Sunday, December 25, 2016

Regnavit Deus tuus! (Is 52:7)

The Christmas celebration reminds us of the King of Peace - Jesus Christ who was born in Bethlehem. The Son of God became flesh in order to announce the will of his Father to the world. He visited us to bring good news and to tell us that we all are brothers and sisters. Also he promised that our goal is to live eternally in the kingdom of heaven with all the angels and holy people. United with Christ we are called to praise God the Father who has loved us so much. With love and peace in our hearts we are to contemplate God and to rejoice in him. 
The world was created by God, it is maintained by him and all the people might attain salvation through him. Although we are weak and fragile, we can be strengthened and sanctified. The merciful Father comforts us if we worship him, the Son redeems us if we praise him and the Holy Spirit fulfills us when we open our souls for the divine grace. Therefore, let us share the Good News to all the ends of the earth because the salvation of God is close at hand for all believers.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Nobiscum Deus (Mt 1:23)

Christmas is all about relationships. The most important one is the relation with the Holy Spirit. If a person is united with the Spirit of God, he is also able to build a good relationship with others. Accordingly, love towards people shows that a man is open-hearted and friendly. Thus, a friend of God is at the same time a friend of people. Also such a person is in good relations with the family or community members. When the Holy Spirit dwells in the soul, the person takes care of others and does not allow anyone to suffer. In the mind of holy ones there are pure intentions so that those people are aware of the needs of others. The person who is fulfilled with the Spirit can recognize the gentle voices of angels and saints. Consequently, the man of God is never afraid because he follows the orders of the divine will. Overall, he remembers that the union with God leads to happiness. 

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Genua debilia (Is 35:3).

Your life is devided into the periods of sadness and the periods of joyfulness. Every time you are sad the Lord speaks to you and announces that happines will return. Since everything is necessary in your life. The difficulties arise but you are strong enough to overcome them. You are called to bloom and rejoice. You are not created to be unhappy or disappointed. Even if you struggle a lot you are a child of God. Eventually you ought to find rest in the kingdom of heaven where saints see the splendor and glory of the Lord.
During the earthly experience you must be strengthened and found worthy of the heavenly treasures. When you are feeble and fatigue, the Lord helps you through the holy sacraments. He cures you from the spiritual and corporal weaknesses. He makes all the senses of your soul act properly. He ransoms you and fulfills your heart with divine grace. As a result you become joyful and blessed in all your endeavours. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Deus sempiternus Dominus (Is 40:28)

During your prayers and meditations you meet with the Holy One. You experience his presence and the divine peace enters your soul. Similarly while you contemplate the wonders of nature, you discover the God's hand which is hidden in the universe. For God the Father keeps all the creatures in His power and leads them properly. Thanks to God's might and strength they prosper and live. 
However, some people do not trust in the Lord. They think that he is not present in their lives. They try to decide about everything on their own. Even if they have heard about the Creator, they do not pay attention to his laws and statutes. For that reason they easily faint and despair. Especially when the difficulties appear and something goes wrong. 
On the contrary, those who believe in God and hope in the Lord renew their strength every day. They fly like eagles and attain the divine wisdom. They are strong because they fulfill God's will. Accordingly, they bless the Lord who is merciful and gracious for all.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

In habitu sanctae (Ti 2:3)

Apostle Paul explains that the holiness consists of many virtues. First of all the person who wants to be holy obeys the teaching of the Church and keeps God's commandments. For his strength comes from the faith in God and the love towards the people. A holy one is able to endure the difficulties and to behave rightly in all circumstances. It does not make the difference if the holy person is young or old because the holiness is for everyone in every condition and situation. The follower of Christ is also a good example for his brothers and sisters. In the relations with others a Christian who follows the way of perfection is temperate and self-controlled. As the child of God he brings all his neighbours to the close relationship with the Lord. A real Christian is always unselfish and takes care of his friends. His intentions are pure and derive from the reflections on the Holy Scripture. The holy one knows his Christian dignity and shows himself as a model of good deeds in every respect. Overall, his power has the foundation in the God's grace and in the saviour Jesus Christ. 

