Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Deus volens misericordiam est (Mi 7:18).

God delights in clemency.

We human beings are used to be tough and strong. However, the truth is that we are fragile and very weak. Our vocation is to love one another and to be gentle for each other. But we often forget how to do that because there are many people who hurt us. Therefore, we close our hearts and change them into stones. The reason is that it seems easier to live and to cooperate with others in such a way. Hence, God wants us to escape from this kind of life. He gives us opportunity to be better and more compassionate. Also he pardons our sins and shows us the example of life in peace and harmony. Moreover, he explains that this is the only way which leads to happiness. In addition, if we are good for others, we receive grace and blessing from God. And we have already become a part of the Kingdom of  Heaven here on the earth. It pleases to God because we do partake in the coming of his Kingdom.

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