Wednesday, January 16, 2019

In principio erat Verbum (J 1:1)

Everything starts with God. Every breath, every fruit, every human being... Everything also has a special name given by God. Here on the earth we only discover these hidden names and look for the Creator. As children of God we learn how to give names and meaning for everything.
Each day we can come back to the beginning of our life and to the Source of Life. God the Father fulfills the universe with Life through his Son - Eternal Word and his Spirit - Everlasting Love. And nothing can exist without the divine Grace. 
My life is rooted in God. My thoughts, actions, emotions can be performed because the Lord loves me. Without God's grace I am lost in the darkness of my desires and sins. But I am saved and feel the divine Light which shines in me. Yes, I am able to overcome my weaknesses and do good things. Because God lives in me, I can bear witness of the divine Light. 
Every day I meditate on the divine Word and find truth in the Holy Scripture. I do believe in every word which comes from the Lord. Although I am a weak person, I know that my strength comes from God. I am in the world among my sisters and brothers as a follower of the Word. My own words and actions are limited by the human nature. Nonetheless I have the power to become son of God. Everything what is good in me has its origin in the Father who is full of grace and  truth. For that reason I do not give up but open my heart in order to be cleansed and purified by the divine Grace.