Saturday, March 30, 2019

Cognoscamus Dominum (Hos 6:3)

Your soul always wants to be closer and closer to God. Your soul cries and desires to meet with the Lord. If it were possible, your soul would fly towards God.
We are human beings. Consequently, each of us has soul and body. Our body keeps us connected with the earth. Thus, you need to sleep, eat and drink in order to function. Because you have a human body, you are going to die one day. Since you have a spiritual soul, you will live for ever and ever. After your death, you will stand in the presence of the Lord.
As a child of God, you strive to know your heavenly Father. You are not an angel and you cannot see God right now. But his holy presence surrounds you everywhere and in every moment of your life. Accordingly, you are never alone. By the power of the Holy Spirit, God comes to you as the dawn and shines on you with the lifght of the sun. He touches you like the drop of the rain and makes you grow. He provides food for you from the garden and satisfies your needs.
Please, think about your desires and tell about them to the Lord. Reflect on your prayer and on feelings which you have in your soul. Lord Jesus Christ needs nothing else but your love and piety. Even if you work very hard, do not stop talking with Jesus. Through the gift of the Holy Spirit, you are to experience God’s presence in your life. May the needs of your soul and body be united. In such a way, you will do everything well and hear the beating of the Heart of Jesus.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Audite vocem meam (Ier 7:23)

Christian is a person who listens to God’s voice carefully. Christian is a person who chooses God to lead him/her in life. Christian always walks in the ways of God.
However, it is not enough to hear God’s voice. You need to obey and pay heed to it. Similarly to a child who learns from his parents and teachers’ knowledge. You are created to be a child of God. Obviously, there are many activities and duties which you should do. But the most important task is to pay attention to the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit in your soul.
There are people who help you focus and tune your heart properly. At the same time there are people and things which disturb you. Therefore, in the Lenten season you are to say: STOP for everyone and everything which does not lead you towards the Lord. Also you are to look for and read Holy Scripture and writing of saints.
Do not be lazy in the spiritual work like reading, meditating, sitting in silence before God. In this way you can hear his voice – the voice of your Beloved One – Jesus Christ. It is your most important duty. Try to listen carefully because he wants to talk to you every day.
Do you have enouth time for the private prayer? Do you remember words of God who speaks to you during the Eucharist? What message from the Bible is inspiring for you? Do you keep it in mind? If not, please, take correction. Start to be more faithful again. Today try to open your heart and obey to the voice of the Lord. Consequently, you will be fulfilled with joy, peace and divine love.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Super omnes filios (Gen 37:3)

God the Father loves you so much. From the beginning of the world you are in his thoughts and plans. You do not come to the world by accident but because of the everlasting love of the heavenly Father. From your parents you inherited your body but your soul has its origin in God. For that reason, you are the beloved child who is loved, and accepted, and wanted.
Other people can make you forget about this great and divine love. But you should keep it deep in your heart whatever happens in your life. People can hate you and treat you badly but you are to know your dignity as God’s child. Moreover, you ought to love as your Father teaches you - not only your friends, but also enemies. Since all the people are children of God and he loves them all. Accordingly, you are sent to the world in order to love and embrace your sisters and brothers.
Do not give up. Do not stop loving people. Even if they are sinners, they still need the experience of love. Actually, the same is in your case. When you make mistake, you look for forgiveness rather than punishment. If you commit sin, you rather need a friend than a judge. So try to focus on God and his fatherly love towards you. Open your heart for the experience of the love which comes from the Holy Spirit. With the divine grace you are able to love and share love with all the people. Remember that you always are the beloved child of God. Everything can collapse but your heavenly Father will not disappoint you. As his child you can be a good witness of his love to the whole world.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Vox deprecationis meae (Ps 130:2)

Lord, I love you so much. And I also want to tell you that I need you. Deep in my heart I wait for you. Although there are many activities and duties, I really look for you. Noone else knows the cry of my soul and my dreams but you. Please, listen to me and be attentive to my voice.
Excuse me because I still make mistakes and commit sins. I am ready to stand in your presence and confess my iniquities. You know well that I very often return to my sins. Please, forgive me all what is wrong in my life. I don’t want to hurt anybody anymore. Sorry that I sometimes speak and behave badly. Do not remember my sins but cleanse me thanks to your grace.
I cannot trust myself because so many times I disappointed you. But I do hope in you, my Lord, and obey your holy words. Always I come back to you and ask for compassion. I am sure that you neither abandon me nor forget my prayer. There is nothing in this world which may satisfy my longings. Only you, my beloved One, whom I praise and worship.
O my Lord, I am waiting for you. Please, touch me gently and cure my soul. You are merciful and kind. So you will not let me suffer because of my weaknesses. Please, visit my heart and heal my inner wounds. I do not want to make more mistakes in my life. I ask for your Holy Spirit to strengthen me and fulfil me with your divine love. I pray for a new spirit with a humble heart. Amen.

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Appropinquare Deum (Is 58:2)

Lent is the special time when you can come closer to the Lord. But it depends on your choice. You need to ask yourself if you want to regret your sins. You are to think whether everything is all right in your behaviour. You have to understand that you are a weak person who needs the divine grace to live. Deep in your heart there is desire to gain access to God. However, you sometimes waste your time and focus on other things.
The Lent gives you a chance to return to the source of life. So forget quarreling and fighting. Stop using your electronic devices which disturb you for a while. Try to spend at least one day of the week only with your beloved One – Jesus Christ. During your fast pray more for your sisters and brothers who are close to you. This is the fasting that the Lord wishes. In this way you will improve your relationship with God and also with other people. Moreover, you will become a free person. Since you will see that you are able to stop doing too many things.
During the Lent the most important task is to be with your Lord. But also you should try to help your friends who are oppressed and suffering. You are to provide the necessary goods for the needy. Use the occation to become more sympathetic and to share your inner light with those who abide in darkness. Thus, your own wounds will also be healed. The grace of the Lord will be your strength and guard. Your prayers will make miracles in the world – in your soul and the hearts of all the people who meet you. Overall, you will feel the presence of God around you.­­­