Thursday, May 31, 2012

Laetare et exsulta in omni corde (Sop 3:14)

Be glad and exult all your heart.

God wants us to be happy and peaceful in the heart. However, we usually lack of joyfulness, because of bad circumstances and troubles. Nevertheless, God's word prompts us to exult all our heart. The reason is that God's love and mercy is always with us. Thus we do not have to worry about anything. There is no further misfortune to fear. And if God assures us of that, so it is absolutely true. Moreover, he speaks to us all the time: Fear not and be not discouraged! And adds that he is in our midst with his might. That is why our only task is to believe he does abide in our hear. If we knew it, we would rejoice with gladness without a break and we would be renewed in his love. Furthermore, we would sing joyfully because of his divine blessings. Consequently, let us be confident and unafraid, because God really is our strength and courage. Let us always give thanks to him and proclaim his graces to make it known throughout all the earth.  

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ex corde invicem diligite attentius (1 Pt 1:22)

Love one another intensely from a heart ....

Sometimes we do not know nor understand the value of our life. Moreover, we do not remember that the Son of God gave his life for our salvation. And therefore very often we are unhappy and do not see the sense in our life. On the contrary, if we keep in mind that we are saved by Jesus, we have strong faith and hope. And it helps us to live peaceful and joyful life. Further, knowing our value we are able to love one another intensely from a pure heart. Because we are certain that our life will not end in the moment of death, but will last forever. For that reason we start glorifying God that he granted such a precious treasure to us. Also with a gift of life he bestows on s his divine peace and many other blessings. And he assures us by his word that he does it because he loves us very much. But the best proof of his fatherly love is his beloved Son who gave his life as a ransom for each of us. As our best friend he is always ahead of us ready to sacrifice his own life. In such a way he shows us an example to do the same for others.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

De qua salute (1 Pt 1:10)

Concerning the salvation ...

Our soul is a place where we meet with our Lord. It should be a holy place and full of light, but sometimes there is darkness. Therefore so important is to take care of our soul and to realize that there is a special space for the Spirit of Christ. Furthermore, in our soul we can find a strength to overcome all sufferings and troubles. It is possible only if we understand that the power of our inner being comes from the Holy Spirit not from us. Very deep inside us the miracles happen and often we even do not know how it is possible. However, we can experience them if we live honestly and according to the teaching of the Church. If there is humbleness and desire for holiness in everything we try to accomplish. In this way we can follow Jesus who was always obedient to his Father. Moreover, the divine peace and happiness will fill our heart and we will be able to sing with gratefulness to the Lord. Slowly we will become holier feeling that we partake in his salvation which begins here on the earth and will be fulfiled in the heaven.

Monday, May 28, 2012

In spem vivam (1 Pet 1:3)

Anew to the living hope.

It is good to thank the Lord every day for his blessings. So we give him thanks that he made us anew to a living hope. The reason is that thanks to Jesus' resurrection there is an imperishable inheritance prepared for us in the heaven. Although we need to go through many difficulties here on the earth, yet an award is waiting for us there. And this knowledge makes us happy and strong, even if for a little while we may have to suffer various trials. Moreover, our faith strengthens us and helps us to overcome everything what is dangerous and upleasant for us. Since when our life is on fire of many problems, we still keep hope and praise our Lord. We never give up, but always look upward loving God and believing in every word of the Scriptures. It changes our attitude and fills our hearts with unutterable joy. Because we are certain that our souls are saved by Jesus Christ who died for us. Now he is waiting for us in his Kingdom where we will obtain the salvation and everlasting joy. 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Effundam spiritum meum (Il 3:1)

I will pour out my spirit.

The strength and grace come from God who is a source of everything what is good. He is our Creator and fills us with his Spirit. Therefore nobody can live without him at all. Moreover, he gives us ability to understand and comprehend the wisdom. However, it depends on us if we open ourselves for his blessings. Although grace by grace comes down like rain, many people do not want to receive it. Furthermore, miracles happen around us every day, but many do not see them or close their eyes. And God cannot enter our heart if we do not accept him there. Because he is too gentle and kind to force us to love him. On the other hand it is enough to call him only once and he is always very close to share with us his divine gifts. So let us ask him to send out his Spirit and to renew our face and heart. Let us pray to change our mind to follow him all the time. O my soul, bless the Lord who is great indeed, clothed with majesty and glory. You, my God, are able to grant me what I need the most. You fulfil my soul with good things, such as peace, love and joy. 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tu me sequere (I 21:22)

You follow me.

