Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Crede Domino (Gn 15:6).

Put your faith in the Lord.

If you put your faith in the Lord, you do not fear. For God is your shield in the times of distress and troubles. You can ask him for everything and it will be granted to you. You can share all your problems with him and they will be resolved. Since your God is listening to you carefully and does not let you suffer too much. He will answer and encourage your heart. His words will bring hope to you. And his signs will ensure you that your God is on your side. But the point is to believe in his promises and to follow his advice. Accordingly, you will be brought from the difficult circumstances and see the new perspectives. Thus you will be thankful and ready to offer your life to the Lord. You only must not lose your faith, though the terrifying darkness envelopes you. For like the Sun rises up after night, similarly the fire of the Holy Spirit appears and enlightens everything. In such a way, God acts in your life and makes  covenant with you.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pauci sunt, qui inveniunt (Mt 7:14).

Those who find it are few.

God wants his creatures to find the most valuable things in their lives. However, human beings often prefer to decide what is precious on their own. Consequently, it happens that they lose the divine treasures and cannot recognize the true value of these gifts. Thus, they may behave like the unreasonable animals who only satisfy their desires. But this kind of life leads to disaster sooner or later. On the contrary, the children of God try to live like sisters and brothers. Their main aim is to help people in need and to support them. In this way, they fulfill God's commandments and follow the example of the Son of God. Although it is not easy to live like that, they do their best to improve the condintions of the poor. Furthermore, they live in the presence of the Lord and walk blamelessly in justice. Also they think the truth in their hearts and speak well about others. They never harm their fellow men but honor those who fear the Lord. Therefore, it is a pity that just few are able to be the light and salt of the world.  

De ventre matris meae (Is 49:1).

From my mother's womb.

I am created thanks to the great love of God. This truth makes me strong and ensures me that my life is very important. Since God wanted me to exist in space and time. For that reason, he prepared parents for me and I could grow up among people who loved me. In the difficult periods of my life he concealed me in the shadow of his arms. Therefore I have never been lonely nor abandoned. Moreover, the Lord has strengthened me and given me the Holy Spirit. Consequently, I am his servent and try to accomplish his holy will. Although I sometimes make mistakes, the grace of God works through me all the time. In addition, I find my joy in Jesus Christ who has always been my Shepherd and best Friend. Accordingly, I follow his steps and preach the Gospel to the people I meet on my path. In such a way, I become a light to the nations so that his salvation may reach to the ends of the earth. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Ubi est thesaurus tuus (Mt 6:21).

Where is your treasure?

Firstly, the question is what the most valuable things in your life are? It can be many different things like money, respect, power, etc. All of these articles are connected to the material world. And people who are looking for such values are usually disappointed. Since these items can be easily lost and they do not guarantee the true happiness. Therefore, it is so important to store up treasures in heaven. But we often do not know how to accomplish it. We forget that heaven is in this place where God is present. Accordingly, the gate to the heaven can be found in our human heart. To comprehend it we need to be enlightened by the divine grace. As a result, we will live in the light and understand the deepest mysteries. Otherwise, we will still abide in the darkness and will not recognize the most valuable matters. 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dei aemulatione (2 Cor 11:2).

With the jealousy of God.

God is always jealous of us his creatures. Accordingly, we are to be jealous of his commandments and precepts. Since we are called to be like a chaste virgin to the Lord. Our commitment to Christ ought to be sincere and pure. And we cannot allow anyone to drag us away from the Holy Spirit. For there is only one Gospel and one Author of the Scripture. So we need to keep it in mind and never forget about this truth. Moreover, we should be apostles of Jesus Christ all the time. It means we are expected to be humble and to follow his way of life. In such a way, we give the best example to others who are seeking their sense of life. Overall, we are certain that the truth is only in Jesus Christ who wants to live in our hearts. He is our Saviour and Redeemer who takes care of us and makes us jealous of God.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hilarem datorem diligit Deus (2 Cor 9:7).

God loves a cheerful giver.

