Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mysteria regni caelorum (Mt 13:11).

Knowledge of the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven.

We need to approach Jesus to discover the hidden knowlegde of the mysteries. For there are many things which are closed before our minds and only God can explain them to us. But we cannot force him to do that. It is freely granted as a gift from the Beloved Father. Further, the wisdom of God is so great that every day we are invited to take something more and more for ourselves. And Jesus in his holy sacraments and through the Scripture makes us holier all the time. As a result we become owners of the divine treasures. However, there are still many people whose eyes and hearts do not want to receive his blessings. Such individuals are very poor because they neither have experienced the true meaning of life nor delighted in the communion with God. Nevertheless, we ought to be thankful to Jesus Christ for all he has done through his passion and cross. Since by his message we are able to participate in the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Thesaurum in vasis fictilibus (2 Cor 4:7).

We hold this treasure in earthen vessels.

It is good to know that you are a fragile creature. Because as a result you will be waiting for the power from above. And with this power you will be able to overcome everything. Also there will be no difficulty you would not be able to handle. For you will remember that there is a divine strength inside of you. And as Jesus could do the great things, you will do similarly. Although in this world we are living costantly in the dread of death and disease, we are able not to be terrified by them. Furthermore, we can be winners in any circumstances of our life. The reason is that we have the spiritual power from God which cannot be weakened. Therefore, we are not afraid of anything. On the contrary, with the spirit of faith, we stand to fight with other spiritual powers and we defeat them all. Obviously, we do not do that by ourselves but by the power of God. And we are grateful for the grace bestowed on us in abundance. Though we keep this special gift in the earthen vessels of our bodies, we are strong being the soldiers of the Gospel.     

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Deus volens misericordiam est (Mi 7:18).

God delights in clemency.

We human beings are used to be tough and strong. However, the truth is that we are fragile and very weak. Our vocation is to love one another and to be gentle for each other. But we often forget how to do that because there are many people who hurt us. Therefore, we close our hearts and change them into stones. The reason is that it seems easier to live and to cooperate with others in such a way. Hence, God wants us to escape from this kind of life. He gives us opportunity to be better and more compassionate. Also he pardons our sins and shows us the example of life in peace and harmony. Moreover, he explains that this is the only way which leads to happiness. In addition, if we are good for others, we receive grace and blessing from God. And we have already become a part of the Kingdom of  Heaven here on the earth. It pleases to God because we do partake in the coming of his Kingdom.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Contende iudicio coram montibus (Mi 6:1).

Present your plea before the mountains.

We are invited to pray to God and to admire the beautiful nature. The reason is that the Creator of the flora and fauna is hidden in his creation. Also he is listening to us in the burble of the trees and in the singing of the birds. Since he is present around us and very close at hand. He is talking with us in this way because it can be perceived by us. However, we still are to learn how to pay attention to the voice of God. For too often our senses are closed and do not try to discover the deeper meaning of the universe. Therefore, God is worried this our attitude. He would like to keep a good relationship with his children, but they seem not to be interested at all. Moreover, every day he speaks directly to our minds by the Scripture. He shouts loudly and it has no effect. In addition, he makes miracles during every sacrament and touches us tenderly. But we do not want to feel his fatherly love. As a result how much does he have to suffer?

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pastores pascent eos (Jr 23:).

Shepherds who will shepherd them.

God called me to be a good shepherd for people. Also he asks me to do my job very well according to his divine will. However, I am a weak shepherd who needs someone to lead me. For that reason Jesus who is a Good Shepherd comes to me with help. In addition he assures me that I can always count on his support. For he takes me and other sheep to the green pastures where we can rest. There we increase and grow spiritually. There we become more courageous and stronger. There we need no longer fear and tremble. All of us are longing for this special place where the divine grace flows abundantly. We all desire to have a deep experience of God's presence in our life. Afterwards we start acting and doing what is just and right. In such a way we become the good leaders for the community of the Church. And each of us has a chance to be a good shepherd like Jesus Christ.    

