Friday, December 19, 2014

In nativitate eius gaudebunt (Lc 1:14).

God does not want our pain and suffering. On the contrary He prefers if we are glad and happy. For that reason He very often speaks to the human being: Do not be afraid! I, your God, am your loving Father who created you to be joyful and happy. So why do our pain and troubles come? Mostly because we do not understand our vocation which we have received from God. Marriage and family life is as beautiful vocation as priesthood and religious life. Therefore, let us be grateful for our vocation. Let us pray for the family members and for the people we live with. May the Holy Spirit fulfill our communities so that we could be joyful witnesses to Jesus Christ.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Nomen eius Emmanuel (Mt 1:23).

"Do not be afraid!" We hear this enouragement many times in the Scripture. It is a God's message to us. However, we prefer to follow our own plans and ideas. In the Advent season we are to prepare ourselves to listen to the Good News more carefully. Every day our hearts can be fulfiled with peace and joy if only we follow the advice spoken by the Lord through the prophets. Lots of saints did follow God's voice spoken directly to them or through the Bible. They could do that because they really believed and trusted in God. We are also able to be saints. This Christmas is the another occasion to start living as the blessed ones. So let us open our hearts and minds to be obedient and holy.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Paenitentia motus (Mt 21:29).

It is so important to think about your deeds all the time. Because sometimes you even do not know if you act well or wrong. The Advent is good time to meditate on your own behavior. If you are not rebellious nor defiled nor tyrannic towards others. Moreover, how is your relationship with God. Do you listen carefully to His call and learn His lesson. Perhaps you do not pay attention to His words in the Holy Scripture and therefore you are confused what to do now and in your future. These are the crucial questions before Christmus. The Lord wants you to trust Him and draw near to Him. What will be your answer? Will you invoke the name of the Lord to help you live a decent life and become a humbly and lowly person? Let Him remove your proud heart! Thus you will be able to rest with no one and nothing to disturb you.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Propheta quasi ignis (Ecc 48:1).

Today let us think about prophet Elijah! Moreover, let us follow his example during this Advent season. Now we are called to be like a fire and our words ought to flare like a torch. We are supposed to act by the word of the Lord and to bring down the fire of the Holy Spirit. However, we are not ready to do that. Let us ask ourselves - why? Probably we do not pray enough and do not keep our promises. We speak too many empty words and even do not have time to stop for a while. Nevertheless, as children of God we are also perform miracles. People around us are waiting for the true witnesses of Christ. Therefore, let us be taken up in the whirlwind of fire as prophet Elijah was in a chariot with fiery horses. It may happen during every prayer if only we pray eagerly and piously. In such a way we will be able to turn the hearts of others to the things of heaven. Thus we can be happy seeing the Lord come and falling asleep in God's love. 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Ego reficiam vos (Mt 11:28).

Like every day I am so tired and exhausted. Therefore, I come to my Lord and ask for strength. Since without His grace I would not have enough energy to wake up and begin the next day. But with His support I can follow the examples of saintes and become holy. I also want to be gentle and humble in heart as they were. I am going to find rest for my soul as they found it. Finally, I hope to understand that my tasks are easy and my work is light. For the Lord renews my strength and I get the wings to fly in the sky like eagles.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Supra petram (Mt 7:24).

The Word of God makes me strong as rock. Therefore, I will listen to this Word carefully . There are many words around me and inside my head. However, I want to hear just the Word of the Father. The words are coming like rain, but I need to find among them the Word which is the most important. There are floods of empty words, but I look for the Word which is most meaningful. No gales, no bad news, no terrifying messages can destroy my inner peace because I am strengthened by the divine Word.   

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Ascendens in montem (Mt 15:29).

