Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Cor et anima una (acts 4:32).

The community is essential in the spiritual life. For it is impossible to love God without loving one another. However, the community members need to be of one heart and mind. Otherwise, the real community does not exist and even hinders the spiritual progress. The people who belong to the good community have power and bear witness to Christ. Others appreciate their testimony and are eager to join such a community of believers. Since the Christian community shows how to take care of the needy and help them. The Lord is in the centre and the members obey him. Everyone is ready to share his own property and skills with the people in need. The inspiration comes from the Son of God who offered his life and invites his brothers and sisters to do the same for others. Overall, this is the best way to enter the kingdom of God and to become the follower of Jesus Christ. 

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