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Linum fumigans non exstinguet (Mt 12:20).

A smoldering wick he will not quench.

God is very gentle and does not want to harm us. Even if many try to throw him out from their lives and put him to death. Nonetheless, he is always patient and compassionate. Obviously, he goes away if somebody wishes him to do so. However, many of us follow him, because we know that only he is able to cure us all. In this case, he invites us to be like him which means being meek and humble of heart. Also he makes us understand the Scriptures and words of God. And his main purpose is to show us how much he loves us and how important we are for him. In addition, he sends us his Spirit to fulfill our life with divine gifts. The Holy Spirit helps us proclaim justice and the Gospel to others. Moreover, this Spirit teaches us how we should pray and what we ought to ask for. His Spirit acts in us quietly and lightly. In this way, he transform our hearts to be similar to Jesus' heart in every case and circumstances. With his support we are able to become quite, peaceful and merciful too. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Oravit ad Dominum (Is 38:3).

Prayed to the Lord.

Sometimes difficult problems occur in our life and for that reason we are troubled and scared. Moreover, as human beings we are afraid of death and suffering. If there is no other help, we usually turn to the Lord asking him for strength. It is a pity that we are eager to pray only when troubles arise. However, if our prayer is sincere, God listens to it carefully. Because when our Father sees our tears, he is not able not to send us his grace. He comes to us through the words of the Bible and prophets. This divine message has a power to heal both our spirit and body. For he is the Lord of life and death. In his hands is everything in the heavens and on the earth. Although our faith and hope are not sufficient, God is ready to strengthen us anyway. We are waiting for a sign which we can perceive and God gives us visible miracles. Furthermore, he saves our life from any danger so that we could live in peace and happiness.   

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Venite ad me (Mt 11:28).

Come to me.

Jesus knows that we are tired and have a lot of works to do. For that reason he wants to strengthen us and assure us that we are not alone. He waits for us to grant us his peace and support. In addition, he shows us the way how to live being meek and humble of heart. He does it because very often we are distressed, impatient and in a hurry. And we really do not know how to overcome our problems. But the solution is simply to remember God and trust in him. Since he is taking care of the world and is merciful towards all people. Although we seem to be unworthy, he never leaves his children. On the contrary, he always rebuilds our broken hearts and fills them with his love. His aim is to make us holy by his grace. And our only task is to help him being open for his blessing. Also we should be aware that we are not able to sanctify ourselves by our own. So we are to keep in mind that we depend on his divine grace totally and ought to be thankful for everything we have received from him.  

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Deus fundavit civitatem suam in aeternum (Ps 48:9).

God upholds his city for ever.

God supports us all the time and from his grace we have everything. He sends us his blessing to make us happy and peaceful. Therefore, we are to praise our God and Father and to give him thanks for he does not abandon us. Further, God lives among us as our stronghold and for that reason we are not afraid. With his strength we can overcome all troubles and difficulties in our life. On the contrary, those who do not trust in God are always distressed. The reason is that they are not able to control their life. Thus they are restless and do not know how to manage all things. When problems come, they fall down because they are too weak to arise. But we do trust in God's words and we let him lead us through everything. Moreover, each day we try to do our best following Jesus and putting our trust in him.  

Monday, July 16, 2012

Qui non accipit crucem suam (Mt 10:38).

Whoever does not take up his cross.

Jesus' teaching is often difficult to practice. There are many hints which ought to help us in our daily life. However, they are complicated and their true meaning is hidden from ours sight. For Jesus uses paradoxes to explain and encourage us to listen to him. His words are very hard and not easy to comprehend them. Nonetheless, we are supposed to hear them and follow his advice. The fundament of our Lord's message is love which should lead us in our relations. But this is divine love which is different from our human ones. This love is not afraid to suffer for one another and even to give up one's life. Moreover, this love is ready to take up one's cross and follow after Jesus despite of any circumstances. This kind of love is characterized also by accepting others as God's children. It means great dignity of every human being and depends on belief in the eternal life of each person. Therefore, even the smallest act of love is very important in our life.  

