Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Exspectantes redemptionem (Rom 8:23)

Obviously, the sufferings are important part of our life. When we go through the painful experiences, we often forget that God is our loving Father. Since he has allowed his beloved Son to suffer and let us be in trouble. That is true we are humans and feel pain, but at the same time we are children of God who can overcome all the obstacles. Thanks to the Holy Spirit, we are stronger than any evil. For that reason we believe that our earthly life is only a period which ends and afterwards the heavenly life starts. 
As human beings we have an immortal soul and as a result nothing can destroy our dignity. Yes, we do suffer because of the pains and problems, but  we rejoice in the firstfruits of the Spirit as well. While we experience difficulties, we keep in mind that the redemption of our bodies is at hand. By the divine grace, we survive and are saved. Moreover, as sisters and brothers in Jesus Christ we wait patiently with endurance for the everlasting joy in the kingdom of God.

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