Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!!!

"Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will towards men" (Lc 2:14).

I'm sending you the best wishes for Christmas.
May the glory of God fill your heart and his peace be with you all the New Year 2013!!!

In Love of the Divine Word:

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Generatio ista similis est pueris (Mt 11:16).

This generation is like children.

We would like to be adults, but behave like children. It is so hard to grow up. We prefer rather to be irresponsible and free. Also we like more playing and enjoying than praying and fasting. For that reason, it is so difficult to be well prepared for the coming of our Lord. Furthermore, we are used to many things and pleasures. We do not want to change anything. Although sometimes we would like to change ourselves, we are not able to do that. The Bible shows us two ways of holy men - one of saint John the Baptist and the other of Jesus Christ. These ways are to be connected. Since we need both to live ascetic life and to love one another. In addition, we ought to spend some time on prayer in silence and other time go to help people in need. In the person of the Son of God we can see these two characteristics. He always fulfilled the will of God and as a result he was very close to the needy. He knew very well how to divide time both for his spirit and for people who surrounded him. In such a way, he did not treat his life as a kind of enjoyment, but as hard work for the salvation of men.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Confortate manus dissolutas (Is 35:3).

Strengthen the hands that are feeble.

As human beings we are so weak and unhappy. We do know our limits and that we will not live on the earth forever. Although we are looking forward to joy and peace, we cannot obtain them by ourselves. Therefore, we are to focus on the glory of the Lord who is coming. We need to put our trust in him and be sure that he will strengthen us in our fragility. Accordingly, we will not be afraid any more, but courageous. Since Jesus Christ, the Son of God, wants to be with us and to share his divine graces. With his blessing we will survive everything and recognize the true meaning of our lives. In addition, we will be able to find happiness around us, because we will perceive the reality in the light of the gospel. We will also discover the holy ways among many paths which are proposed to us. On these ways we will meet our Redeemer walking by our side. Following him we will journey and enter the heavenly kingdom which is prepared for us. And knowing that our hearts will be fulfilled with joy and gladness.  

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Factum est verbum Dei (Lk 3:2).

The word of God came ...

Through the Scriptures God is used to come to us every day. However, sometimes he speaks to our heart directly. When we hear his voice, we are being encouraged to to great things because this word goes always with power and strength. Thus, the Holy Spirit is working within us and in the world. As a result, we are able to change ourselves for better. Obviously, not by our own, but with the divine grace. Accordingly, our love increases more and more. We also become pure and blameless in order to give a good testimony to others. We can tell them about great things which have been made for us by God. For instance that he has changed our mourning and misery into joy and happiness or has cleansed us from sins and errors. Further, that he has wrapped us in the cloak of holiness and in the belt of peace. For these reasons, we are able to live a good life and enjoy in his presence all the time. Since we do not only know that he is with us, but we do experience it every day.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dominus tecum (Lk 1:27).

The Lord is with you.

God is always with us in various ways. Sometimes he even sends his special messengers to announce things which are very important. However, there is a problem with our attention. For we are usually absent-minded and distracted. We have so much to do that we are not able to concentrate. Therefore, the God's angel often must wake us up and get us out of our business. Since we are troubled by circumstances and astonished because of the situations we are in. Nonetheless, God always reminds us not to be afraid. And his grace is with us from the beginning of our life to its end. In addition, he has prepared the wonderful furture for each of us. Through his angels he helps us accept our destiny which is to love God from the whole heart and fulfill a special vocation. Although we do not know it precisely, we are to do God's will all the days of our life. Certainly, the Holy Spirit will come upon us to bid us accomplish everything what is necessary. Since nothing is impossible for the person who believes. 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Adhuc in modico et in brevi (Is 29:17).

But a very little while ...

The kingdom of God is very close at hand. We just need to open ourselves to receive it in our hearts. We are to open our ears to listen carefully. However, we often are like the deaf people who do not hear the beautiful sounds around them. As a result, we are sad and stressed not finding happiness. It means that we are lacking the divine graces trying to live by our own. However, this kind of life contrains us so that we cannot live in fulness. On the other hand, with God we have nothing to be ashamed of. We become strong and ready to live a holy life. Since we know that our God is among us supporting and encouraging. Thus we keep his name in mind and reverence our Father and Creator. And abiding in his spiritual presence we acquire understanding of everything what is happening in the world. The reason is that he enlightens us and discloses the deep meaning of events. Then, we are not afraid anymore dwelling with him all the days of our life.

Sperate in Dominum (Is 26:4).

Trust in the Lord!