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sicut elegit nos in ipso (Eph 1:4).

He chose us in him.

We should bless the Lord because he has blessed us. As a result we participate in every spiritual blessing already here on earth and later in the heavens. In addition, we had been chosen before the universe was created. And it shows our dignity and importance of every human being. Also we are called to be holy as holy is our God. First of all, we are supposed to follow his example of love towards all creatures. This love was an inspiration for him and led him to the cross. Through his cross Jesus Christ showed us how much he loves us. Moreover, he taught us the wisdom  of the cross which is still a mystery of God's will. But at the same time it is the source of divine graces and blessings. Since the cross is both the end of the earthly life and the beginning of the everlasting life. There everything is summed up and takes its sense and purpose for the praise of God's glory.   

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ne ergo timueritis (Mt 10:26).

Do not be afraid.

There are many problems in our life and they make us distressed. Therefore Jesus teaches and encourages us how to overcome them. He invites us to follow his example. It means that we should pray and hope in God's providence over the whole world and our life. Thus we are to be afraid neither of people nor any difficult circumstances. On the contrary we always ought to be winners with the divine grace. The reason is that actually nothing is able to disturb our inner peace if we do believe in God and his help which never ends. Neither darkness, nor pain, nor any problem can take control over us if we are certain that we belong to our God who is our Lord. Furthermore, God is our Creator who is able to give life or destroy it. The only thing we should do in this situation is to acknowledge that he is the Lord of our life indeed. As a result we are supposed to live our life like Christ when he was in the world. In such a way we do not have to be afraid of anything but with faith go through everything what happens to us.  

Munda me, Deus! (Ps 51:4)

Cleanse me, O God!

We, poor people, need God's mercy again and again. For that reason we cry to him and ask him for compassion. Thus we count on his goodness and kindness. We beg him to wash us thoroughly from our guilt and of our sins. And he, our beloved Father, is pleased with sincerity of such a prayer flowing from our hearts. As a result he teaches us wisdom in our inmost being. Moreover, he cleanses us of every sin and purifies our soul. In addition, he gives us much more that we deserve. After that we experience his divine strength in our clean heart. Further, we are able to go into his mighty presence and feel the power of the Holy Spirit working in us. With his help we become joyful and peaceful because our spirit, too, is sustained in us. Therefore, we start singing and giving thanks to God that he has shown us such great love.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Qui elevant infantem ad maxillas suas (Hos 11:4)

One who raises an infant to his cheeks.

God is our Father and Mother at the same time. He is full of compassion, but also of justice. He takes care of us from our birth until the last day of our life. He keeps calling us every day to follow his decrees and ordinances. For he is pleased with us. However, we are still like immature teenagers who think that they already know everything. The truth is that we do not want to acknowledge that we need his help. And for that reason we try to walk by our own through life and very often we fall down. Meanwhile God is waiting for us with his open arms and heart. He draws us with bands of love as a mother holding her child to her breasts. But we are similar to blind people who cannot recognize their Benefactor. Like the hungry who receive their food but do not know from Whom. Like the sick who are not able to find their Healer. Therefore, it is a God's trouble that we are so ungrateful and limited creatures. Nonetheless, he does not reject us nor withhold his blessings. Because he know very well that we cannot live without him.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Quaerite faciem eius semper (Ps 105:4)

Seek to serve him constantly.

Our life is to sing to God and to praise him all the time. It is also to discover all his wondrous creatures and to praise him for them. Since he created us to make us happy and exalted. His plan is to draw us to himself and to invite us to seek him. Therefore our whole life has a purpose to search God and to meet with him at last. For that reason he gives us strength and his grace to serve him constantly. Without his help we would not be able to arise in the morning nor even open our eyes. So we must be thankful to him and try to use our life as we can the best. Moreover, we should keep in mind that the kingdom of God is at hand and acknowledge that we are still not worthy to enter it. Further, we ought to repent and with humbleness ask him to open its door to us. If we knock patiently, we will be welcome to feast with him in his kingdom.   

