Sunday, February 7, 2016

Naves stantes secus stagnum (Lc 5:1)

Sometimes in our heart there is desire to hear the divine Word. Then we wonder where we can hear the voice of God.
At the same time Jesus stands and waits patiently near the lake of our life to answer all our questions and nagging doubts. He watches intently when we try to deal with our soiled boats which are full of problems and worries. He is surprised that we try to solve our problems on our own and to deal with the tangled network of relationships with neighbors, family or friends.  
He, as always, waits to help us and comes with his teaching if only we do not forbid him. He encourages us to mobilize our strength and to sail with him on a stormy sea. He gives us the courage not to be afraid of adversity and to believe in ourselves. 
But we usually have too many doubts and avoid such an effort. We prefer to justify ourselves; we tell of disappointment and we talk about our failed attempts and unkept promises; we explain that all our effords do not make any sense...
If only his word makes us convinced and we realize that it is worth to try again with Jesus. Then miracles take place in our lives. With Christ, as helmsman, we break all the inappropriate relationships and give up on everything which does not serve our development. 
However, only with him, we can do great things in your life. We can build real and good relationships involving mutual trust and sincere friendship. Learning from the Master, we can help each other, and above all recognize the needs of our neighbors. Then, we enrich one another with these talents and gifts which we have received from our heavenly Father. 
When we are sailing with Jesus through life, we are overwhelmed with grace and cannot comprehend and embrace all the miracles which he performs in us and with us. The presence of Jesus leads us also to humbleness and we get to know that we are weak people who constantly need his support.  
Because only with Jesus it is possible to build a community of disciples who want to sail together in one boat of the holy Church. Then there is no fear in us, we begin to trust each other and to believe that Divine Providence directs our whole life ...