Monday, July 2, 2012

Magister, sequar te (Mt 8:19)

Teacher, I will follow you ...

Jesus chooses us to follow him and makes us his friends. Because he can easily recognize true love and tenderness of our hearts. Thus it is not we who decide to pattern ourselves on him, but it is he who gives us grace to live his way of life. However, we must not harden our hearts to hear his delicate voice. Although it is very difficult to fulfil his will and to be like Jesus, yet with his blessing we can do that. Since we are invited to live a lonely life and at the same time to give our life for others. Furthermore, Jesus warns us about the people's misunderstanding of this special kind of life, but assures us that, nevertheless, they need our example. Moreover, Jesus wants us to be a light and salt for the world. For that reason we need to be constantly in touch with him in prayer and to listen to his voice carefully. In such a way first he shows us the kingdom of God and later encourages us to share this experience with people who rarely think of him.   

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