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sicut oves non habentes pastorem (Mt 9:36)

Like sheep without a sphebpherd.

Our mouth are often closed and we do not know what we should speak during our prayer. Therefore, we need divine grace to be transformed into God's disciples. Furthermore, we long to be touched by Jesus' healing power and as a result to begin our conversation with him. Having experienced his miracle in our own life we are amazed, because nothing could have similar effect on our spiritual condition. Obviously, some of us will hesitate and think that it is impossible. In their opinion Jeses does not have authority over people at all. But it is absolutely wrong. On the contrary, he is really present in every moment of our life. He keeps teaching in our churches and proclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom. Moreover, he eagerly cures every diseases and illness of our life. Since his heart is always moved with pity for us. He does know how fragile we are and troubled, and abandoned. Accordingly, he takes care of us as a good shepherd of his sheep.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Loquar ad cor eius (Hos 2:16)

I will speak to her heart.

God chooses different ways to approach a man. The reason is that we are usually reluctant and escape from his fatherly wings as irresponsible nestlings. Therefore he allures us and leads us into desert to make us think of him and feel dependent on him. There in difficult circumstances keeping silence we start opening our hearts and listening to his voice. We need to meet with him. We need to experience his great love towards us. There we are able to go into deeper relationship with our Father. There we are in his presence thankful, peaceful and joyful. There we realize that we have no better place than this desert where we abide with him face-to-face. Thus he is our Beloved and our soul is similar to the spouse waiting for him. His delight is to espouse us to him forever in right and in justice, in love and in mercy. And we are to repay him for it with fidelity and desire to love him every day more and more.  

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ego mitto te (Ez 2:3)

I am sending you ...

Jesus choses us to be his disciples and apostles to the world. For that reason he does not let us be alone nor without any support, but strengthens us with his Holy Spirit and preaches us through the Bible. Thus we only need to tune our senses to his voice. However, there are also many people who do not listen to him. On the contrary, they choose their own way of life and do not care about his commands. Furthermore, they rebel against him and even revolt frequently. We can be similar to them if we keep our ears and eyes close to his messages. But our vocation is to fix our mind and heart on the Lord and to plead for his mercy. In addition, we are to be like his servants who are always ready to fulfill God's will. Accordingly, if we do realize how weak we are, his divine grace makes us perfect in our weaknesses. Since the power of Christ is unlimited and he is able to transform everything into good. In such a way we become his followers indeed. Keeping in mind that we are just human beings and at the same time aware of enormous spiritual strength which abides in us, we can go to others preaching the Good News and giving an example how to live christian life fully.   

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Audiam, quid loquatur Dominus Deus (Ps 85:9)

I will hear what God proclaims.

God wants us to have peace inside our heart. So he speaks to us every day to open us for his graces. He says that he is the source of our blessing and just with him we are able to attain peace. From our side we need only to be obedient and faithful. As a result there will be divine peace in our life. Furthermore, if we listen to his voice, we are being taught how to be kind and trustful. We will be the apostles of his peace to the world. In such a way justice and truth will be present among people. In addition, God always is ready to give us himself. It means that we can be full of all his blessings and benefits. As a result we will yield our spiritual increase and the earth will be fulfilled with happiness. The God's purpose is to rebuild everything what is destroyed. Moreover, he wishes to bless us and make us prosper. Therefore so important is to follow God's will written in the Scriptures. 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Viam veritatis elegi (Ps 119:30)

The way of truth I have chosen.

