Sunday, July 1, 2012

Deus creavit hominem in incorruptibilitate (Wis 2:23)

Man to be imperishable ...

God is a source of everything what is good. Thus from him only good things come and his holy will is the best for us. He does not want the destruction of the living, but on the contrary he prepares all things for our growth and well-being. Every creature is to enjoy human hearts and to make us happy. Moreover, he is pleased when we are living and for that reason we are given the eternal life. In addition, we have something divine inside us which never perishes. However, it depends on us what we choose beacause we are free and have a free will. And it is important to make progress in our faith, knowledge and love every day. The purpose is to strengthen our inner-being and to come closer to God. Also it is better to become poor in spirit to gain the eternal life. In such a way we can become true followers of Christ who gave us an example how to live and die. Just with him we, too, are able to destroy the chains of death and to bring our life to light through the Gospel. 

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