Our stronghold is the Lord and we do trust in him wholeheartedly. He keeps us in his peace and leads us through the paths of our life. He is our eternal rock too. Accordingly, we neither can be moved nor shaken. Moreover if we are humble, he lifts us up and makes us overcome everything. Therefore, we are very thankful to the Lord for his goodness and tenderness. Furthermore, we are certain that we can take refuge in him. He teaches us how to be just in order to enter his kingdom and we find the entrance in our Lord, Jesus Christ. Thanks to him, we are encouraged to live with hope, we become blessed living on the earth and  we experience the presence of God. Gifted by him we are able to recognize the divine will and to fulfill it. Eventually, we gain his wisdom and take part in his Spirit. We also do the right things and gather the abundant fruit. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Praecipitabit faciem vinculi (Is 25:7).

He will destroy the veil.

God does not want any barrier between him and his people. On the contrary, he likes to be our Father and closest Friend. He knows very well what we long for and is ready to wipe our tears away. It is enough to hear his words carefully in order to get to know about his love and kindness. Since as he has promised, he saves us and makes us happy. He is our Shepherd who leads us beside restful waters and in verdant pastures. These waters are the divine graces given to us in the Church. Moreover, through the Scriptures he guides us in the right paths not to walk in the dark valley of sins. He also encourages us to be strong and overcome all the difficulties and troubles. He anoints our heads with the holy sacraments and supports us with the spiritual food during every Eucharist. As a result, only goodness and kindness follow us all the days of our life. Strengthened with this divine food we will attain the heavenly house of the Lord eventually.  

Monday, December 3, 2012

Mons domus Domini in vertice montium (Is 2:1).

The mountain of the Lord's house.

God is to take the main place in our life. If we focus on him, everything else will be in good order. So it shoud be our desire to have our Lord in the center. Obviously, it will happen at the end of time, however nowadays it is also necessary. Since we are confused living without his commandments and rules. Therefore, we are to try eagerly to climb the Lord's mountain which means to look for him. In such a way, we will be instructed in his ways and able to walk in his path. In addition, his plan is always the best as well as his instruction. Thanks to him people may live in peace and forgive one another. He encourages us to be humble and to respect each other. For these reasons, it is worthy to walk in the light of the Lord and build one community of human family. We will be grateful and joyful, we will  also prosper and keep peace in the world.  

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Suscitabo verbum bonum (Jer 33:14).

I will fulfill the promise.

Nothing is more certain than knowledge of God being faithful and trustworthy. For if he says something, it is always true. If he promises that he is coming, we are to be ready because it will happen in a short time. He does want to guard us and lead through the history of our life. He is eager to teach us how to live a good life and give example to others. Therefore, we should often lift up our souls to the Lord. Also we ought to be watchful and opened for his message. We are to acknowledge him as our saviour and redeemer. Consequently, we will experience how sweet and upright is the Lord. And he will show us his kindness and constancy. Since he never leaves his friends and desires to abide with them all the time. If we stand in his presence, he makes us increase and abound in love. Further, he strengthens our heart and cleanses it to be holy and blameless. So let us conduct ourselves to please him and God will fulfill his promises for sure. 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Fluvius aquae vitae (Rv 22:1).

The river of life-giving water.

God fills you with everything which is the best. When you are thirsty, he gives you refreshing water; when you are hungry, he provides you with tasty food. Since every day you are able to attend the holy eucharist and to be enriched with spiritual gifts. In such a way, you can grow up and become much wiser. On the other hand, the people who live by their own have to work hard to gain happiness and peace. However, they will never get that in full measure because the true treasures are only in God himself. In addition, you are created to rest in him and your heart can find no peace but in him. Accordingly, it is enough to sit down and just look upon his face being hidden in the holy sacraments. During such a contemplation you receive the divine light and are able to share its rays with others. Sometimes you also hear him speak words which are trustworthy and true. Finally, you do realize that God your Father teaches you and sends his Spirit to guide you in your life.

In corde tuo credideris (Rom 10:9).

Believe in your heart.

It is good to be the witness of Christ. But first, you are to believe in your heart in the Gospel. Later, you are able to give a testimony to others. Since strong faith gives you power to preach the Good News. You must also remember that the stake is very high - the salvation of human souls. The Gospel teaches you that all people are equal and have the same dignity. Consequently, we are to treat one another with great love. For we all have the same Father and Creator who enriches us with the graces of the Holy Spirit and helps us to live a good life. As a result, we can be saved. However, the problem is that some people neither believe nor know our Lord, Jesus Christ. In addition, there are places where the Gospel is not being preached. Therefore, it is still our vocation to bring the good news  to the nations. Our voice is to go forth to all the earth and our words to the ends of the world.