Saturday, May 30, 2015

Laetatum est cor meum (Sir 51:20).

I am very thankful because the Lord has offered me many gifts. I praise him and bless his holy name. For he has guided me since my childhood and led me on the paths of wisdom. I experience his grace in my soul and hear his voice in my heart. I try to follow his advice not to make mistakes. For that reason, I spend time on prayer and listen carefully to recognize God's will for my life. I am sure that in this way I will prosper and achieve happiness. So I offer him all my life and am ready to give up all my plans. My main goal is to follow Jesus Christ and to seek him wholeheartedly. I hope that he will send his Holy Spirit and teach me everything. I open myself to receive the divine gifts and to fulfill his requests. I direct my soul to him and in cleanness I pray to the God. It gives joy to my heart and refreshes me.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Domus mea (Mk 11:17).

A Christian often visits the temple in order to meet the Lord. Moreover, a Christian himself is the temple where the Spirit of God lives. Obviously as a human being he suffers and experiences weaknesses of human life. Nonetheless, he knows where his strength comes from. He prepares his heart and makes place for the word of God. Sometimes he needs support to clean his soul from everything what is not good. He knows that without the help of Jesus he is not able to manage it. When his soul is ready and pure, the Christian becomes a man of prayer. Otherwise, he struggles with evil thoughts, temptations and cannot find peace but lives in constant fear. But if he does believe in the power of God, the miracles start to happen. The Christian is a person who does not doubt in his heart. He trusts in every word of the Scriptures and is sure it will come true. Consequently, all he asks for in prayer happen because he follows the example of the Son of God. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Miserere nostri (Sir 36:1).

I like to be in God's presence. I am glad that he is looking upon me all the time. He who is the Lord of the universe takes care of me. He is the light for my paths and the source of mercies. I am sure that there is no other God but he who loves me. I very often ask him to give me new signs and to work new wonders. Usually he answers quickly and sometimes he performes miracles. But the most importatnt thing is that he is alwasys listening to my plea. He gathers me together when I am divided and broken. He reminds me of his mercy and is very gentle when I commit sins. He gets me know that I am his beloved child and he does not want to lose me. He takes pity on me when I am far away from him and invites me to become a saint. His goal is to dwell in my heart with his majesty and to make it his holy temple. He always fulfills his promises and rewards me. He is gracious to me and leads me in the way of justice.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Accipite Spiritum Sanctum (Jn 20:22).

Bez oczyszczenia duszy nie można skorzystać z pełni darów Ducha. Gdyż wówczas - podobnie, jak bez zachowania porządku w swoim domu i życiu – gubimy się i nie potrafimy się odnaleźć. Przyjmując zaś sakramenty święte – tworzy się między nami oraz w nas samych KOMUNIA. Komunia ze współmałżonkiem, współpracownikiem, a przede wszystkim z samym Bogiem. Natomiast bez wspólnoty komunii jest brak szczerości, nieuczciwość między najbliższymi i wielki niepokój w sercu.
Wiele jest darów Ducha Świętego, ale największym z nich jest Dar Pokoju! Przypomina o tym Jezus w dzisiejszej Ewangelii, gdy mówi: POKÓJ WAM! WEŹMIJCIE DUCHA ŚWIĘTEGO!
Jeżeli w stanie łaski, klękamy wspólnie do modlitwy, otrzymujemy Ten Dar! Jeżeli zaś tego nie czynimi, „jesteśmy zamknięci” przed ludźmi. Ponieważ zamykamy się w naszych ego izmach, problemach i dusimy je w sobie, zamiast przedstawić je dobremu Ojcu w niebie. Stres i niepokój każdego dnia ciągle narasta i możemy się załamać. Kiedy zaś wspólnie przystępujemy do sakramentów i komunii świętej, RADUJEMY SIĘ ZE SPOTKANIA Z PANEM, KTÓRY NAPEŁNIA NASZE SERCA OGNIEM SWOJEJ MIŁOŚCI, CZYLI DUCHEM ŚWIĘTYM. Kiedy wspólnie uczestniczymy w niedzielnej Eucharystii – mszy świętej, ZOSTAJEMY NAPOJENI JEDNYM DUCHEM I STANOWIMY JEDNO CIAŁO!