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Propter Christum (Phil 3:7)

Christian is a person who worships through Spirit of God. Christian is the one who boats in Christ Jesus and puts his confidence in God. Christian is the faithful who remembers his own history but he also knows his Redemptor. The follower of Christ is aware of his dignity but at the same time remains humble.
The power of Christian comes from the fact that he was born as a child of God. Further, he was baptized and received the gift of the Holy Spirit. Through the sacrament of reconciliation he has become holy and blameless as the Son of God. Therefore, he is not ashamed of his sins but is grateful for the grace of salvation. Obviously, he does not want to come back to his sinful life. He'd rather lose everything for the sake of friendship with Jesus. Since Christian keeps in mind that the supreme good is to accept Christ Jesus as the Lord. Consequently, Christian is full of peace, joy and love.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Beati estis (Mt 5:11)

Many people would like to become saints and this is a good desire. However, the process of sanctification is demanding. First, it takes courage to make a decision: yes, I want to make an effort and follow Jesus on the way up the spiritual mountain. Second, it takes time spent in prayer and meditation. Also, it is about building a community of believers who gather to pray together. Holiness requires regular and systematic work. The person who decides to become a saint knows his weak points. He is aware of being poor in spirit and therefore he needs the grace of the Holy Spirit. The candidate who chooses to be a blessing to others regrets his own sins and mistakes. He very often asks for the sacrament of reconciliation because on his own he is incapable of holiness. A holy person is usually meek and humble. He does not try to publicly display the treasures of his heart. Yet there great hunger and thirst for righteousness in his soul. On earth, the saint cannot be fully satisfied. Thanks to God's mercy, his heart is cleansed and in the Kingdom of heaven he will see God face to face. Saints are always the peacemakers and therefore rightly called the children of God.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Concives sanctorum (Eph 2:19).

Sometimes we feel like strangers on earth, but the truth is that we are fellow citizens with the holy ones. Holiness is our vocation since we are members of the Holy Church. The main purpose of our lives is to make progress in the Spirit and to become saints. We only need to follow the example of Christ Jesus and other holy men and women. During our spiritual journey, we are supposed to discover that the heart of Jesus beats in our hearts. Also, we are to know that each of us is a sacred temple in the Lord. We live because the Holy Spirit gives us life and builds us up sot that together we are God's dwelling place. Every person can be the happiest person on earth if she or he were aware of the great dignity of their personhood. We need to remind ourselves about this especially while other people try their best to conceal this fact. Nevertheless, the divine truth always resounds as far as the end of the world and God's glory is proclaimed through the lives of holy people.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sacrae Litterae (2 Tm 3:14)

The foundation of our relationship with God is love. Love helps us to remain faithful and to believe in every word found in Sacred Scripture. When we listen to the Bible readings carefully, we comprehend Divine Wisdom and experience the presence of God. Consequently, we learn from the Lord, who speaks to us all the time. God's word is the inspiration and source of real love. When we hear it, our love is strengthened and cleansed by the Lord. We become more competent and equipped for every good work. Furthermore, we are more gentle and understanding towards others. Through the words of the Holy Bible, we stay in the presence of the living God. Also, the Spirit of God acts in our souls and empowers us to proclaim the Good News. We can convince and encourage people with patience and persistence. Thus, the word of God is present, living and effective throughout the whole world.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Psallite Domino (Ps 98:5)