Jesus very often goes up into the hills and prays. In this way He shows me how I ought to act during the Advent. I need to spend more time just before my heavenly Father and tell Him about my joys and sorrows. There I am being cured from my diceases and weaknesses. My Father eagerly waits to listen and wants to share with me the spiritual graces. But my main problem is that I am too much self-concerned. Therefore He opens my eyes for the needs of the poor, the sick and those who suffer. He asks me to forget about myself and to help my neighbours. So today with Saint Francis Xavier I pray for all non-believers in the world and for Christians who do not have a deep relation with their Father in heaven. May they experience the beauty of creation in order to adore its Creator.   

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Ascendamus ad montem (Is 2:3).

"Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord" - calls the prophet Isaias. And what shall I do? Will I use this special time of Advent to climb the spiritual mountain? I hope, I will. So I go to the church and let my soul ascend from earth to heaven. But my soul does not want to fly. She would rather be involved in the ordinary concerns like studies, health or food. It takes time and energy to invite her into the divine matters. Therefore, I ask my Lord to teach my soul how to walk in the paths of wisdom and peace. Since my soul is in the darkness because of my mistakes and sins. Therefore I need so much the light of divine grace. Otherwise, I will always be misled and choose the roads of anxiety, pain and sadness.  

Monday, December 1, 2014

Vigilate! (Mc 13:37)

"When you hear that we look for a kingdom, you suppose, without making any inquiry, that we speak of a human kingdom; whereas we speak of that which is with God" (Justin - First Apology, 11).

Be on your guard! Stay awake! This encouragement you hear from Jesus today. And you might ask: Why should I be on my guard? Why am I to stay awake! What should I wait for! The answer is given by saint Justin Martyr. As a Christian you are supposed to look for a kingdom of God. Not in the non-specified future but now. You are a traveller on your way to the heavenly kingdom. And your task is to recognize Christ travelling with you. Perhaps He was hidden from your eyes in the person you passed today. If you could not see Him with your eyes, how will you be able to see Him with your heart? So stop during this Advent and pay attention in the dawn, noon, evening and night. A tip for you from the Gospel: He comes unexpectedly (Mc 13:37).

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Evangelii gaudium

Nie można wytrwać w ewangelizacji pełnej zapału, jeśli nie jest się przekonanym na podstawie doświadczenia, że to nie to samo: poznać Jezusa lub nie znać Go; że to nie jest to samo: podążać z Nim lub kroczyć po omacku; że to nie jest to samo: raczej móc Go słuchać, niż ignorować Jego Słowo; że to nie jest to samo: raczej móc Go kontemplować, adorowaćmóc spocząć w Nim, niż nie móc tego czynić. Nie jest tym samym usiłowanie budowania świata z Jego Ewangelią, co czynienie tego jedynie w oparciu o własny rozum. Wiemy dobrze, że życie z Jezusem staje się o wiele pełniejszei że z Nim łatwiej znaleźć sens wszystkiego (Papież Franciszek).

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Ecce quomodo amabat (J 11:36).

Miłością odpowiada na miłość,
Przyjaźnią na przyjaźń,
Docenia troskliwość,
Boleje nad chorobą człowieka.

Namaszczony pachnącym olejkiem,
Obmyty czystymi łzami,
Ten, który ma ręce
wyciągnięte do człowieka.

Wsłuchany w ból serca,
kochający cierpiącą duszę,
dający nadzieję na przyszłość
przez zmartwychwstanie Człowieka.

Zatrzymuje się nad ludzką nędzą,
Cierpliwie czeka na otwarcie drzwi
I delikatnie zachęca
do przyjęcia Miłości - Człowieka.

Idzie za dnia z ufnością,
Jest światłością tego świata,
Przezwycięża wszelkie ciemności,
Wyrywa z mroku człowieka.

Budzi ze snu śmierci,
Leczy z choroby grzechu,
Daje radość w dniu żałoby
I wiarę w Boga - Człowieka.

