Monday, May 21, 2012

Spiritus Sanctus venit (Act 19:6)

The Holy Spirit came upon them.

We Christians were baptized in the name of Jesus and recieved God's grace. Now important is to use these gifts of the Holy Spirit. Since sometimes we even do not know that there is something special given to us by God. And therefore we need somebody who is wise and has experience to teach us about it and to help us to discover divine treasures. One of the best places where we are able to open ourselves for God's grace and understanding is the Catholic Church. There we can feel very deeply how great is the Lord and His blessings. And at the same time we realize how small and unworthy we humans are. However, if we have a clean soul the divine peace fills our spirit and we become glad. Furthermore, we start singing and praising God's holy name. Afterwards our hearts are filled with His grace and we do not desire anything else. Finally, we understand that God knows everything and that we do not need to question him about anything, but only be attentive in His presence. 

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