We are called to share our love with each other. And it only depends on us how much we will grant. Jesus Christ showed us that it was possible to give everything. For that reason, we are supposed to follow his example. Consequently, our God the Father will make his grace abundant for us so that we may also give to the poor and be the apostles of his righteousness. This task is not easy, but it is worth to be undertaken. As a result, all of us will be enriched by the blessings of the Lord. In addition, the light of the Holy Spirit will shine in our lives and we will experience God's mercy. Afterwards we will behave towards others as Jesus did. From the gifts we have received we will take something for the people in need. Furthermore, we will keep other people in mind with all their problems and weaknesses. Also we will fast in order to bid God have mercy on them. Thus, having helped others our hearts will be cheerful for we will be repaid by the Lord.     

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Notam gratiam Dei facimus (2 Cor 8:1).

To know of the grace of God.

Everything happens thanks to the grace of God. It is given to all of us from the moment of our birth. Consequently, we are able to survive in a severe test of affliction. Even in the worst days we are still capable of rejoicing. Moreover, we can share our joy with others who are depressed and sad. Since the most important gift from the Lord is spiritual happiness which cannot be measured. This divine grace makes us eager to serve sisters and brothers in the world. Also it leads us closer to God so that we may be sanctified. In such a way, the community of believers is getting stronger and holier. Accordingly, we excel in every respect, in faith, discourse, knowledge and in love to one another. Thus, we become similar to our Lord Jesus Christ who came to teach us humility. We sing praise to our God and place our hope in him.

Monday, June 17, 2013

In multa patientia (2 Cor 6:4).

Through much endurance.

Every day I receive the grace of God in order to cooperate with it. I must not keep it just for myself. On the contrary, I am being supported by the Lord so as to help my sisters and brothers. Therefore the time I live now is the most suitable to share all the divine graces. For my salvation does happen today. Obviously, I make many mistakes and am not without fault. Nonetheless, I try to be the best minister of God as I can. Although I lack endurance, I ask my Lord to sustain me in afflictions, hardships and all kinds of difficulties. As a result, I am able to survive though I am very weak on my own. The reason is that the Holy Spirit fulfills my soul and strengthens my body. Encouraged by the power of God I carry on struggling with my weaknesses and conquering  the evil one. Furthermore, I never give up but stand face to face with troubles. Overall, I always rejoice in the Spirit and am able to enrich many with manifold blessings from the Lord.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Revelata facie (2 Cor 3:18).

The veil is removed.

As human beings we have a veil over our minds so that we are not able to recognize God. But whenever we turn to the Lord and ask him for the Holy Spirit, we are enabled to contact our heavenly Father. In such a way we can communicate with God and get to know his holy will. Furthermore, we are being transfored into the divine image and become holy as well. Such a sanctification happens thanks to the God's mercy and grace. It is the main aim of our whole life. Nonetheless, there are many people who do not take care to become the beloved children of God. They ignore the Gospel and all the messages received from above. As a result, they are focused on the earthly matters and create their own idols. Therefore, we keep on preaching Jesus Christ as Lord and ourselves as his disciples. Since God has removed the veil from our eyes and let his light shine in our hearts.  

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fiduciam habemus ad Deum (2 Cor 3:4).

Our qualification comes from God.

Apart of God we are miserable and poor. But with God we become valuable and strong. Therefore, all good which comes from us has its source in the Holy Spirit. In addition, we are able to be ministers of God thanks to his grace. Consequently, we preach the Good News and testify that Jesus Christ is present among us through his Spirit. This Spirit strengthens and encourages us to share the divine gifts with others. Thus, our ministry as Christians is glorious and helpful for the people in need. Since they can experience the holiness and kindness of the Lord. As a result, all believers want to extol and worship God. For whenever we call upon the Lord, he answers us and teaches the ways of righteousness. Accordingly, we are expected to obey his commandments so as to join the community of the greatest in the Kindom of heaven.  

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cum vidisset gratiam Dei (Acts 11:24).

When he saw the grace of God.

The grace of God is still keeping the universe in existence. Since every creature receives life through it. However, human beings usually do not recognize it. The reason is that they do not use their inner senses to perceive God's presence. But when they do, their lives change completely. They are glad and encouraged by the Lord. In addition, they are able to remain faithful to God in firmness of heart. Their strength comes from the Holy Spirit and in such a way they give good example to non-believers. As a result, many people can become Christians too. There are various vocations among them and they constitute the large family of God's children. As they pray together, the Holy Spirit fulfills their souls and makes them apostles to the world. Accordingly, they listen to the divine voice and do whatever they are asked for. Thus, the Good News spreads throughout the world and changes the face of the earth. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Deus totius consolationis (2 Cor 1:3).

