Friday, March 15, 2019

Vox deprecationis meae (Ps 130:2)

Lord, I love you so much. And I also want to tell you that I need you. Deep in my heart I wait for you. Although there are many activities and duties, I really look for you. Noone else knows the cry of my soul and my dreams but you. Please, listen to me and be attentive to my voice.
Excuse me because I still make mistakes and commit sins. I am ready to stand in your presence and confess my iniquities. You know well that I very often return to my sins. Please, forgive me all what is wrong in my life. I don’t want to hurt anybody anymore. Sorry that I sometimes speak and behave badly. Do not remember my sins but cleanse me thanks to your grace.
I cannot trust myself because so many times I disappointed you. But I do hope in you, my Lord, and obey your holy words. Always I come back to you and ask for compassion. I am sure that you neither abandon me nor forget my prayer. There is nothing in this world which may satisfy my longings. Only you, my beloved One, whom I praise and worship.
O my Lord, I am waiting for you. Please, touch me gently and cure my soul. You are merciful and kind. So you will not let me suffer because of my weaknesses. Please, visit my heart and heal my inner wounds. I do not want to make more mistakes in my life. I ask for your Holy Spirit to strengthen me and fulfil me with your divine love. I pray for a new spirit with a humble heart. Amen.

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