Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Orans vidi in excessu mentis visionem (Act 11:5)

I was at prayer when in a trance I had a vision.

To be a disciple of Jesus is to spend a lot of time at prayer. However, it is not easy to do so, because there is always something more important than praying. Nonetheless, all the time I need to find special moments to be with God. If I do not, I will not know what I am supposed to do and what to choose. During the prayer my Lord teaches me very carefully what he wants me to accomplish. Therefore, I need to remind myself to come back to prayer, especially when I am confused. In fact, very often during my meditation I do not agree with the message from above. The reason is that I have my own solutions and do not like to change my mind. Thus I must open my heart to let the Holy Spirit fall upon me with his grace. Then my soul will be fulfilled with the running waters of the living God.      

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