Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Exspectantes redemptionem (Rom 8:23)

Obviously, the sufferings are important part of our life. When we go through the painful experiences, we often forget that God is our loving Father. Since he has allowed his beloved Son to suffer and let us be in trouble. That is true we are humans and feel pain, but at the same time we are children of God who can overcome all the obstacles. Thanks to the Holy Spirit, we are stronger than any evil. For that reason we believe that our earthly life is only a period which ends and afterwards the heavenly life starts. 
As human beings we have an immortal soul and as a result nothing can destroy our dignity. Yes, we do suffer because of the pains and problems, but  we rejoice in the firstfruits of the Spirit as well. While we experience difficulties, we keep in mind that the redemption of our bodies is at hand. By the divine grace, we survive and are saved. Moreover, as sisters and brothers in Jesus Christ we wait patiently with endurance for the everlasting joy in the kingdom of God.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Coram angelis Dei (Lk 12:8)

Jesus speaks to the soul very often. But especially while the person is prepared spiritually. For instance just after the sacrament of reconciliation. Then, the inner senses are capable of hearing the voice of the Lord. 
The disciple of Christ does not need to worry that others do not understand him. But he always tries to keep his conscience pure. In addition, he asks the holy angels and saints to support him. He is neither afraid nor scandalized if something goes wrong and he fails. 
The man of God keeps in mind that the Holy Spirit is stronger than any of the evil spirits. He knows that each of his sins and mistakes can be forgiven. Such a Christian is brave and ready to defend himself before others. Because he trusts in the Lord and in the words of God. He testifies boldly and shares the Good News in the world.
The follower of Jesus does not preach anything on his own but only the truth which he has heard in the heart. Overall, he believes that the Spirit of God teaches him and helps to recognize the best moment when he should act.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Ego mitto vos (Lk 10:3)

The Lord appoints us and gives instructions how to fullfil the missionary tasks. As our Master he chooses us to be like him. He teaches to love one another and to preach the Gospel around the world. He takes care of everyone in every place and in every time. 
The Lord speaks to the heart of his disciples and encourages them to start working for the salvation of humankind. Firstly, he tells them that they should pray and ask God for his blessing. Secondly, he suggests them to be humble towards others. He explains that people are hurt and fragile. For that reason, they need medicians who will cure them. They don't need more things but gentleness, love and patience. 
Moreover, Jesus Christ focuses on the families who are in need of peace. He wants his apostles to be peaceful persons. Thus, they will be able to share their inward peace with the needy. People are lonely and the disciple of Christ should be with them in their experiences. 
All the people look for support and guidance. Therefore, the apostles are those who cure the sick with the words of peace and love. Thus, the Kingdom of God becomes present in the world.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Diliges ex toto corde (Lk 10:27)

As humans we often use our mind to solve the problems of life. But human life is much more than only thinking. It is also about feelings, beliefs and experiences. Moreover, there are some questions which cannot be answered by ourselves. 
For that reason, we are invited to ask the Lord and to listen to his message carefully. He always reminds us about the issues which are the most important such as love. He turns our attention to the heart and the inner world which is inside us. He says that we should focus on love and use all our strength to share it with others. 
Each of our phisical, psychological and spiritual skills ought to be used for the love of our sisters and brothers. Because we need to love one another as much as possible. This is the main reason of life on the earth as well as in the heaven. 
We learn to love from the Son of God who gave us an example while he lived among us. Therefore, we know how to love each other and our heavenly Father who has created us in order to attain the divine love and enjoy it forever.