Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dominus tecum (Lk 1:27).

The Lord is with you.

God is always with us in various ways. Sometimes he even sends his special messengers to announce things which are very important. However, there is a problem with our attention. For we are usually absent-minded and distracted. We have so much to do that we are not able to concentrate. Therefore, the God's angel often must wake us up and get us out of our business. Since we are troubled by circumstances and astonished because of the situations we are in. Nonetheless, God always reminds us not to be afraid. And his grace is with us from the beginning of our life to its end. In addition, he has prepared the wonderful furture for each of us. Through his angels he helps us accept our destiny which is to love God from the whole heart and fulfill a special vocation. Although we do not know it precisely, we are to do God's will all the days of our life. Certainly, the Holy Spirit will come upon us to bid us accomplish everything what is necessary. Since nothing is impossible for the person who believes. 

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