Thursday, December 29, 2011

Societatem habemus (1 J 1:6)

Our community in Memphis is bigger now, because we have 3 new visiting us SVD's. It is very good to meet each other after a long time. We travelled together through the city and saw many places. Also we shared our experiences which we have got around the world. Here in Tennessee, the Southeastern state of the US, is a possibility to receive more information about American culture and people. When you are foreigners, many things are different for you. Nonetheless, you do not have to be scared anything, because as says a proverb which I got in a Chinese restaurant: Fear is interest paid on a debt you may not owe.
See: Memphis.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Adnuntiamus vobis vitam aeternam (1 J 1:2)

Saint John is a patron of the Catholic church in Memphis and today we have a special feast in our parish. But it was a pity that only four people attended morning mass, including pastor Casimir Abrahamczyk and me. We tried to proclaim a joyfull message from the Bible and also saint John wanted many people know his preaching. But the reality was different. Nevertheless, we have strong confidence and believe in communion of saints. So that we all are coheirs of the eternal life and we will not cease teaching the good news in our life.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Next day in Memphis. In this big city there are many different christian churches and catholicism is not very popular, but people are rather religious. Two examples: local radio Alleluia broadcasts many religious songs which you can listen to all the time. Moreover, small communities keep strong relations among their members. In the afternoon we had a social gathering around Christmas in one of polish houses. There we sang many polish and english carols.

Spiritus Patris loquitur in vobis (Mt 10:10)

In Latin version of this verse we read that the Spirit is speaking in us - not through us. When we know that, we remind ourselves one more Latine sentence: Contemplata aliis tradere (The things contemplated, we transmit to others).
Joining together this two versions we get deeper meaning of Jesus' saying: First we hear the Spirit speaking in our soul, and then we - as Saint Stephen - proclaim that to others. Always these are words with power, but often people do not want to hear them.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Three Midnight Masses

With Fr Casimir Abrahamczyk we had three Midnight Masses.
First one was for Americans in our St. John Parish at 7.00 pm.
Second for Korean community at 9:30 and third for Polish community in Memphis at midnight.

So this year Child Jesus was born for us Three Times. Isn't it wonderful.

How many times has Emmanuel been born in your life? Do you remember?

Christmas in Memphis

"In principio erat Verbum" (J 1:1).

Child Jesus is already born. The Word came to our world to be with us. 
We cannot say any more that God does not speak to us.
Emmanuel is always waiting for us in his church - now as a small Baby.
This Mary's Child needs somebody to be with Him all the time.
Are you ready to take care of this holy Child?