Sunday, March 13, 2016

In templum (Jn 8:2)

Sunday is the special day for all Christians to gather together in the temple. There we celebrate the holy Eucharist which is the heart of our worship. There we get to know each other better and hear the Lord in the readings from the Holy Bible. Our Lord is sitting with us, teaching and preaching the Good News.
In the community of believers we also share our problems and become reconciled with God. When our enemies accuse us and curse us, we come closer to the Lord to find refuge in his arms. There we are not afraid any more. We open our hearts and ask for spiritual support. When our sins and guilts are great, we believe in God's mercy. From the Scripture we know that we will never be rejected.
In the holy Church we are always welcome is spite of our weakneses and mistakes. Jesus Christ is on our side and listens carefully to our confesion. Then he forgives us everything. He lets us stand before him as his beloved sisters and brothers. He is aware of all we had done in our life. In the depth of our heart, he gently touches us with his divine love and encourages us to start a new life. For he only wants us to be sincere and to love one another. When we accept his grace, we become free, joyful and peaceful.

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  1. Thank you, blessed and indivisible Trinity, for showing us your mercy through the ministry of your priests! Please bless them and keep them, today and always!