Monday, May 28, 2012

In spem vivam (1 Pet 1:3)

Anew to the living hope.

It is good to thank the Lord every day for his blessings. So we give him thanks that he made us anew to a living hope. The reason is that thanks to Jesus' resurrection there is an imperishable inheritance prepared for us in the heaven. Although we need to go through many difficulties here on the earth, yet an award is waiting for us there. And this knowledge makes us happy and strong, even if for a little while we may have to suffer various trials. Moreover, our faith strengthens us and helps us to overcome everything what is dangerous and upleasant for us. Since when our life is on fire of many problems, we still keep hope and praise our Lord. We never give up, but always look upward loving God and believing in every word of the Scriptures. It changes our attitude and fills our hearts with unutterable joy. Because we are certain that our souls are saved by Jesus Christ who died for us. Now he is waiting for us in his Kingdom where we will obtain the salvation and everlasting joy. 

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