Nikt nie może bez pomocy Ducha Świętego wyznać swojej wiary.
Nikt nie może bez Jego pomocy zrozumieć słów Pisma Świętego.
Nikt nie może bez Ducha Chrystusowego rozpoznać piękna stworzenia Bożego.
Nikt nie może bez daru Ducha dołożyć jednej chwili do swego życia!
Dlatego modlimy się w dzień Pięćdziesiątnicy
- we wspólnocie Ludu Bożego i w stanie łaski uświęcającej:

Przybądź, Duchu Święty!
Przyjdź, Światłości sumień!
Obmyj, co nieświęte, Oschłym wlej zachętę, Ulecz serca ranę!
Przybądź, Duchu Święty!
Rozgrzej serca twarde, Daj twoim wierzącym Siedmiorakie dary!
Daj zasługę męstwa, Daj wieniec zwycięstwa, Daj szczęście bez miary!
Przybądź, Duchu Święty!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Ut sint unum (Jn 17:11).

A good community is essential for the spiritual life. Therefore all the time we are to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to build our unity. The Christian community is based on the example of the unity in the Holy Trinity. The Son of God tried to create and protect such a community among his disciples. However, it always depends on each person whether he wants to be in the good relationship with God and other people. For everyone has free will and is able to choose his friends by himself. The proper relation with God and people gives peace and joy to the heart. The inner unity with God defends from the Evil One and helps to progress in holiness. The man who is united with the Holy Spirit knows what is his vocation and the aim of his life. For that reason, it is good to be consecrated and joined with brothers in order to enter the kingdom of God.

Cum omni humilitate (Acts 20:19).

A Christian is to give testimony to Christ in his daily life. Everything he does should be performed in the Jesus' way. Thus others see and learn more about Christian faith. First lesson is humility which is the most important virtue. Christ was humble and taught his disciples to serve the needy with love in their hearts. In spite of many trials that came to him, he did not give up but prayed eagerly to his Father. With courage he stood against the evil and the people who tried to destroy him. He earnestly bore witness for the sinners to repentance before God and to forgiveness for offenders. The next crucial lesson of the Son of God is obedience. He has never done anything contrary to the Father's will. He acted with the power of the Holy Spirit and always helped the people around him. Finally, he offered his own life for his sisters and brothers. He did not escape but showed his greatest respect for the humanity and the dignity of each person. By his example he still encourages Christians to keep strong faith in the time of persecutions and hardships. It is his Good News for all.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Pater amat vos (Jn 16:27).

The heavenly Father always takes care of you and can give you whatever you ask in the name of Jesus. For he does not want you to be sad and unhappy. The only problem is that you do not remember about your beloving Father. Usually you try to achieve everything by yourself or with the help of others. That is the reason why the Son of God came to the world and taught about the relationship with the Father. He very often showed his disciples how to pray and finally sent them Holy Spirit. He did not hide anything concerning the mysteries of the Holy Trinity. He rather invited his friends to enter into the deeper relation with God. He felt the Father's love and shared this experience with all his sisters and brothers. Some of them understood what he had meant and joined his company. However many others did not choose him as their leader and master. They did not accept that he had come from the Father to save the humankind. It is better not to follow their example. Since your vocation is to love the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Ego sum tecum (Acts 18:10).