There are many followers of Jesus and each of them has a different task to fulfill. Since there is diversity of vocations in the Church and God has a plan for everyone. Sometimes we know this plan, but very often it is hidden. Although we would like to know exactly what we are supposed to do, yet God wants us to trust him and not to ask many questions. Therefore, the first thing we are to do  in the relationship with God is to gaze on his face and to wait for his will. And the best place to do so is his holy temple where we listen to his words and go to Communion. There he is waiting for us to enlighten our mind. In addition, if we strive to see him face to face, we need to prepare ourselves for this meeting. There should be righteousness and goodness in our hearts. It is an appropriate condition to accept his Spirit of truth and to be led by him. The outiside circumstances can be very complicated, but they do not matter. Only attitude of our heart is important and in the silence we are being called to become his apostles. 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Domine, tu cognoscis quia amo te (I 21:17)

O Lord, you know that I love you.

The question about love is the most important question. Not only in relationship between people, but also in relation with God. The reason is that each of us desires to be loved and even God, the Source of Love, is looking for love. Obviously, there are different levels of love and our love depends on the kind of relationship. So there is special love for parents, for friends, for spouse and also different one for God. However, our love for God should be a model of all other kinds of love. Also the Son of God asks us about love to show us that love is connected to responsibility. And that love is not just an empty word. Furthermore, if your love is true, you are ready to give your life. Therefore, it is not good to confess your love very quickly. It is much better to think several times before you say: I love you. And it is very good if you are distressed being asked about love. Because it means that you know how important the answer is. Overall, when you decide to answer: Yes, I do, at the same time you ought to be ready to follow Jesus and to be a witness of Love. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ut dilectio in ipsis sit, et ego in ipsis (I 17:26)

May love be in them and I in them.

Praying is lifting up to heaven not only our eyes but also soul. It is speaking with our Father who wants to hear us. Also it is openess and sincerity towards God. It is asking goods for others, especially a gift of faith. In addition, through prayer our faith increases too. Praying we experience that God is in us and we in God. Therefore we would like people to have the same experience and to go into this special intimate relationship with God. Moreover, in prayer our heart is lifted up and partakes in the divine glory. This glory is a holy communion with God, angels and saints. And the deeper prayer is, the closer to perfection we are, because the wall between God and us starts disappearing. So we have a part in heavenly light, truth and happiness. Further, we are able to feel the divine love which is a foundation of heavenly kingdom. There are no boundaries between races, religion, beliefs, etc. Although here on the earth it is difficult to understand and to comprehend this estate. However, there are some beloved disciples who had this experience and the Son of God prayed to make it known to us.     

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sermo tuus veritas est (I 17:17)

Your word is truth.

One of the most important gifts of prayer is a gift of truth. Thus during prayer we receive God's light for our minds. Furthermore, we become one with the One who is Truth himself. In such a way we transform ourselves to live according to the Truth. Moreover, God's truth guards us not to make mistakes. And we try to fulfill the God's will in everything we do. If we live in accordance with the truth, our joy is complete. And even if others do not like and do hate the truth, they cannot overcome us because we belong to God. In addition God consecrates us in the truth and makes us understand the Scriptures. Therefore we are ready to go and preach the truth to the world. Further, with truth in our hearts we are able to consecrate ourselves for others and for the truth. On the contrary, there are people who really want to pervert the truth and to have believers follow them. So even more we need to be vigilant and fight for truth. Also we are to help the weak and to keep in our minds every word of our God who gives power and truth to his people. Since he is trustworthy in his sanctuary and awesome in the skies. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Haec vita aeterna est(I 17:3)

This is eternal life.