Miłością odpowiada na miłość,
Przyjaźnią na przyjaźń,
Docenia troskliwość,
Kocha niekochanego człowieka.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Evangelii gaudium III

Kościół «wyruszający w drogę» jest Kościołem otwartych drzwi. Wyjść ku innym, aby dotrzeć do ludzkich peryferii, nie znaczy biec do świata bez kierunku i bez sensu. Często lepiej zwolnić kroku, porzucić niepokój, aby spojrzeć w oczy i słuchać, albo odłożyć pilne sprawy, aby towarzyszyć człowiekowi, który pozostał na skraju drogi (Ojciec Święty Franciszek).

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Evangelii gaudium II

Zachęcam wszystkich chrześcijan, niezależnie od miejsca i sytuacji, w jakiej się znajdują, by odnowili już dzisiaj swoje osobiste spotkanie z Jezusem Chrystusem, albo chociaż podjęli decyzję, by być gotowymi na spotkanie z Nim, na szukania Go nieustannie każdego dnia (Ojciec Święty Franciszek).

Monday, March 31, 2014

Evangelii gaudium

Radość Ewangelii napełnia serce i całe życie tych, którzy spotykają się z Jezusem. Ci, którzy pozwalają, żeby ich zbawił, zostają wyzwoleni od grzechu, od smutku, od wewnętrznej pustki, od izolacji. Z Jezusem Chrystusem radość zawsze rodzi się i odradza (Ojciec Święty Franciszek).

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Templum Dei (1 Cor 3:16).

Świątynia Boga



w tobie,
we mnie,
w świecie







Sunday, February 16, 2014

Offer munus tuum (Mt 5:24).

Dar swój ofiaruj!

Ani jedno słowo,
ani jedna litera Pisma
nie może Ci umknąć,
gdyż w Nim się wszystko spełnia.

Nawet najmniejszy wyraz 
przeoczony przez Ciebie
oddala od Królestwa,
w którym się wszystko spełnia.

Nawet najkrótsze zdanie
przyjęte przez Ciebie
czyni częścią Kościoła,
w którym się wszystko spełnia.

Słuchaj z uwagą Słowa,
które Cię poucza,
abyś pojednał się z bratem.

Potem dar swój ofiaruj
na ołtarzu Słowa,
które staje się Ciałem.

Przed Tobą długa droga
przez słowa do Słowa 
z więzienia ku wolności,
w której się wszystko spełnia.

Nie pożądaj zachłannie Słowa,
które czysta Oblubienica
przyjmuje gorącym sercem
i wówczas się wszystko spełnia.

Wystarczy Ci jedno słowo
TAK, jak Maryja:
Oto ja służebnica Słowa,
w którym się wszystko spełnia. 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Ecce adsum (Is 58:9).

Oto Jesteś

Jesteś światłem, 
jak świeca płonąca na świeczniku, 
jak słońce wschodzące dla miasta na górze.

ogrzewasz oziębłe serca,
rozświetlasz ciemności
i miejsca słabością ocienione.

jak gwiazda migotająca nieśmiało,
z drżeniem wyglądasz zza chmur 
kłębiących się na niebie.

Dajesz nadzieję,
spalasz się,
ogniem boskiej miłości.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

In ulnas suas (Lc 2:28).

W ofiarowanie Pańskie ...

 Serce Matki wypełnione boską Miłością
i oświecone blaskiem Ducha Świętego
połączone jest ściśle ze swoim Oblubieńcem.

Razem niosą Pierworodny Owoc Miłości
i ofiarują Ojcu umiłowanego Syna
w miejscu świętym - Jeruzalem.

Wypełnia się Odwieczny Logos 
- Słowo staje się Ciałem poświęconym Panu
według przepisu Prawa żydowskiego.

Świadkiem jest święty prorok Symeon
oczekujący prawdziwej Radości,
a także pobożna Anna czuwająca w świątyni.

Spotkawszy Małego Boga na ziemi,
odchodzą z pokojem serca
po drodze wyznaczonej przez Światło.

