Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Nomine Emmaus (Lk 24:13).

All of us have our own village called Emmaus. The place where Jesus Christ is waiting for us. However, as the Apostles we also are focused on our own business more than on the words of God. Usually we do not recognize the moments of our life when the Son of God joins us. Furthermore, we prefer to think and talk about the bad news and events which have recently happened. We are not capable of looking up with faith towards heaven. We forget about promises of the Holy Bible which says that the heavenly Father always takes care of us. We are more likely to find our own solutions to the problems and to convince others that they should do the same. But by the grace of the Holy Spirit we are slowly taught that miracles do happen and we take part in them. Step by step the hope comes back to our hearts and we start to understand the circumstances better. With holy women and men we are invited to believe in all the Scriptures and to participate in the great mysteries of our faith. 

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