Longing for eternity is very deep in our human hearts. And God knows that very well too. As He created us in His likeness and our heart is open for life eternal. First step to eternity is knowing God's words and His will. Afterwards we are supposed to follow it as Jesus did when He lived on the earth. Such is a way straight to the Kingdom of Heaven. Such is the best way to happiness and glory in God's hands. However, following God's will is much more difficult and sometimes impossible if we did not recognize the precise meaning of His essensce. If we did not understand and accept that everything comes from God's grace. Because every creature, each of us and even every word of our mouth has its source in God. Since from God everything recieves the power of life. Thus we can say after Jesus - everything of us is God's and everything of God is ours. Actually nothing can exist without presence of God and His blessing. All in all, God always sends to us a bountiful rain of grace, showers our lives and provides everything for the needy. Also He is ready to recieve our life in His hands waiting for us in heaven. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Spiritus Sanctus venit (Act 19:6)

The Holy Spirit came upon them.

We Christians were baptized in the name of Jesus and recieved God's grace. Now important is to use these gifts of the Holy Spirit. Since sometimes we even do not know that there is something special given to us by God. And therefore we need somebody who is wise and has experience to teach us about it and to help us to discover divine treasures. One of the best places where we are able to open ourselves for God's grace and understanding is the Catholic Church. There we can feel very deeply how great is the Lord and His blessings. And at the same time we realize how small and unworthy we humans are. However, if we have a clean soul the divine peace fills our spirit and we become glad. Furthermore, we start singing and praising God's holy name. Afterwards our hearts are filled with His grace and we do not desire anything else. Finally, we understand that God knows everything and that we do not need to question him about anything, but only be attentive in His presence. 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Qui crediderit (Mk 16:16)

Whoever believes ...

Faith is a crutial thing in the relationship with God. With it our salvation starts and faith changes us inwardly. Moreover, we are able to make miracles only if we believe in the name of Jesus. In addition, we can help others to overcome difficulties in their lives. However, we would not be able to do so, if we did not know the language of God. For that reason, first of all we must learn how to understand the divine words and afterwards start studying other languages. Since not only God has his own language but also nations and each of us has one's own language. When we comprehend these languages and enter into this kind of deeper communication, we can go further and even do things which are normally impossible. In such a way, with God's support we are able to do everything. Also we do not have to be afraid and escape when the danger comes. But this attitude in life is possible just when we have faith in Jesus Christ who is in heaven at the right hand of his Father. Keeping this in mind we are ready to go around the world and to preach everywhere the Good News. And the grace of the Holy Spirit accompanies us with great signs. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ego vos elegi de mundo (I 15:16)

I chose you from the world.

The mystery of vocation is a great thing. It is a matter between God and a particular person. Thus God calls us to leave earthly things and to turn our attention toward Him. Moreover, He makes the heart bigger and capable of loving much more. As a result, there is a lot of place in it for the needy, suffering people and all looking for love. If you follow God's calling and remain in His love, you feel your heart grow and spread its boundaries. It happens also when you allow somebody to love you and invite this person to friendly relationship. Obviously, there are some commandments and rules you cannot trespass. They are needed to point out a correct way in the friendship and not to be lost in our emotions and desires. Therefore, God accompanies us all the time and is not only our special Friend, but also trustworthy Guard in our endeavours.  

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Qui misit me (I 15:21)

The one who sent me.

God sends us on our mission. During this journey we meet many good people who are God's blessing for us too. So we are happy to go along with them. We travel together following the instructions of the Catholic Church. Our common life gives testimony to others who are looking for God in their lives. Also the Holy Spirit supports us with his light and map out the way where we are supposed to go and to preach the gospel. It is the Spirit of Jesus who works in our hearts and speaks to our minds. In addition, we know exactly what to do because we are being instructed by him in the night of prayer. In such a way, we are certain about God's calling and his holy will toward us.    

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sicut dilexi vos (I 15:12)

Love one another as I love you.

I need to follow Jesus in his love to be ready to give my life for my friends. Consequently, my love should be greater and greater each day as he commands me. And as a result, I am to offer my strength and energy to the point of death. It means exactly to be a friend for others as Jesus Christ was in his life. Moreover, our relations ought to be based on the friendship and on openess of our hearts. Although, we cannot be forced to love, but our love must flow out from us as a stream. Because there is a deep need of our soul to follow an example of our Master's love who was like a lover looking for love in the human hearts. He did not force anybody to love, but only invited people to take care of others. In such a way, he made a lot of friends who became apostles of his divine love. Furthermore, God's Son showed us how our relationship with the Father should look like. That it must be grounded on mutual love and trust in each other. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Manete in dilectione mea (I 15:9)

Remain in my love.

