Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Rabbuni! (J 20:16)

The spiritual path leads through darkness to light. It starts with loneliness and ends in love. The tears of weakness and sin change into tears of happiness and freedom. Sometimes it is enough to bow down before the sign of cross and immediately one is delighted by the help of the holy angels. For the good spirits are sent to accompany the human beings in their struggles and difficulties. Moreover, when the Lord sees that the cross of pain becomes too hard, he himself appears to strengthen those who suffer. During every prayer the exhausted person is supported not only through words but also through the divine power. Eventually, the Son of God comes to be with the distressed and embraces them gently. However, very often our human eyes are not able to recognize him because of strong pain or unbelief. Nonetheless, Jesus Christ keeps speaking to the weak soul and tries to rebuild the good relationship. If the person hears his voice, the whole situation is completely transformed. After such a meeting with the Lord, the weak people become missionaries and apostles.

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