Monday, November 26, 2012

Generatio quaerentium faciem Dei (Ps 24:5).

The race that seeks the face of the God.

The vocation of human beings is to seek their Creator. He is not far away but close at hand in the world. It means that he is among us all the time. However, we usually have lots of work and do not recognize him. Nonetheless, we are able to ascend the mountain of the Lord. We just need to cleanse our mind and with sinless heart start loking for him. He is always ready to bless our life and to show us his majesty and splendor. In his presence we do experience divine peace and terrific happiness. Therefore so important is longing to see his face. Many saints had such an experience and saw the eternal Kingdom of God. They looked at thousands of people and angels praising him in the heaven. In addition, they heard beautiful songs and tunes of harps. Let us follow their longings so that we could join the choirs of holy ones too.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Benedictus Dominus, adiutor meus (P144:1).

Blessed be the Lord, my rock.

All my power comes from my God. By my own I am so weak and fragile. I am able to work and study, because he gives me his Spirit to strengthen me. So in him I trust and have a stronghold in the days of distress. Even if I commit a sin, I can always come back to him and find his help. Therefore I am so grateful and joyful and my heart is filled with praise. For he grants me his favour and grace to enrich me and to make me start again. As a result, I become optimistic about my future and am ready to accomplish my endeavours. Although there are lots of bad news around me, I do not give up but have strong faith and hope. Moreover, I keep my mind on the heavenly things and meditate about the everlasting life. In such a way, I am a child of God under the guard of his holy angels. Also I do experience his divine presence in my life and stand firm upon his rock.  

Friday, November 23, 2012

Accipe et devora illum (Rv 10:9).

Take and swallow it.

The orders given to us by God we must do. It is for our happiness and peace. Although they sometimes may seem unreasonable, we are to follow God's instructions. Though we do not understand them, we should trust our Lord completely. It is always good for our inner life and our progress in faith. Furthermore, if we take his words seriously, we will become joyful and free. Since God's wisdom is much more certain than any other news from the world. The reason is that God speaks to our heart and mind directly. Also he knows us through and nothing could be hidden from his sight. When he enters our soul, the inward mess must be cleaned. For there is no place for good and evil in our heart at the same time. The Spirit of God wants to dwell in us to make us a holy temple. Therefore we need to be prepared to accept this grace with love and willingness. Otherwise, the God's blessing will pass us by and we will not take the opportunity of his coming.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Leo de tribu Iudae (Rv 5:5).

The lion of the tribe of Judah.

The wisdom is upon God. And it is very important to know where we are able to find it. Also we have received the Scriptures to search for wisdom there. However, the Holy Bible keeps its secrets and only holy men can understand them. Since people do need the grace of the Holy Spirit to discover its deeper meanings. Sometimes the words of God are too harsh for us and we need more time to comprehend them. But if we let them change our whole life, the divine message will enkindle and enlighten us. Accordingly, we are to ask the Holy Spirit to help us accept the God's wisdom. In such a way, we will be well-prepared to read the Bible with full understanding. Moreover, we will delight in its hidden misteries and rejoice in every word which is shared with us. Finally, we will join with our Lord and King in the contemplation and beatifying vision. Amen. 

Sanctus, sanctus, sanctus Dominus (Rv 4:8).

Holy, holy, holy is the Lord.

We do not know what we will see in heaven. It's a mistery of faith. However, some holy people had special visions of God's dwelling. They even heard voices coming down to them. Afterwards they shared their experiences with other believers. Important is that they were passive during revelations and received the divine experience as a gift. They did perceive the flashes of lightning and flames which were the sings of God's presence. But as human beings they were not able to look on God himself. The reason was that God's majesty is too splendid and gorgeous to be comprehended by anyone. So every creature has to cover one's eyes and humbly praise the Creator saying: Holy, holy, holy is the Lord.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Qui vicerit, sic vestietur vestimentis albis (Rv 3:5).

The victor will be dressed in white.