Moc Miłości ogarnia wszystkich,
wsłuchujących się w Słowo
i kontemplujących pełne Mądrości Dziecko.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Veni post me (Mt 4:19).

Staram się uporać z sieciami,
pełen nadziei na promień słońca,
słyszę głos Mistrza:

Pójdz za mną!

Ruszam za Nim do Galilei, 
opuszczam rodzinny Nazaret
i szukam miejsca odpoczynku.
Nad rozległym jeziorem,
na pograniczu znanego lądu
i bezkresnych wód,

Zaprasza mnie na rejs
poprzez ciemność do światła
delikatny szum fal.

Płynę z Tym, który JEST blisko,
który przechodzi 
i patrzy z miłością.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Orto iam sole (Mk 16:2).

The sun had risen.

Love is the best way to God. It wakes you up, makes you act and search for the Lord. With love in your heart you are able to perceive his holy presence around you in the beauty of nature, and in the goodness of people and in the mystery of sacraments. Love rolls away the heavy stone of sin which separates your heart from the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Love helps you get out of the dark tomb of pessimism and see the new prospects of life. Although your weaknesses seem terrifying, you can be astonished how large the power of love is. If only you enter into the real relationship with the Lord, you will experience how much he loves you. For he is constantly capable of dying for you and giving you everything. Having been given such great love, you cannot stay and keep it just for yourself. You must go and announce the healing and awe-inspiring love of the Savior. You are not to flee from the task of the new evangelization so as not to become a dumb witness to his resurrection. Overall, the Spirit of love accompanies you all the time.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Deus meus, Deus meus (Mk 15:34).

My God, my God!

When darkness appears in my life, I am to pray to God intensively. However, I often do not practise such a prayer. Usually in times of distress, I am sad and do not feel like praying at all. I would rather relax and spend some time with friends in order to forget about my troubles. Of course, people try to help me but sometimes some matters they cannot resolve. For there are issues which can be enlighted only by the divine grace. There are wounds that can be healed just by the Lord. For that reason, I should come closer to God and speak out all my problems. In this way every trouble and distress can be overcome. Since the Spirit of God is the master of consolation and always eager to answer my pleading. The point is that I have to believe in his divine power. I mustn't doubt that God is really able to change everything according to his will. I cannot keep the distance between the God's Spirit and mine. And this distance can be annihilated thanks to the ardent love of heart. From my side I only need to open the door of my soul and invite my God. Actually, he has already been there waiting in front of my entrance to welcome him warmly. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Praecedam vos (Mk 14:28).

I will go before you.

As human being I fall down again and again. Though I would like to be strong, I am not able to achieve it. I try my best and engage all my strength, but I still make mistakes. Moreover, I know for sure that I cannot trust myself but place my hope in the Lord. However I often forget to ask him for help. I used to commit sins and later kneel before God begging for mercy. I am a pity man who betrays the true values and turns towards misery. I do not follow the Son of God in his faithful prayer. I rather choose rest and pleasure. Thus I neither feel greatly distressed nor troubled while the danger of temptation comes. I do not run to my beloved Father in order to find security in his arms. I also cannot understand the way how things happen in my life because I do not consult them with my Lord. I am not the watchful person who keeps the deep relation to God, to others and to the world around. On the contrary, I like sleeping and taking my rest when I am to pray and watch. So I must arise from my spiritual laziness and put my whole trust in the Lord.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Palam verbum loquebatur (Mk 8:32).

He said this plainly.

Jesus speaks to me openly and directly. But from my side I do not want to hear the truth about myself. I prefer to choose what is convenient and easy but not everything. For that reason, I need to forget the old way of thinking in order to comprehend his plans. I ought not to be a teacher for Jesus but he must be the only one for me. For he knows the right meaning of the Scriptures but I do not. Nonetheless, I would like only to pick up the pleasant news from the Bible while there are also the unpleasant ones. The difficult truths are to impact on me most and to change my attitude towards life. However, I would rather escape from such places which cause me suffer. I do not like to read the painful chapters of my history. Despite that fact Jesus approaches as the healer of my heart and consoles me with his grace. Sometimes it seems to hurt at the beginning but afterwards I feel much better and am cured of my diseases. Jesus Christ always shows me the best solution and the simplest way to the kingdom of God. Although it leads through the cross of pain, it ends in the everlasting joy.  For it is all about the salvation of my soul and the deliverance from the power of evil.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Audite (Mk 4:3).