Every day is good for praising the Lord but Sunday is the best day to do so. On Sunday, you can remind yourself the wonderful deeds that God has accomplished for you. You can give him thanks that his right hand supports you all the time. His holy grace accompanies you so that you can live and fulfill your obligations.
On Sunday, Jesus Christ comes in the holy sacraments and speaks to your heart through the Bible readings. He makes known his holy will and tells you about the vocation you are supposed to accomplish. The Son of God is present in the community of believers who gather together during the Eucharist, the thanksgiving celebration. In the sacrament of reconciliation, he shows his divine kindness and faithfulness towards you.
Consequently, you are able to rejoice and worship in the Holy Spirit. Your whole body experiences God's goodness and the love of the heavenly Father who takes care of you. You become joyful and peaceful in your heart. Accordingly, you start to give testimony that you are a beloved child of God. In all circumstances, you will be ready to give thanks, and this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Qui fecit misericordiam (Lk 10:37)

So often we stand before God and ask thousand questions. However, our problems are not as important as the main question concerning the love towards the Lord. We read the Scripture many times but we do not recognize the voice of God who speaks to our heart. The reason is that we do not pay attention while we are meditating on the Good News. 
Sometimes we find a very beautiful passage but we even do not know what to do with it. Whereas every word of the Holy Bible reminds us of our vocation on earth which is to love the heavenly Father with all our heart, with all our being, with all our strength and with all our mind. 
As a result of practicing this kind of divine love we become capable of loving our sisters and brothers with the similar and precious love. It means sincerly and wholeheartedly with patience and attentiveness. Accordingly we treat our neighbours with mercy since this attitude comes from God who always looks after his children with merciful love.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

In virum perfectum (Eph 4:17).

I am not afraid of being a prisoner of the Lord which means following my Master everywhere. He has made me his disciple and taught me to behave with all humility, gentleness and patience. I accept his sacred chains with love and eagerness. Thus I imitate his example and I am able to respect my sisters and brothers. Moreover I do everything to preserve the community of love. 
His Holy Spirit fulfills my heart with peace and consequently I share hope and faith with others. Neither problems nor enemies are able to steal happiness from my heart. I believe that God is over all and my Lord may change every bad situation for good. 
I try to use his grace properly according to the measure of Christ's gift. Furthermore I ask him to show me the right way through life.
My vocation is to preach the Good News to the world because I was called for it. I do it and in this way I build the Body of Christ which is the holy Church. Eventually I will receive the reward of the eternal joy in the kingdom of God and I will become the mature person like my Lord Jesus Christ.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Evangelizatum est (Ga 1:11)

The relationship with Jesus should arise from the consideration of the Gospel. No one else is able to substitute this relationship. You cannot also learn it from the religious books or catechism. The friendship with Christ deepens gradually, day by day, by carefully considering his words contained in the Scriptures. Therefore you need zeal and openness for the gentle puff of the Holy Spirit. You cannot be Jesus Christ's friend and at the same time reject others or persecute them.
A good relationship with Lord is a great gift of God's grace and mercy. Overall, it is he who calls you to the intimate friendship and to fulfill the will of God. The one who abides in good relationship with his Master, should also bear witness to all those who are far from God.
A friend of Christ, that’s to say Christian, follows the inspirations that he hears in his heart and does everything the Holy Spirit calls him for. Deepening the life of prayer and participating in the life of the community of the Church, the Christian is constantly growing spiritually and shares the Gospel’s truth with their neighbors.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Misericordia Dei (Ap 1:9-13)

Human life consists of moments of happiness, but also sadness. All of these experiences are necessary and you are to be grateful for them. Thanks to them you can enter into a deeper contact with our Lord Jesus Christ. In this way he allows you to approach him and experience the state of spiritual rapture. Every Sunday, while participating in the Holy Sacrifice, you deepen your relation with the Son of God. He speaks to you with a powerful voice which is his merciful love. He lets you enter into a state of contemplation and he makes you go into raptures over the beauty of Spirit. Then you are able to see a patch of sky and to savor the glory of God. You receive his gift in order to share it with the people and to bear witness to the risen Christ. You need to turn away from the affairs of everyday life and to turn towards the light from above. Thus you have a share in the kingdom of heaven whence he comes to you as the Rising Sun and your Saviour who is clothed in a golden royal coat. If you look with humility in his divine face, he draws you towards him and puts his hand on your shoulder. His power calms your restless heart and ensures that your whole life is under God's Providence. He strengthens your faith and gives you hope of everlasting happiness in the Father's house.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

