Thursday, April 30, 2015

Servus maior (Jn 13:16).

Jesus Christ who was very humble teaches me how to follow him. He is ready to wash my feet in order to show me the role of a servant. He does not want me to rule others but rather to serve them. However it usually takes me a lot of time to understand that only being a humble person will make me blessed and happy. This is the vocation which the Son of God invited me to choose. The whole Scripture encourages me to be a humble child of God. But my problem is that I often do not like to listen nor obey others. I think my plans and ideas are better than everything else. Consequently, I make many mistakes and even commit sins. In the end I am not pleased with myself. I realize that it is much better to follow the instructions of the Lord. So I ask him to support me in my endeavours and to lead me on the way to holiness. I need his Holy Spirit to change my heart and to make it similar to his divine heart.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Cor et anima una (acts 4:32).

The community is essential in the spiritual life. For it is impossible to love God without loving one another. However, the community members need to be of one heart and mind. Otherwise, the real community does not exist and even hinders the spiritual progress. The people who belong to the good community have power and bear witness to Christ. Others appreciate their testimony and are eager to join such a community of believers. Since the Christian community shows how to take care of the needy and help them. The Lord is in the centre and the members obey him. Everyone is ready to share his own property and skills with the people in need. The inspiration comes from the Son of God who offered his life and invites his brothers and sisters to do the same for others. Overall, this is the best way to enter the kingdom of God and to become the follower of Jesus Christ. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Pro ovibus (J 10:15).

Jesus Christ wants to be your shepherd. However, it depends on you if you allow him to lead you. He is ready to offer his life for you because he loves you. But it is up to you if you open your heart for him. Obviously, there are many others who would also like to have an influence on you. They try to cheat you using their skills and power. They have no concern for you and quickly leave you unless you pay them. It is not the case with your Good Shepherd who takes care of you. He is always at your side and knows all your needs. He loves you and in this way fulfils the will of God. He will never change his attitude towards you and will do everything for you. His love is not egoistic but sincere. Since his goal is to gather all the people in the community of believers and introduce them to the heavenly kingdom. There will be a great joy because of the salvation of many men and women. There the good angels and saints will live forever in the presence of the Almighty. Their main task will be praising the Lord, the Holy Spirit and the heavenly Father.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Pastor bonus (J 10:14).

Powołanie jest dziełem Tego, który oddał swoje życie na krzyżu; Tego, który każdego dnia ofiaruje się na ołtarzu eucharystycznym; Tego, który zawsze pozostaje wierny przymierzu z człowiekiem. Jest Nim Jezus - Dobry Pasterz, który doskonale zna swoje owce. Jezus - Syn Boży, który ukazuje ludziom kochającego Ojca. Jezus - Męczennik, który oddaje swe życie za braci. Jezus Chrystus, który przypomina o owcach zagubionych i zachęca, aby pomóc przyprowadzić wszystkie owce do Ojca. Własnym przykładem uczy jak budować wspólnotę Kościoła. Stanowi wzór dla powołanych i posłanych, gdyż sam jest jednorodzonym i ukochanym Synem Ojca, który oddaje swoje życie, aby je potem znów odzyskać. Nikt Mu niczego nie nakazuje, lecz On sam ofiaruje się z miłości.  

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Oves meae (J 10:14).

Powołani to ci, których szczególną miłością obdarzył Bóg-Ojciec; ci, którzy potrafią miłością odpowiedzieć na Bożą miłość. W ten sposób wchodzą w wyjątkową relację z Bogiem - intymną relację zażyłości i dziecięctwa Bożego. Stanowią przykład dla tych, którzy lekceważą tę relację. Zachęcają ich, aby poznali moc Jezusa Chrystusa Nazarejczyka - Ukrzyżowanego, którego Bóg wskrzesił z martwych (Dz 4:10). Potwierdzają swoim życiem, że nie ma w żadnym innym zbawienia, gdyż nie dano ludziom pod niebem żadnego innego imienia, w którym mogliby być zbawieni (Dz 4:12). Powołani mają za cel - upodobnienie się do swego Mistrza. Ciągle są w drodze do doskonałości, pokonując swoje słabości. Pokazują, że ich pragnieniem jest Niebo i oglądanie Boga takim, jakim JEST (1 J 3:2). Dziękują swemu Panu, że jest dobry i łaskawy, gdyż ciągle powołuje nowych uczniów. Pokładają ufność w Dobrym Pasterzu i pragną Go uwielbiać.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Cadens in terram (Acts 9:4).