My problem is how to distinguish my own thoughts from the voice of God. Although the words of God are being announced to me all the time, I often hear my own ideas rather than the wisdom of God. His message is hidden from the ears of my heart. For that reason, again and again I need to open it for the gentle voice of the Spirit. However, sometimes I do not pay attention while listening to the Scripture and the words of wisdom are being lost by me. Sometimes my soul is like a hard rock because of my sins which I even do not recognize. Other time I am so exhausted that I am not able to meditate at all. Very often my own business makes me unable to enter into the dialogue with my Lord. But there are also moments in my life when I am well prepared for the Good News. Then I am enlighted by the mysterious truths which gladden my tired mind and water my thirsty soul. These beautiful encounters with the Word of God let me grow up in faith, increase my knowledge and bid me yield much fruit. Consequently, I can share with my sisters and brothers the secrets of the kingdom of God. So I am very grateful that the Holy Spirit sends the grace of the divine wisdom into my heart and enkindles it with the spiritual flame.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Impletum est tempus (Mk 1:15).

The time is fulfilled.

Jesus Christ comes to me and says that now is the best time to progress in faith. He invites me into the deep relationship with the Holy Spirit so that I might read the meaning of the events happening in the world. Also he wants me to renew my vocation and to follow him wholeheartedly. I am to welcome him in my ordinary time and tasks to be accomplished. The reason is that Jesus accompanies me at every work I undertake.  He does not let me struggle with my difficulties and obligations on my own. On the contrary, he teaches me how to overcome my problems so as not to be focused on the dark side of life. Moreover, he makes me help others in their distress and anxiety. Since we are asked to abide with him and to take part in the holy communion. All of us are supposed to leave our burdens and to enjoy the presence of the Son of God in the sacrament of the altar. In such a way, we will be cleansed from the power of sin and healed by the grace of his Spirit. Thus, the new horizons will be open for us so that we could support the needy, preach the Gospel and have authority over evil.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Tu es Filius meus dilectus (Mk 1:11).

You are my beloved Son.

It is always nice to receive good news at the beginning of the New Year. This time I again heard that I was the beloved child of God. This joyful tidings came during my retreats as I was meditating on the beginning of the first chapter of the Gospel according to Mark. I was also told that I had to prepare my way for the Lord and to listen to his voice carefully. Obviously, I need much more time to become like the prophet John the Baptist. Nonetheless, it is still my vocation to be a good priest serving people with the sacrament of reconciliation. For the time being my whole soul is eagerly searching for the encounter with Jesus Christ so that I could share this experience with others. Nothing do I need more than to follow the Son of God and to learn from him. For that reason, I am to humble myself and to kneel before my Lord in order to receive his Holy Spirit. In this way, I will be cleansed from my iniquities and weaknesses. Thus, I will be able to hear the good news saying that I am being loved by my Heavenly Father as well. As a result, I will be the happy witness to God who loved the world so much that he gave his beloved Son for it.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Communio Sanctorum

In this is love:
   not that we have loved God, but that he loved us
   and sent his Son as expiation for our sins.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Spes vocationis (Eph 1:18).

I pray that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, 
the Father of glory, 
may give you spiritual wisdom and revelation 
in your growing knowledge of him, 
since the eyes of your heart have been enlightened 
- so that you may know what is the hope of his calling, 
what is the wealth of his glorious inheritance in the saints.



Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Sancta Familia

O Lord, by your birth you strengthened family ties,
 help families to come to a greater love for one another.