In templum (Jn 8:2)

Sunday is the special day for all Christians to gather together in the temple. There we celebrate the holy Eucharist which is the heart of our worship. There we get to know each other better and hear the Lord in the readings from the Holy Bible. Our Lord is sitting with us, teaching and preaching the Good News.
In the community of believers we also share our problems and become reconciled with God. When our enemies accuse us and curse us, we come closer to the Lord to find refuge in his arms. There we are not afraid any more. We open our hearts and ask for spiritual support. When our sins and guilts are great, we believe in God's mercy. From the Scripture we know that we will never be rejected.
In the holy Church we are always welcome is spite of our weakneses and mistakes. Jesus Christ is on our side and listens carefully to our confesion. Then he forgives us everything. He lets us stand before him as his beloved sisters and brothers. He is aware of all we had done in our life. In the depth of our heart, he gently touches us with his divine love and encourages us to start a new life. For he only wants us to be sincere and to love one another. When we accept his grace, we become free, joyful and peaceful.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Verbum reconciliationis (1 Cor 5:19)

Primarily the Lenten season is a chance to come closer to God in order to listen carefully to his teaching. Regardless of the fact that many things distract our attention and prevent us from developing an intimate relationship with God. Despite the fact that our human weaknesses and sins build a barrier on the spiritual path. Despite all these obstacles we should take advantage of this special time of the year to deepen the knowledge of the Scripture. Because there is hidden wisdom we need the most. God's Word teaches that our main task is to seek union with the Lord, because through an intimate relationship with God, our life is constantly revived. The Gospel reminds us of the merciful Father who forgives our weaknesses so that we could forgive each other and offer the disinterested love. Our task is therefore to testify to the mercy of God and to instruct friends that we can always change ourselves. Being in communion with the Spirit of the Lord allows us to conduct holy and righteous life. Participation in the Spirit leads to praise and to bless God all the time. The gifts of the Holy Spirit rejoice the heart, provide inner peace, liberate from all fear, stress and anxiety.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Naves stantes secus stagnum (Lc 5:1)

Sometimes in our heart there is desire to hear the divine Word. Then we wonder where we can hear the voice of God.
At the same time Jesus stands and waits patiently near the lake of our life to answer all our questions and nagging doubts. He watches intently when we try to deal with our soiled boats which are full of problems and worries. He is surprised that we try to solve our problems on our own and to deal with the tangled network of relationships with neighbors, family or friends.  
He, as always, waits to help us and comes with his teaching if only we do not forbid him. He encourages us to mobilize our strength and to sail with him on a stormy sea. He gives us the courage not to be afraid of adversity and to believe in ourselves. 
But we usually have too many doubts and avoid such an effort. We prefer to justify ourselves; we tell of disappointment and we talk about our failed attempts and unkept promises; we explain that all our effords do not make any sense...
If only his word makes us convinced and we realize that it is worth to try again with Jesus. Then miracles take place in our lives. With Christ, as helmsman, we break all the inappropriate relationships and give up on everything which does not serve our development. 
However, only with him, we can do great things in your life. We can build real and good relationships involving mutual trust and sincere friendship. Learning from the Master, we can help each other, and above all recognize the needs of our neighbors. Then, we enrich one another with these talents and gifts which we have received from our heavenly Father. 
When we are sailing with Jesus through life, we are overwhelmed with grace and cannot comprehend and embrace all the miracles which he performs in us and with us. The presence of Jesus leads us also to humbleness and we get to know that we are weak people who constantly need his support.  
Because only with Jesus it is possible to build a community of disciples who want to sail together in one boat of the holy Church. Then there is no fear in us, we begin to trust each other and to believe that Divine Providence directs our whole life ...