Tuesday, May 29, 2012

De qua salute (1 Pt 1:10)

Concerning the salvation ...

Our soul is a place where we meet with our Lord. It should be a holy place and full of light, but sometimes there is darkness. Therefore so important is to take care of our soul and to realize that there is a special space for the Spirit of Christ. Furthermore, in our soul we can find a strength to overcome all sufferings and troubles. It is possible only if we understand that the power of our inner being comes from the Holy Spirit not from us. Very deep inside us the miracles happen and often we even do not know how it is possible. However, we can experience them if we live honestly and according to the teaching of the Church. If there is humbleness and desire for holiness in everything we try to accomplish. In this way we can follow Jesus who was always obedient to his Father. Moreover, the divine peace and happiness will fill our heart and we will be able to sing with gratefulness to the Lord. Slowly we will become holier feeling that we partake in his salvation which begins here on the earth and will be fulfiled in the heaven.

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