The most important goal of our life is holiness. Accordingly, the word of God wants us to be dressed in white. It means without any sin, guilt or stain. Moreover, it encourages us to hear and watch all the time. Since we are used to forget whose children we are and where we come from. Therefore we are to remind ourselves who our Creator is and who takes care of us. Every day Jesus Christ is coming and asking us to open our hearts. But we usually are not ready yet. We are preparing ourselves but not ready. It is a great pity. However Jesus desires to sanctify us and to change our souls to be his dwelling place. His Spirit is hovering around us but our windows are still closed. For that reason, the Scriptures bid us hear and see what is going on. Also the whole creation is crying out and giving witness that God is present among us. Nevertheless, we are lukewarm to accept this testimony. We ought to buy white garments of faith and love to put on so that our shameful nakedness of indifference may not be exposed.  

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Qui testificatus est verbum Dei (Rv 1:2).

Witness to the word of God.

Jesus comes into the world and chooses his disciples to preach the Good News. His apostles are to be witnesses to the words of God among nations. First of all, they have to experience themselves how great God's love is. Later they are to write it down and to share their testimony with others. And blessed are those who accept their prophetic message. Thus the Gospel is spreading throughout the world. Accordingly grace and peace accompany the evangelization. The reason is that the Holy Spirit works in all people who open their hearts and supports them to meet the Lord in the holy sacraments. As a result, they become able to suffer for Christ's sake and overcome all kinds of difficulties. Furthermore, they do keep their love towards God and never loose it. In such a way they are good witnesses to the truth of the Gospel. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dicto oboedire (Ti 3:1).

To be obedient.

Simple things are often the most difficult ones. For instance, we know that we are to be obedient, but it is not easy to achieve it. We usually prefer to be the lords of our own life and we do not want anybody to govern us. At the same time, we realize that we are not able to take control over everything. In addition, we need to be peaceable, considerate and tender for everyone. Since only in this way we can live a good Christian life on the world. Otherwise, we would be considered as foolish, disobedient or living in malice and envy. But it must not be our style of life. For we are called to be kind and generous to one another. Furthermore, we are to follow the example of our Lord Jesus Christ who was merciful towards others. As his disciples we are being strengthened by the Holy Spirit and justified by his grace. As a result, we are supposed to dwell in the kingdom of heaven for years to come.  

Monday, November 12, 2012

Secundum communem fidem (Ti 1:4).

In our common faith.

As Christians we have our common faith in Jesus Christ. We do believe that he chooses us to be his disciples. As a result, we are to give testimony to others. Since we are sure of the hope of eternal life. And we are to witness that God is worthy to be trusted. It is an honourable task to preach the Gospel among the nations. In addition, Christ often wants us to become his apostles and to be blameless. It is the best way to give an example for people who do not believe at all. Therefore, we are to be God's stewards, not arrogant, not irritable, not aggressive, not greedy. On the contrary, hospitable, temperate, just, holy and self-controlled. And these characteristics are to be followed in our daily life. In such a way, we will be worthy to be called Christians. And people will be astonished seeing us follow Christ. Subsequently, they will join us in ascending the spiritual mountain in order to stand in the holy place of the heavenly kingdom. However, it is only possible with sinless hands and clean heart.  

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

In similitudinem hominum (Phil 2:6).

The form of a slave.

It is interesting that God in all his splendor wanted to be seen as a poor human being. This attitude means that he is very humble and is not going to impose his will on people. On the other hand, humans like to make themselves powerful. They are happy as they are independent and rule others. God is very different in his style and character. He'd rather to be slave and the least among his creatures. The Lord of life even accepted death to show us his humbleness. And it was not an usual one but on the cross which is the symbol of shame and disgrace. However, it is his way and we are not able to understand that. Nevertheless, his name is above every name and everything of those is heaven and on earth and under the earth bows down before him. Since in his humbleness he is powerful. For that reason people do praise him and fulfill their vows. In such a way, he rules the nations and human hearts. Never by force, but always by love and his kindness.  

