Friday, February 22, 2019

Filius Dei vivi (Mt 16:16)

Every day Jesus asks you the question concerning your thoughts about him. So each day you are supposed to answer for his question sincerely. While you pray, you need to know with whom you are talking. While you read the Holy Bible, you should remember who the Author is. While you sing before the altar, you are to be aware who listens to your songs.
It is not so important what others think about Jesus. The most important is your own answer from the depth of your heart. Have you already told Jesus about your thoughts and ideas? Do you recognize him as your Friend, Master, Lord, Bridegroom or someone else?
Maybe today is a good occasion to meditate and find the answer. The truth is that Jesus Christ is close to you, always alive and present in your soul. If you keep it in mind, you feel blesssed and very joyful. For where the Lord is, there is also happiness, peace and love. Do not forget that your answer should come from your heart. Not from books, lectures, opinions of other people, but from your inner being. It is more about feeling, not about finding out the answer.
If you get your own answer for the question of Jesus, you will also understand yourself much better. For knowing Christ is at the same time knowing yourself. You are strong because the Son of God lives in you and you are wise because you have his divine light. Overall, it is your mission to know who Jesus Christ is. You need to remember how precious you are with Jesus in your heart. As a rusult, you can share your experience with sisters and brothers.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Sine intermissione orate (1 Tes 5:17)

The power of prayer is tremendous! I wonder whether there are people who have not prayed at all, at least once in their life time. Prayer erupts positive feelings in the hearts of the one who prays and the same feelings are shared in a most inexplicable way. Every thought can connect us with other people. When one prays certainly the divine grace works and creates its effects in the human hearts. 
Praying together binds hearts in a most mysterious manner. It anchors all those involved in the holy ground. No wonder, family prayers play a great role in anchoring the family in love. Praying together is possible in many ways such as: in the physical presence, praying over the phone, vocal and in silence, releasing positive thoughts, writing prayer in the air, writing prayer in a paper, sending prayer messages, sending uplifting pictures, going for pilgrimage, making sacrifices joyfully, following certain rituals, etc. One may even keep fast or abstinence with the particular intention of the other. One can find one’s own pious practices that would help him/her to pray better.
The modern electronic gadgets in a way aid us to pray together and stay connected. Prayer can alleviate pain, ease tension, erase ill feeling and mediate healing and wholeness. Let's us be the channel of hope to those millions who have none. Make a call today to someone in need and pray together for a while in silence or oral. You will be blessed with a miracle sooner or later!

Sr Jessy Paul SSpS

Monday, February 18, 2019

Ingredere arcam (Gn 7:1)

As human beings we make mistakes and also commit sins. Sometimes we get disappointed because we do not want to do wrong but again and again we behave badly. We have many earthly desires and longings. The same happens with our plans and ideas. We become sad when our dreams do not come true. It is like that because we are fragile humans not holy angels. 
Nonetheless, we have to keep in mind that we are children of God who is perfect and holy. The heavenly Father wishes his daughters and sons be innocent and pure. He does not want us to suffer because of our mistakes and sins. On the contrary, he always wants our happiness. For he has created the beautiful earth to make us joyful in it. When he sees our sins and weaknesses, he is very sorry.
God the Father sent his beloved Son to organize the community of believers - the Church. The Son of God taught us the Good News and gave us holy sacraments. Consequently, we have the Ark where we always can find refuge and strength. In the church we stand in the presence of God. There our souls are being cleansed and sanctified. In the arms of our Lord, we experience true love and from his hands we receive gifts of the Holy Spirit. Accordingly, we start to rejoice and praise God with a new heart. Moreover, in the holy Eucharist we are being enriched by the divine grace. As Christians we are sure that God's love never ends. Therefore, we share the Good News with our sisters and brothers.  

Friday, February 15, 2019

Ephphatha (Mk 7:34)

Your life is a long journey. You move from one place to the other. Also you change your schools and jobs. You meet new people and make new friends. Some of them help you come closer to God. However the longest part of your journey you travel alone with yourself. So everyday you need to accept the strong and weak sides of your character. 
Important is to let the Lord heal you with his divine grace. Jesus Christ invites you to follow him and to spend some time during the day only with him. He wants to touch your wounds and cure them. The only thing you must do is to open your heart for him. You are to tell him about yourself and your struggles in life. Obviously, he knows all your problems but at the same time he is eager to hear your story again. 
Actually, when you open your mouth and share your sufferings, the process of healing begins. Immediately you start to understand that you are no longer alone but with a best Friend who takes care of you. If you haven't tried to meet with your emotions, reactions and thoughts, you are not able to share them. For that reason, Jesus makes you stop for a while each day. Thus, you can listen to your own heart with peaceful attitude. 
You don't need to do anything but listen carefully to your heart and feel the love of Lord the Healer of your whole being. And you do not have to tell anybody else about your intimate relationship with Jesus. Only let him touch and speak gently to your soul. In this way, he makes you hear the voice of the Holy Spirit in your heart.  

Friday, February 8, 2019

Caritas fraternitatis (Heb 13:1)

Love is the key to the human heart. Each of us needs love. Families and communities are rooted in love. Therefore, your heart should be open to love and to accept love from your brothers and sisters. Moreover, your faith is based on the experience of love. God the heavenly Father has loved you and created you to love. You are to respond with love and to love wholeheartedly.
However, there are some people who do not have good experiences with love. Maybe you also were hurt and now you are cautious when you start to trust or love. That can be a real obstacle for you. You can be even imprisoned by fear and feel very lonely. Perhaps you were ill-treated by your parents or family members. That is why you lack self-confidence and try to hide yourself. 
Even in the case of husband and wife love can be spoiled and broken. As a result, not only couple suffers but also their children do not learn how to love others with a sincere heart. Sometimes love is sold like things and people who are children of God engage themselves in the immoral business voluntary or by force. 
As Christian you should fight for the true and divine love. You are to remember that God wants your holiness and pure soul. The Lord never forsakes you or abandons you because he loves you very much. Overall, there are good people who know how to love and imitate Jesus. You also are called to be one of them. And the world needs love of the Holy Spirit which is the same yesterday, today and forever. Amen. 

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Priusquam te formarem (Ier 1:5)

What a priviliged ones are we to hear such loving and comforting words from the Author of our life. We are in the master plan of God, even  before this thought of the purpose of our existence ever dawned in us. We were made in the complete knowledge and perfect love of God. It reminds us that we are under the loving gaze of God all the time, for all eternity. God’s love always follows us, circles us and envelopes us. Often this love  can be compared to a performer showing his item in a dark stage, where he is followed by beams of light circling him alone wherever he moves. All the spot light of the stage seem to be converging into one spot – on the performer, never leaving him in darkness of the surrounding. We are blessed to have such haunting and loving presence of God in our daily lives. Therefore, let us enter into the depth of our soul in contemplation. Let us be enchanted by the natural beauty. Let us have deep sense of love and reverence for every created being. God knows every one of our inner yearning, dreams, aches, wounds, emotions and life struggles. He will never leave us alone but hold a beautiful dream for us, setting the background always for his dream to be actualized.

Sr. Jessy Paul SSpS