Monday, July 16, 2012

Qui non accipit crucem suam (Mt 10:38).

Whoever does not take up his cross.

Jesus' teaching is often difficult to practice. There are many hints which ought to help us in our daily life. However, they are complicated and their true meaning is hidden from ours sight. For Jesus uses paradoxes to explain and encourage us to listen to him. His words are very hard and not easy to comprehend them. Nonetheless, we are supposed to hear them and follow his advice. The fundament of our Lord's message is love which should lead us in our relations. But this is divine love which is different from our human ones. This love is not afraid to suffer for one another and even to give up one's life. Moreover, this love is ready to take up one's cross and follow after Jesus despite of any circumstances. This kind of love is characterized also by accepting others as God's children. It means great dignity of every human being and depends on belief in the eternal life of each person. Therefore, even the smallest act of love is very important in our life.  

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