Monday, November 5, 2012

Consolatio in Christo (Phil 2:1).

Encouragement in Christ.

We often feel weak and need strength from above. As human beings we are fragile and can be easily hurt. For that reason, we do look for encouragement from the Son of God. In him we find solace as we take part in his Spirit. In addition, through his grace we do rejoice and have power to fulfill our daily tasks. He gives us the example of living with love on the world. He is never selfish and does not do anything out of vainglory. On the contrary, he is so humble that his lifestyle teaches us to regard others as more important than ourselves. Accordingly, we are to forget about our own interests in order to find peace and joy in our life. Further, we need not busy ourselves with great things nor too sublime for us. Rather, we ought to be stilled and quieted as weaned children on their mothers' lap because God is guarding us all the time. Overall, we do place our trust in him as he promises us the resurrection and happiness in his kingdom of heaven.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Diliges Deum ex toto corde tuo (Dt 6:5).

You shall love the Lord with all your heart.

People who had a good relationship with God knew that the only happiness was loving him with all their heart, and with all their soul, and with all their strength. Nothing was more important to them. It made them prosper and grow in wisdom and peace. This knowledge led them through their whole life. And their only endeavour was to listen to God very carefully and later to fulfill his precepts. They managed to do so because they knew and heard God's words. Moreover, they received his Spirit and placed all their trust in him who was their rock. Subsequently, God was always their stronghold and salvation. He was present in their lives all the time. He showed them his kindness and gave great victories. In short, they were participants in the kingdom of God. 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mihi enim vivere Christus est (Phil 1:21).

For me life is Christ.

The Son of God, Jesus Christ, is present in the world through all the creation. He is a Word of God which has creative power and keeps in being all the creatures. Knowing it we are to rejoice in him all the time. Since his Spirit is acting and supporting us in our troubles. We sometimes lose our hope and cannot find a light in our life. In this case we are supposed to remind ourselves that we are not alone. For he is our life, truth and way. We are only to follow him and everything will be all right. Encouraged by him we do experience his presence in our hearts. And in such a way we are able to magnify him in our body whether by life or by death. For if we are in him, we are alive and nothing can separate us from him. He is our inmost being where we take our strength from. He is like a source of our life. This we know with confidence which makes us progress in holiness. As a result, we become more humble as we acknowledge that without him we are nothing. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

In manu Dei (Wis 3:1).

In the hand of God.

Sometimes we feel lonely. It happens because of many reasons. In this condition we usually forget that we are in the hand of our God and no torment can touch us. Neither danger, nor power, nor even a death is able to break this connection between us and our Creator. Keeping it in mind we are to stay in peace. Having been chastised a little, we will be greatly blessed. Furthermore, we are always blessed if we abide in the presence of God. Since his light and love shine through the darkness of our sinfulness and make our life happy and peaceful. They who trust in him understand all the truth and know how to become holy. The divine grace and mercy are the only way which leads us to restful water in order to refresh our souls. Consequently, we are not afraid of evil as his presence gives us courage. Moreover, We are welcome to the Kingdom of Heaven where the marvellous feast is prepared for us. There only goodness and kindness abide forever and ever. And there is a place at the right hand of our Father.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Quoadusque signemus in frontibus (Rv 7:3).

Until we put the seal on the foreheads.

All of us have a seal from our Creator. It means a sign of being his children and of our divine origins. Since each of us is a combination of soul and body. We are something more than just animals - we are humans. Many people do believe in that truth, but there are some who do not care. Nonetheless, there is a great community of people from various nations and races who are part of a big human family. They do accept the words of the Scripture and Jesus Christ is their Lord. Some of them still live on the earth and some are already in the heaven. All of them hope to stand with holy angels and saints aroound the throne of God in the Kingdom of Heaven. They worship God and bless him giving thanks for everything. And God their Father always takes care of them. They strive to have clean hearts to be able to attend the holy feast. And for Christians living in the world, the Holy Eucharist is a foretaste of it and a vestibule of the Heaven.