The God of all encouragement.

 Everyday I am being encouraged by my Lord who shares with me his grace and peace. For that reason, I bless and worship him all the time. I would not be able to survive all the difficulties apart of his support and strength. Furthermore, I can encourage others because his Holy Spirit works in me. Notwithstanding so much pain in the world, I know that all bad experiences are neccessary to teach me patience and dependence on the Lord. Since Jesus Christ is waiting to take me on his shoulders if only I ask him. He enables me to endure each suffering and gives me new hope. In such a way, I become firm and ready to deal with all my troubles that my life brings. As a result, I praise and glorify the Lord for his blessings. Also I look to him in the Holy Eucharist which makes me radient with joy. Thus, I am delivered from all my distress and taste the goodness of God.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Neque per hominem (Gal 1:1).

Not of human origin.

I am always between heaven and earth. On the one hand I have my physical body and on the other spiritual soul. Consequently, I cannot be focused on just on the material things, but also on the divine matters. This spiritual part of mine pulls me into the mysteries I cannot perceive with my own eyes. On the contrary, the senses of my body long to be satisfied with the fleeting pleasures. Thus, I am still fighting to keep the proper balance. However, I am not an angel who never makes mistakes. Unfortunately, I sometimes make wrong choices which lead to suffering. After all I always trust in God who calls me through his grace. For that reason, I do not give up and every day try again to become better and better. This endeavor helps me to survive the worse days of my life. Since I know for sure that there is something divine in me which is not of human origin. 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Invenerunt illum in templo (Lk 2:46).

They found him in the temple.

As Christians we are supposed to look for and to find Christ. Accordingly, each day we pray and listen to the words from the Scriptures. Also we are given special days to intensify our endeavours. Nonetheless, we lose Jesus in our daily tasks and obligations. Since we are engaged so much in the earthly matters that we forget about the heavenly ones. Consequently, we use rather our minds than hearts to perceive the reality. And it is our big problem for not only our thinking but also faith is the foundation of the whole truth. Therefore, we need to spend more time in the holy temple where we can abide in the presence of God. As a result, our perspective will be changed and we will understand more things. In addition, we will be astonished by the Lord's point of view and abashed by ours. Of course we are not able to comprehend all the divine wisdom but even a bit of it can have enormous impact on our lives. Overall, we are to be obedient to the Wisdom of God who dwells among us and teaches us in the depth of our heart. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Magister, verax es (Mk 12:14).

You are a truthful man.

If you are a Christian, it does not mean that everyone respects you. On the contrary, it will often lead you to troubles. You sometimes might be despised and other time laughted out of court. But the disciple of Christ does not care about such things. In every case he is prepared to give testimony of his strong faith. For that reason, he is often tempted and has to explain his behaviour. Thus, in every moment of his life he is teaching others the way of God in accordance with the truth. Due to God's grace his conscience helps him to distinguish good from evil. He also knows what the God's will is and why people ought to fulfill the divine commandments. This knowledge is very important especially nowadays when many people live as if God does not exist. Consequently, they put God to the test and make money their idol. Overall, the truthful Christians are badly needed to convert others from their incorrect thinking. 

Monday, June 3, 2013

In viis veritatis (Tb 1:3).

On the paths of truth.

A Christian is supposed to walk on the paths of truth and righteousness. Moreover, he is to perform many charitable works for people he meets. Especially as he lives in the circumstances which are difficult and sometimes even dangerous. Nonetheless, the disciple of Christ is not afraid but ready to help others. Since his strength comes from the Holy Spirit working in his soul. Accordingly, he cannot rest if someone else is in need. In this way he gives an example to others how they should behave. Also he shows them that his good deeds have their source in God. Bad news can never put him down but rather encourages him to make more effort. His patient and sensible attitude towards people is based on the deep relationship with the Lord. He always knows what steps ought to be overtaken because the divine Spirit inspires him. In addition, the Spirit cleanses his heart so that the Christian is able to recognize God's voice in himself. Thus, he is being reminded of the oracles pronounced by the prophets and saints.