Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pax Christi dominetur in cordibus vestris (Col 3:15)

Let the peace of Christ control your heart;
the peace into which you were also called.

The peace of Christ is the first gift given to the apostles after his resurrection. It is also the first gift Jesus wants to grant and share with each of us, because he knows that there is still too much anxiety in our hearts. For that reason all of us are called into his peace. Whithout peace we are not able to achieve perfection nor holiness. Saint Paul teaches us how to approach the inner peace. First of all, we are supposed to be thankful in every situation of our life and in any circumstances. However, it is not easy if we do not cooperate with the God's grace and if we do not agree with saint Teresa of Child Jesus who said that everything is the divine grace. Therefore, we need to accept everything in our life as given us by God and helpful for our salvation. This attitude to life is an attitude of saints, but we are also called to be saints. Accordingly, in joyful and painful events as well the holy name of Lord Jesus should be on our lips. This name will help us to follow his example and to do everything from the heart. And loving God seeing our struggles and difficulties will fill our soul with his divine peace which cannot be given by anything nor anybody else.  

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