Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Haec vita aeterna est(I 17:3)

This is eternal life.

Longing for eternity is very deep in our human hearts. And God knows that very well too. As He created us in His likeness and our heart is open for life eternal. First step to eternity is knowing God's words and His will. Afterwards we are supposed to follow it as Jesus did when He lived on the earth. Such is a way straight to the Kingdom of Heaven. Such is the best way to happiness and glory in God's hands. However, following God's will is much more difficult and sometimes impossible if we did not recognize the precise meaning of His essensce. If we did not understand and accept that everything comes from God's grace. Because every creature, each of us and even every word of our mouth has its source in God. Since from God everything recieves the power of life. Thus we can say after Jesus - everything of us is God's and everything of God is ours. Actually nothing can exist without presence of God and His blessing. All in all, God always sends to us a bountiful rain of grace, showers our lives and provides everything for the needy. Also He is ready to recieve our life in His hands waiting for us in heaven. 

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