We learn how to love from others who love us and also when we love. However, the first teacher of love is our God loving Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Their communion of love spreads all over the universe and affects us. Furthermore, Jesus Christ came to our world to be a master of love. His Gospel is full of proofs of love. Everywhere and to everyone he carried the gift of his love. In this way, he gave us example how to live and remain in the divine love. Consequently, when we remain in love - when we feel that we are being loved and when we love each other - the God who is love lives in our hearts and fills them with his heavenly joy. All in all, there is no greater happiness than being in love with God and one another.   

Deducti ab ecclesia (Act 15:3)

They were sent on their journey by the Church!

To be a missionary is to be sent on your journey by the Church. Therefore, you never go by your own, because there are people in charge who are sending you. Such a mission is filled with joy and miracles of the Holy Spirit. Furthermore, you are not doing what is just your idea but also others. In this way community grows and the Church is strengthened too. As member of one family with sisters and brothers you feel that God is working and supporting you. Also this mission of the Church fills your heart with happiness and peace. And God meets with you in his holy temple and grants strength to you. It is a pleasure to cooperate with him and to be sent by his Holy Spirit. As a result you are grateful, because you are chosen by God for this special mission of the Church.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pacem relinquo vobis (I 14:27)

Peace I leave with you;
my peace I give to you.

Again and again you remind us that your peace is always with us. Because it is one of the most important gifts from you, my Lord. Moreover, nobody and nothing is able to give us such peace. In the world it is impossible to find this treasure. On the contrary, our present life gives people a lot of troubles and difficulties and therefore we are afraid. Furthermore, there is another ruler of the world who is followed by many. He is the source of anxiety, but not able to destroy the divine peace. If we listen to this ruler, our peace is lost and love disappears from our hearts. For that reason, we are taught again and again to love God and to keep his commandments to achieve inner peace. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Qui diligit me, diligetur a Patre meo (I 14:21)

Whoever loves me will be loved by my Father.

Love is the key not only to human heart, but also to God's heart. The reason is that the answer for love is usually love. And therefore, if you start loving, you will be loved. Furthermore, loving God means receiving much greater love from him. So you must open your heart to begin loving. Then God himself will come to your loving heart. Moreover, God will teach us through his divine love, because he knows that it is the best way to have us understand him. However, some people are not able to comprehend God, because they do not open their hearts to love him. On the other hand, if you love God, you receive his words full of powerful love. Further, God who is love lives in you and fulfills your heart with his Holy Spirit. In addition, keeping his commandments is another proof that you are in love with God. And to fall in love with him means to live always in accordance with his will.   

Vota mea reddam (Ps 22:26)

I will fulfill my vows...

Lord, thank you for my vocation! I have met you and heard your voice. Later I have followed you and taken my vows. In this way I wanted to give testimony that you are present in my life. But now I know that it is not enough to take vows just once. I am supposed to take them every day again and again. Because I am a weak human being who needs to remind himself of the decisions which were made in the past. Day by day I try to remember my promise and turn to you, my Lord. And when I come to you, I bow down before your majesty asking for your blessing and help to fulfill my vows. Although my soul's desire is to live for you, sometimes I follow and have other longings which do not lead me straight to you. Therefore, I ask you for forgiveness and blessing to keep my vows in every day of my life. Amen.    

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Si cognovistis me (I 14:7)

If you know me, then you will also know my Father.

