Friday, March 22, 2019

Super omnes filios (Gen 37:3)

God the Father loves you so much. From the beginning of the world you are in his thoughts and plans. You do not come to the world by accident but because of the everlasting love of the heavenly Father. From your parents you inherited your body but your soul has its origin in God. For that reason, you are the beloved child who is loved, and accepted, and wanted.
Other people can make you forget about this great and divine love. But you should keep it deep in your heart whatever happens in your life. People can hate you and treat you badly but you are to know your dignity as God’s child. Moreover, you ought to love as your Father teaches you - not only your friends, but also enemies. Since all the people are children of God and he loves them all. Accordingly, you are sent to the world in order to love and embrace your sisters and brothers.
Do not give up. Do not stop loving people. Even if they are sinners, they still need the experience of love. Actually, the same is in your case. When you make mistake, you look for forgiveness rather than punishment. If you commit sin, you rather need a friend than a judge. So try to focus on God and his fatherly love towards you. Open your heart for the experience of the love which comes from the Holy Spirit. With the divine grace you are able to love and share love with all the people. Remember that you always are the beloved child of God. Everything can collapse but your heavenly Father will not disappoint you. As his child you can be a good witness of his love to the whole world.

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