Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ut dilectio in ipsis sit, et ego in ipsis (I 17:26)

May love be in them and I in them.

Praying is lifting up to heaven not only our eyes but also soul. It is speaking with our Father who wants to hear us. Also it is openess and sincerity towards God. It is asking goods for others, especially a gift of faith. In addition, through prayer our faith increases too. Praying we experience that God is in us and we in God. Therefore we would like people to have the same experience and to go into this special intimate relationship with God. Moreover, in prayer our heart is lifted up and partakes in the divine glory. This glory is a holy communion with God, angels and saints. And the deeper prayer is, the closer to perfection we are, because the wall between God and us starts disappearing. So we have a part in heavenly light, truth and happiness. Further, we are able to feel the divine love which is a foundation of heavenly kingdom. There are no boundaries between races, religion, beliefs, etc. Although here on the earth it is difficult to understand and to comprehend this estate. However, there are some beloved disciples who had this experience and the Son of God prayed to make it known to us.     

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