O my Lord, Jesus Christ! I really want to know you better. However, I still do not have enough time to spend with you. I am looking for you everywhere, but I forget that you are very close to me. You try to remind me that you are with me all the time. Nevertheless, I look around and cannot see you. I do not know why my spiritual eyes are closed. You are indeed present, but I keep asking you to show me yourself. O my dear Friend! You have been with me for such a long time, but I have difficulty to recognize you and your will. How poor I am ! Moreover, many times I have seen you in the holy sacraments, especially on the holy altar of the Eucharist. Nevertheless, I keep asking to show me your face and to speak to me directly. Although every day you speak to me through your Holy Scriptures, my memory is too weak to keep your words in my mind. O how weak I am ! Overall, you dwell in me all the time and I dwell in you. Thank you, my Lord, for your Spirit who gives me life. Amen. 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Non turbetur cor vestrum (I 14:1)

Do not let your hearts be troubled.

O my Lord, Jesus Christ! My heart is so often troubled. In my mind there are so many thoughts and uncertainties. I have so many plans and I would like to do many things. Therefore, all the time I am struggling with myself and puzzling out your will. Obviously, I want to fulfill your plans, but meanwhile I have my own. I think I have faith in you. However, I do not behave as I had it. I have assurance and your words which explain me everything. Nevertheless, I prefer to make and to live my life by my own. O my God, why am I so distrustful, I do not really know. For that reason I ask you again, even though I should have already known your answer. And once more you give me your explanation patiently, because I am your beloved child.   

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Evangelium, quod evangelizavi (1 Cor 15:1)

If you hold fast to the word...

I know and I believe that God speaks to me through the Scriptures. Nevertheless I am still looking for his words like a deaf man. The words of God are being read to me every day, but I am all the time a needy person. I really want to keep God's words in my mind, but am not able to do so. Moreover, I am certain that everything happens in accordance with the Bible not only in the world, but especially in my life. However, I try to write my own gospel though at the same time I know it is not correct. Therefore, I need so much to meet with Jesus who is a master of my life. Just with him I will be able to go out through all the earth and to testify. Hence he is my way, my truth, and my life. He is everything to me...

Ministrantes et ieiunantes (Act 13:2)

They were worshiping the Lord and fasting.

Very often I wonder how to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit. And always there is the same answer - by praying and fasting. However, neither prayer nor fast is easy, because there are many difficulties such as lack of time, being in a hurry, work to do, etc. For these reasons I excuse myself and do not care too much about my spiritual progress. Nonetheless, I know for sure that I need to complete my fasting and prayer. Moreover, I must feel that I am sent by the Holy Spirit. Only with the Spirit's support I am able to be a good missionary. Threfore, I still keep giving thanks and praise God for his special Gift: O my God, have pity on me and bless me; may your holy face shine upon me (Ps 67:2).   

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pax Christi dominetur in cordibus vestris (Col 3:15)

Let the peace of Christ control your heart;
the peace into which you were also called.

The peace of Christ is the first gift given to the apostles after his resurrection. It is also the first gift Jesus wants to grant and share with each of us, because he knows that there is still too much anxiety in our hearts. For that reason all of us are called into his peace. Whithout peace we are not able to achieve perfection nor holiness. Saint Paul teaches us how to approach the inner peace. First of all, we are supposed to be thankful in every situation of our life and in any circumstances. However, it is not easy if we do not cooperate with the God's grace and if we do not agree with saint Teresa of Child Jesus who said that everything is the divine grace. Therefore, we need to accept everything in our life as given us by God and helpful for our salvation. This attitude to life is an attitude of saints, but we are also called to be saints. Accordingly, in joyful and painful events as well the holy name of Lord Jesus should be on our lips. This name will help us to follow his example and to do everything from the heart. And loving God seeing our struggles and difficulties will fill our soul with his divine peace which cannot be given by anything nor anybody else.  

Orans vidi in excessu mentis visionem (Act 11:5)

I was at prayer when in a trance I had a vision.

To be a disciple of Jesus is to spend a lot of time at prayer. However, it is not easy to do so, because there is always something more important than praying. Nonetheless, all the time I need to find special moments to be with God. If I do not, I will not know what I am supposed to do and what to choose. During the prayer my Lord teaches me very carefully what he wants me to accomplish. Therefore, I need to remind myself to come back to prayer, especially when I am confused. In fact, very often during my meditation I do not agree with the message from above. The reason is that I have my own solutions and do not like to change my mind. Thus I must open my heart to let the Holy Spirit fall upon me with his grace. Then my soul will be fulfilled with the running waters of the living God.