The Holy Spirit speaks to your heart and says: Do not be afraid for I am with you. It should encourage you to act and give the testimony. For you can be sure that you are secure in the hands of God. No one can attack and harm you. On the contrary, there are many people to help and support you in your struggles. Accordingly, you can easily and peacefully work and fulfil the God's will. For that reason, you ought to shout to the Lord with cries of gladness. You should give him thanks that he rules over all the earth and loves you very much. Moreover he prepares for you the inheritance in the heavenly kingdom. Therefore your life is about singing praise to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Finally you are supposed to find rest and happiness in the community of saints and angels in heaven. There you will not question God about anything since you will be filled with the heavenly splendor.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Spiritus veritatis (Jn 16:13).

We all need the Holy Spirit to come because we lack wisdom and truth. The Spirit of God should be our inner Teacher when we read the Bible. This divine Light must help us understand the words of God. For there is the hidden message which the Lord shares with the human beings. However without the Spirit of truth we are unable to find this deeper meaning. Quite the opposite happens with the grace of God. Then we can discover the mysteries of the Holy Trinity. Also we are able to learn the things that are coming and to find out our vocation. In the Spirit of Christ we do glorify God and worship him for the abundance of his spriritual gifts. Overall, we are sure that every good comes from the merciful Father, the Creator of heaven and earth. We praise the Lord and ask for his Spirit to fulfil the promises from the Holy Bible.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Manete in dilectione mea (Jn 15:9).

Umiłowany uczeń Chrystusa pisze, że Bóg jest miłością. On doświadczył tej miłości, gdy spotkał się z Synem Bożym. Widział, że Bóg Ojciec umiłował świat i Syna swego Jednorodzonego dał, aby każdy kto w Niego wierzy nie zginął, ale miał życie wieczne. Apostoł Jan tak bardzo zachwycił się tą Bożą miłością, że towarzyszył Jezusowi aż po krzyż, na którym Zbawiciel oddał swoje życie. Zaświadczył, że nikt nie ma większej miłości od tej, gdy ktoś życie oddaje za przyjaciół swoich. To Syn Boży nauczył go miłości do Ojca, który jest w Niebie. To Syn Boży wskazał mu na miłość Matki, która stała wiernie pod krzyżem. To Syn Boży ukochał go i zaprosił do odwzajemnienia tej miłości. A Jan pokochał ze wzajemnością Jezusa, zaprzyjaźnił się z Nim, a potem zaczął głosić Ewangelię. Nauczył się od swego Mistrza miłosnej modlitwy do Ojca, pokochał braci i głosił im Bożą miłość. Albowiem doskonale wiedział, że miłości do Boga i do drugiego człowieka to najważniejsze przykazanie.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Dominus aperuit cor (Acts 16:14).

It is important to choose the right place of prayer. Otherwise, we can have problems with listening to the voice of God. We are to pray with other people and encourage one another in worship. As a result, the Lord may open our heart to pay attention to the Word of God. For it is always the divine grace which leads us in meditation. The Holy Spirit comes from the Father and teaches us the truth about ourselves. Then, we become ready to follow Christ and preach the Gospel to others. We are even eager to suffer for the truth and offer our life for the sake of Jesus. Nowadays, the world needs our testimony and strong faith because many people do not know either God or the Saviour. Nevertheless, the Lord takes delight in his people and wants to save them. As his disciples we are called to help him bring all the children of God to his kingdom. Only in this way, there can be joy and happiness among all the peoples. For all should know that the Lord loves them and prepares the best place for each person in heaven.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Via et veritas et vita (Jn 14:6).

My heart is often troubled though Jesus reminds me not to be worried. The reason is that my faith is weak and I do not place my trust in the Lord. I am a poor creature who is not able to love God with all my heart and all my soul and all my strength. In the Holy Bible Jesus Christ makes me sure that he is with me and I am loved by the heavenly Father. Nonetheless, I still have doubts and am afraid about my future. I am scared when something is not all right or others hurt me. I forget that I totally depend on God and he will never let me perish. Also my problem is that I want my dreams come true and do not accept other solutions. Therefore, again and again I need to realize that my focus must be on Jesus Christ. For he is my Saviour and Redeemer who offered everything for me. He is my only way, truth and life. In him I hope and I will not be ashamed.