There are bad instincts in every man. Although we would like to be perfect, we commit sins and make wrong decisions. Sometimes we are like the blind who really do not know where they are going. Therefore, we need so much the light from above and instructions what to do. We are to kneel before our Lord and listen carefully to his voice. When we look on our way of life from the divine perspective, we become ready to change our habits and follow Jesus wholeheartedly. Furthermore, the holy people in our life help us to recognize the right path prepared for us. Also the Holy Spirit speaks to our heart and reveals the God's plan. For that reason, so important is to stay in the presence of God and to let him act freely. During our prayer the miracles happen and we even do not know how it is possible.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Ego sum panis vitae (Jn 6:35).

You come to Jesus and you never hunger; you believe in him and you never thirst. Since Jesus Christ gives you the fulness of life and everything you need. You meet him in the holy sacraments but you still do not believe in his power. Too difficult is to accept that he really is the Son of God and consequently omnipotent and merciful as his Father. Although the Gospel assures you that your Father cares of you and loves you very much. Therefore, the beloved Son was sent to support you and to save you from the disaster of death. Moreover, the Word of God promises you the eternal life in the heavenly kingdom. You are supposed to participate in the glory of the Holy Trinity and the community of saints. For the time being, you can shout joyfully to God and sing praise to his holy name. You may also worship the Holy Spirit who accompanies you on the journey to your homeland in heaven.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

“Ego sum, nolite timere!” (Jn 6: 20)

We travel through life as in a boat across the sea. Sometimes we do not even see the shore of our destiny. We move in the darkness and need the light of Jesus. Apart from him we feel lonely and lose meaning in life. The strong waves of troubles hit against our ship and the wind of anxiety changes our course. By ourselves we try to continue our journey but it is usually pointless. We do not even expect the Son of God to intervene on our behalf. Accordingly, we rarely ask him to walk by our side and to support us. Nonetheless, he speaks to our hearts and gently touches our souls. His words always bring peace and strength. If only we could experience his presence, so we beg him to stay with us. Being with Jesus changes everything and he opens for us new perspectives in life. Overall, we do not have to worry any more. We  are really safe under his guidance.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Ex Deo est (Acts 5:39).

It is necessary to use reason in our relationship with God and other people. For reason is a gift which comes from our Creator and we are supposed to use it. Too often we let our emotions lead us but it is not the best solution. Contrarily, the reason helps us remember our past and draw a conclusion from our mistakes. Using reason we are able to look to the future and to make the right decisions. Moreover, being sensible means acting patiently and prudently. The reason does not eliminate the faith but rather gives a good foundation for it. And there are some instances when we cannot solve the problem with the use of our human skills, but we need the divine enlightement. If we follow our reason, we may easily avoid the dangerous situations. In every case we know how to behave appropiately and which words we should use. As a result, we enjoy the consequences of our good actions. For our reason brings us closer to the Lord and to his teaching. We become his disciples and praise him forever.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Lux in mundum (Jn 3:19).

God loves the world so much that he gives what is most imporant - his only-begotten Son. Then, the Son of God shares his richness with humanity. He is the source of life and mercy for all people. Although not everyone believes in Jesus Christ, he keeps sending the Holy Spirit into the hearts of men. Of course, he is not able to do the miracles without the good will of the human person. For each person has freedom to choose his light or reject it. However, without his grace people walk in darkness and are easily misled. Consequently, they commit sins and become unhappy in their life. They also destroy their beautiful vocation of loving God and one another. Therefore, all Christians ought to live the truth and to come to the light of Christ. As a result, their works are clearly seen as done in God. Nowadays, the world needs such examples and witnesses who do live according to the Gospel.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Natus est ex Spiritu (Jn 3:8).

