Saturday, October 21, 2017

Coram angelis Dei (Lk 12:8)

Jesus speaks to the soul very often. But especially while the person is prepared spiritually. For instance just after the sacrament of reconciliation. Then, the inner senses are capable of hearing the voice of the Lord. 
The disciple of Christ does not need to worry that others do not understand him. But he always tries to keep his conscience pure. In addition, he asks the holy angels and saints to support him. He is neither afraid nor scandalized if something goes wrong and he fails. 
The man of God keeps in mind that the Holy Spirit is stronger than any of the evil spirits. He knows that each of his sins and mistakes can be forgiven. Such a Christian is brave and ready to defend himself before others. Because he trusts in the Lord and in the words of God. He testifies boldly and shares the Good News in the world.
The follower of Jesus does not preach anything on his own but only the truth which he has heard in the heart. Overall, he believes that the Spirit of God teaches him and helps to recognize the best moment when he should act.

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