Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Secundum voluntatem Dei (Sap 6:4)

Your vocation is to fulfill the will of God. Therefore, first of all you need to read the Scriptures carefully and listen to the Word who is Jesus Christ. Obviously, it takes time to understand what the Son of God speaks to you. Nonetheless, it is necessary if you like to manage your life and keep everything in the right order. 
Through the Holy Scripture, the Lord strengthens you and gives you the power of his Spirit. Thus, you are able to work peacefully and to govern all your thoughts. With the gift of the Spirit, you can judge rightly and make good decisions. If you know the divine Word, you walk according to the will of God. Also you are not afraid any more. On the contrary, even if you feel lowly you are sure that mercy of God is stronger than your weaknesses. 
Because the Lord is at your side, you do not fear anything. You live like a God's child who is fed with the divine graces. The Word teaches you wisdom which helps you to avoid sins. Moreover, you keep the holy precepts in order to attain holiness. In this way you are a witness to the Good News among those who lack happiness in their lives.

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