You are to come to Jesus in secret and to talk to him sincerely. Moreover, you are to acknowledge him as your Lord and God. After all, you know how many miracles happen when he is present and acts. He also has the power to transform and strengthen you. He is ready to send his Holy Spirit into your heart. Thus, you can experience the happiness of the kingdom of God. You do not have to ask too many questions, because your mind is not even able to comprehend all the answers. You'd better believe that everything you are taught by him is valid and his truth is in every word of the Holy Bible. Nobody can tell you better words than those you can find in the Scriptures. For the Word of God is full of the Spirit and the divine grace. Studying the Bible makes you amazed and enlightens your soul. Consequently, you feel the spiritual wind and hear the sound it makes. During the meditation you do experience that your heart is being touched by the love of God.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Praedicate evangelium (Mk 16:15).

Your soul should be in love in order to meet your Beloved, since it is love which is the foundation of a strong relationship. If you love someone, you  cannot even sleep, but you keep looking for the one your heart desires. This was the case with Mary Magdalene, and it can be the same with you. Also, you are to be thankful for the forgiveness of your sins and are supposed to give testimony to your companions who do not know the love of Christ. This knowledge can change people's attitudes and make them rejoice in spite of their troubles. Obviously, it is not easy to convince others to believe and to put trust in the Lord. First of all, they need to get to know Jesus personally and experience his power by themselves. Therefore, ver important is the Eucharistic gathering and taking part in the holy sacraments, where your faith can grow and your heart can learn how to love others. Afterwards, you will be able to go out into the world and proclaim the Gospel to everyone.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Dominus est! (Jn 21:7)

Jesus Christ reveals himself to us in the places where we live and work. For he does not want to let us be alone in our endeavours and problems. Moreover, he knows that other people are not able to help us in some cases. Obviously the company of friends is supportive and necessary but sometimes we just need the Lord. Especially, when we look for spiritual life or we are in the darkness without any hope. He usually comes unexpectedly and brings light for our souls. The point is to recognize him among our brothers and sisters. Then, we should acknowledge that we are like children without their guard. Similarly we are lost and confused without our Master. We are not even able to fulfil our ordinary tasks without his grace. We just need one word from him which will change our circumstances and attitudes. Following his instructions makes us lucky and satisfied. Overall, we mostly lack his love and presence. If he is with us, nothing can be too difficult or impossible. Since he is the only one who can enkindle the divine fire in our hearts and lead us to the kingdom of God.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Nomine Emmaus (Lk 24:13).

All of us have our own village called Emmaus. The place where Jesus Christ is waiting for us. However, as the Apostles we also are focused on our own business more than on the words of God. Usually we do not recognize the moments of our life when the Son of God joins us. Furthermore, we prefer to think and talk about the bad news and events which have recently happened. We are not capable of looking up with faith towards heaven. We forget about promises of the Holy Bible which says that the heavenly Father always takes care of us. We are more likely to find our own solutions to the problems and to convince others that they should do the same. But by the grace of the Holy Spirit we are slowly taught that miracles do happen and we take part in them. Step by step the hope comes back to our hearts and we start to understand the circumstances better. With holy women and men we are invited to believe in all the Scriptures and to participate in the great mysteries of our faith. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Rabbuni! (J 20:16)

The spiritual path leads through darkness to light. It starts with loneliness and ends in love. The tears of weakness and sin change into tears of happiness and freedom. Sometimes it is enough to bow down before the sign of cross and immediately one is delighted by the help of the holy angels. For the good spirits are sent to accompany the human beings in their struggles and difficulties. Moreover, when the Lord sees that the cross of pain becomes too hard, he himself appears to strengthen those who suffer. During every prayer the exhausted person is supported not only through words but also through the divine power. Eventually, the Son of God comes to be with the distressed and embraces them gently. However, very often our human eyes are not able to recognize him because of strong pain or unbelief. Nonetheless, Jesus Christ keeps speaking to the weak soul and tries to rebuild the good relationship. If the person hears his voice, the whole situation is completely transformed. After such a meeting with the Lord, the weak people become missionaries and apostles.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Avete (Mt 28:9).

It is high time to announce the Good News not only to others but also to ourselves. Since we all live in sadness, distress and anxiety. But is not our vocation. On the contrary, every day we are to meet Jesus on our way and exchange with him our troubles and joys. We should not be afraid to approach him who is present in the Holy Sacraments, to embrace his Body in the Eucharistic Bread and to do him homage in the church. He is still waiting for us so as to speak to our hearts and to encourage us not to give up. He wants to invite us for the special mission of sharing the Gospel among the people who do not know him. It is even more necessary nowadays in the world which forgets about the Lord and Saviour of humankind. In addition, there are people who choose lies more often than truth in order to convince others of their own point of view. Besides money plays very important role in the society which thinks that everything might be bought. For that reasons, brave Christians are supposed to oppose these wrong attitudes and to participate in evangelisation.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Haec est dies (Ps 118:24).

