Thursday, May 31, 2012

Laetare et exsulta in omni corde (Sop 3:14)

Be glad and exult all your heart.

God wants us to be happy and peaceful in the heart. However, we usually lack of joyfulness, because of bad circumstances and troubles. Nevertheless, God's word prompts us to exult all our heart. The reason is that God's love and mercy is always with us. Thus we do not have to worry about anything. There is no further misfortune to fear. And if God assures us of that, so it is absolutely true. Moreover, he speaks to us all the time: Fear not and be not discouraged! And adds that he is in our midst with his might. That is why our only task is to believe he does abide in our hear. If we knew it, we would rejoice with gladness without a break and we would be renewed in his love. Furthermore, we would sing joyfully because of his divine blessings. Consequently, let us be confident and unafraid, because God really is our strength and courage. Let us always give thanks to him and proclaim his graces to make it known throughout all the earth.  

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