the wonderful reward after our struggles. Eventually, in the Father's arms we are to discover our home full of peace and love.

Monday, December 9, 2013

In omni benedictione spiritali (Eph 1:3).

With every spiritual blessing.

Blessing is the best way to make a good relationship with others. First of all, you are to bless the Lord for all goods you have already received. Then, you are to bless your relatives and friends who have done a lot for you too. As a result, you will also be blessed by them and fulfilled with spiritual joy. In addition, with the God's blessing you will be granted many other gifts as wisdom, peace and hope. Thus, you will be able to become holy and the source of blessings for others. You will love people with all your heart and enjoy it. In such a way, you will carry out the will of God who has given these commandments. You will also keep praising the Lord that he has loved you so much. You will follow his example eagerly and enter the heavenly kingdom in the end. Overall, it is the intention of his will to make all his children happy and sanctified by the Holy Spirit. The Blessed Mary was the one who showed great obedience to the divine will. Therefore, such great miracles happened in her life and she is a perfect woman who intercedes for all people asking her for help. 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Spem habeamus (Rom 15:4).

Let's have hope.

It sometimes seems that your life is hopeless. But if you read the Scripture and meditate on the Word of God carefully, you receive the light of hope. Consequently, the Word of endurance and encouragement grants you wisdom to think optimistically. Furthermore, if you belong to the community which gathers to read the Bible, you experience the power of the divine Word. In this way you strengthen the relationship with Jesus Christ and other people. You trust and love much more not only God, but also your sisters and brothers. For the voice of the Holy Spirit changes your attitude towards your neighbours and the way of thinking. Thus, you can be an apostle of good tidings and show God's truthfulness. You give the powerful testimony and confirm that the holy Scripture leads you to the closer relationships. Finally, your life becomes the song of worship and glorifying God for his mercy.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Anima mea cognoscit nimis (Ps 139:14).

My soul knows it very well.

The Holy Spirit is around me all the time. Moreover, I can move, talk and work thanks to the God's Spirit. So wherever I go, I am accompanied by the divine grace. Everything comes form the unlimited goodness of the Lord. I even cannot comprehend the whole love which God has towards me. For that reason, I am very grateful for his presence in my life and all the good things I have already received. I also give thanks for the painful experiences which were the part of my past. Although sometimes I did not understand some of them, now I know that these facts where necessary to become a mature person. I keep praising my Lord for everything. I try to be with him as I meditate on the divine Word in the beauty of the universe, in the Scriptures and in the community of my friends. Consequently, I want to cleanse my soul from all sins and commit myself to the Lord completely. Overall, I would like to abide forever in the everlasting Kingdom. 

Friday, December 6, 2013

Adhuc in modico et in brevi (Is 29:17).

But a very little while ...

As a human being you live in the boundaries of time, but God is beyond this limit. For that reason, he can enter your life any time and change everything. In the little while your spriritual eyes may see and your inner ears hear the message from the Lord. In such a way, you can comprehend the meaning of the Scriptures and know what the most important is. Your heart can be full of joy and rejoice in the presence of the Spirit. Because of the divine strength you might neither be afraid to fight your enemies nor ashamed of your sins. On the contrary, you may be cleansed from your iniquities and proud of God acting in your life with such a great power. For the Lord is your light and salvation. Through the holy sacraments you may find refuge and exeperience the loveliness of God as if in the heavenly Kingdom. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Aperite portas (Is 26:2).

Open up the gates.

You want to be strong. You like to depend on yourself and your own ideas. Yet the truth is that you are not independent. From time to time you need someone to help you. And it is normal that you share your problems with others. The Lord also tries to bring you help. But you are to open your heart for his grace. You cannot shut the gates of your soul while he is knocking. Of course, this attitude towards God needs deep faith and strong hope that a real Person is waiting for your openess. In this way you will experience the divine peace which is the gift of the Holy Spirit. Since after making your soul open, you will discover that only God is an eternal Rock. If you humble yourself before the Lord, you will receive his strength to cope with everything. Otherwise, you will be weak and easily depressed all the time.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Misereor (Mt 15:32).

My heart is moved with pity.

Many people are in need. For that reason, as a member of the human family you are to turn your attention towards them. You have to step aside from your ambitions and plans in order to focus on others. If you do that, you see a great crowd of men who is looking for help. They lack different things - some just food, some friendship and love. There is always something you can share with them. But the point is to see their problems and to open your heart for them. Obviously, you are not powerful to solve all the problems of the world, but you are able to sympathize to them. You can stay with them and listen to their stories. Afterwards, you may tell them about Jesus Christ the Son of God who is present in the holy Eucharist to feed them with the divine graces. There everyone can eat and be satisfied. For it is the place where people participate in the treasures of the heavenly Kingdom.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Parvulis (Lk 10:21).

To the childlike.

The heart of child is usually pure and holy. Therefore, children play and enjoy life better than adults. They are able to rejoice in the Holy Spirit dwelling in them. Accordingly, as children of God we are to be focused on the spriritual things. First of all, we need to remember about our dignity and give praise to the Lord. We do not have to be very wise or learned, but we are supposed to believe strongly. As children we are to place our trust in God the Father in order to fulfill his will. In such a way, we will follow the footsteps of Jesus who was the faithful Son. As a result, we will be granted the necessary gifts from the Holy Spirit. We will get to know the Lord and understand the meaning of the Scriptures. We will have the eyes that see the hidden misteries and the ears that hear the divine message. Thus, we will be blessed and become the apostles of happiness to all the nations.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Rogate quae ad pacem (Ps 122:6).

Pray for the peace.

The Christian is full of joy when he is thinking about God. For only a thought of the Beloved can make a believer happy. Moreover, the closer he comes towards the Lord, the greater his happines becomes. For that reason, every day he tries to strengthen the relationship with the Holy Spirit. In this deep relation he gives thanks for the gifts he has already received and asks for more graces. The first gift of the Son of God is peace. Accordingly, if you love the Lord wholeheartedly, your mind and heart are fulfilled with  the divine peace. So you are able to prosper and progress in faith. Also you can trust God who supports you in the difficult time and saves you from all kinds of troubles. With his help you manage to resolve the biggest problems in your life. Even if you are suffering dreadfully, you hope that his Spirit is upon you. This awareness comforts you and helps to survive the darkest moments in peace.