Oto dzień, który Pan uczynił, radujmy się w nim i weselmy (Ps 118).
Z Apostołem Piotrem, który był człowiekiem słabym, grzesznym, przestraszonym, ale dzięki łasce Chrystusa Zmartwychwstałego stał się silnym, świętym i mężnym głosicielem Ewangelii, powtórzmy dzisiaj tę Radosną Nowinę, do naszych bliźnich, którzy tego bardzo potrzebują:
Oto dzień, który Pan uczynił, radujmy się w nim i weselmy!
Niech to będzie naszym świadectwem, że przyjęliśmy do wiadomości prawdę o Zmartwychwstaniu, po uważnym wysłuchaniu Słowa Bożego oraz po przyjęciu sakramentów świętych, które miały swój początek w Wieczerniku i na Kalwarii!
Oto przecież dzień, w którym Bóg potwierdził „niezwykłymi czynami, cudami i znakami”, że dla Niego nie ma nic niemożliwego: albowiem Jego Syn – Jezus Chrystus pokonał śmierć, zmartwychwstał i wciąż spotyka się z nami na naszej codziennej drodze życia! 
Oto dzień, w którym Pan mówi do nas bardzo wyraźnie: Nie bójcie się! Nawet, jeśli Was prześladują i przeklinają podobnie, jak prześladowali, biczowali i ukrzyżowali Syna Bożego!
Oto dzień, w którym macie iść i głosić Chrystusa Zmartwychwstałego, którego „Bóg wskrzesił, zerwawszy więzy śmierci, gdyż niemożliwe było, aby śmierć panowała nad Źródłem życia”!
Oto dzień, który Pan uczynił, radujmy się w nim i weselmy. Wraz z patriarchami, apostołami, pobożnymi niewiastami z Ewangelii oraz wszystkimi wierzącymi.
Jezus Chrystus rzeczywiście staje dziś po Twojej prawicy, abyś się nie zachwiał. Dzieje się tak naprawdę wówczas, gdy robisz codzienny znak krzyża na znak Jego chwalebnego Krzyża. Przychodzi do Ciebie, gdy przyjmujesz w Eucharystii Jego Ciało i pijesz Krew przelaną na Golgocie! Pociesza Cię za każdym razem, kiedy z żalem przystępujesz do sakramentu spowiedzi świętej!
Twoje serce winno się cieszyć, a język na modlitwie uwielbiać Jezusa z powodu przekazanej Ci nadziei, że Ty również po śmierci zmartwychwstaniesz! Że po trudach i cierpieniach obecnego życia na ziemi, czeka Cię radość przed obliczem Pana w Królestwie Niebieskim!
Oto dzień, który Pan uczynił, radujmy się w nim i weselmy!
Nie pozwólmy, jako wierni chrześcijanie, aby złe wiadomości, beznadzieja i brak wiary zwyciężyły we współczesnym świecie. Bądźmy uczniami i uczennicami Chrystusa, którzy każdego dnia mają głęboką relację ze swoim Zmartwychwstałym Mistrzem i dają o tym świadectwo swoim braciom i siostrom!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Deus auxiliator meus (Is 50:9).

A good relationship with God has an impact on the relations with others. If you keep contact with the Lord, it is easier to get in touch with people. For Jesus Christ encourages you to take care of the needy and to start doing something for them. He tries to open your heart and to broaden it for your brothers and sisters. The point is to follow him and to hear him carefully. Consequently, you will probably suffer and work a lot but at the same time you will be glad. The Son of God wants to have you brave and ready to accomplish more than just doing your business. For that reason, he shares his holy Spirit with you and does not let you be alone. He is near and upholds you whenever you feel weak and troubled. All the time, he accompanies you and walks beside you as your friend. Therefore, you should be eager to bear insult for the sake of Jesus. Your soul must be filled with the zeal which consumes you. You are also to praise and glorify the heavenly Father with thanksgiving for all his blessings.