Jesus accompanies us every day and calls us by name. However, we are  involved too much in our daily chores that we do not realize it. He quietly speaks to our hearts and wants us to follow him in everything. But we usually do not obey his voice and prefer to listen to our own mind. Nonetheless, he keeps being with us, especially at the Holy Eucharist. Then he wishes us to open our hearts for him. He does not mind to see the whole truth about our life nor finds anything repulsive. On the contrary, with his mercy he comes to heal us and to give us his peace. In this way, he teaches us to be merciful and lenient with others. Therefore, our souls even more are to be consumed with longing for his ordinances at all time. Further, they are encouraged to seek his face and to hear his words. With such an attitude they will always go the way of truth.    

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Affluat quasi aqua iudicium (Am 5:24)

Let justice surge like water.

The meeting with Jesus can change our life totally. However, there are some of us who do not want to change anything. Therefore, it is so difficult for God to enter our hearts. We would rather nothing changed in our own life. The reason is that we are usually used to do many things in our own way. And it is true also in our spiritual life. We say that we pray, we are Christians, we live a good life, but there are still some demons we do not recognize. These small things seem not to be very important, but they can make our life restless. So Jesus comes to throw them away. Yet we ask him not to do that, because in our opinion we can handle it and we do not his help. Thus we are really mistaken and behave like children who think that they can manage everything withour parents. But it is obviously wrong and moreover it leads us to disaster. That is why we pray to you: Help us recognize our hidden sins and weaknesses not to fall into greater problems and difficulties!   

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Nisi mittam manum meam in latus eius (Jn 20:25)

Unless I put my hand into his side.

O my Lord, I have the same desire to put my finger into your side and to touch your divine heart. Since many saints had this experience and for that reason they were very close to you. However, though I am following you in my life, I do not see you nor feel your presence. Nonetheless, I keep searching you and looking for your love. I acknowledge that I am lukewarm and do not want to suffer too much. Meanwhile I am aware of importance of sufferings and I do believe that every time I am weak, I become strong thanks to your grace. But again and again I need to be reminded that even if I do not have a particular experience as saints had, I am still under the wings of your Providence. For sure you come to my heart daily in the Holy Eucharist and speak gently through the Scripture. You encourage me with your peace and other blessings I do not realize. Furthermore, you invite me tenderly to be with you in the spirit. I am sorry that I would like to meet you in human way. Now I know that it is much better not to see you with my bodily eyes.    

Monday, July 2, 2012

Magister, sequar te (Mt 8:19)

Teacher, I will follow you ...

Jesus chooses us to follow him and makes us his friends. Because he can easily recognize true love and tenderness of our hearts. Thus it is not we who decide to pattern ourselves on him, but it is he who gives us grace to live his way of life. However, we must not harden our hearts to hear his delicate voice. Although it is very difficult to fulfil his will and to be like Jesus, yet with his blessing we can do that. Since we are invited to live a lonely life and at the same time to give our life for others. Furthermore, Jesus warns us about the people's misunderstanding of this special kind of life, but assures us that, nevertheless, they need our example. Moreover, Jesus wants us to be a light and salt for the world. For that reason we need to be constantly in touch with him in prayer and to listen to his voice carefully. In such a way first he shows us the kingdom of God and later encourages us to share this experience with people who rarely think of him.   

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Deus creavit hominem in incorruptibilitate (Wis 2:23)

Man to be imperishable ...

God is a source of everything what is good. Thus from him only good things come and his holy will is the best for us. He does not want the destruction of the living, but on the contrary he prepares all things for our growth and well-being. Every creature is to enjoy human hearts and to make us happy. Moreover, he is pleased when we are living and for that reason we are given the eternal life. In addition, we have something divine inside us which never perishes. However, it depends on us what we choose beacause we are free and have a free will. And it is important to make progress in our faith, knowledge and love every day. The purpose is to strengthen our inner-being and to come closer to God. Also it is better to become poor in spirit to gain the eternal life. In such a way we can become true followers of Christ who gave us an example how to live and die. Just with him we, too, are able to destroy the chains of death and to bring our life to light through the Gospel.