Monday, May 4, 2020

Vir fortis leprosus (2 Kings 5:1)

The Corona virus has successfully attacked society in many parts of the world. In the face of this pandemic, fundamental questions have arisen: about the origin of this dangerous virus and the protection of human life. In the mass-media, various opinions and statements on this topic can be heard. 
How should a Christian behave? Above all, each believer should trust in God's Providence. If he asks questions, he first addresses them to God who loves all his children.
In the Second Book of Kings we read the story of Naaman, who was sick with leprosy. Although he had all the financial means and was a friend of the most powerful people, he decided to ask for help and advice from the prophet of God - Elijah. Prudence and rational knowledge were not enough. He decided to seek help from the prophet, who could read the signs of the times. The prophet of God asked the great Aramaic leader to obey him and to wash himself in the waters of Jordan. Of course, there were doubts about the effectiveness of the prayers and the prophet's wisdom. In spite of everything, Naaman trusted and surrendered to God's grace.
So we all ought to trust in God's Providence and listen to the words of the holy people. In this way we can also experience the miracle of healing from all diseases. Do we understand the most important things? Do we believe in God the Father in every moment of our life? Are we convinced that health and life depends only on God?
Lord God, we thank you for not abandoning us. We thank you for the gift of your grace. Please strengthen our faith and hope that only you are the Lord of life and death, health and disease. Amen.