Monday, May 11, 2015

Dominus aperuit cor (Acts 16:14).

It is important to choose the right place of prayer. Otherwise, we can have problems with listening to the voice of God. We are to pray with other people and encourage one another in worship. As a result, the Lord may open our heart to pay attention to the Word of God. For it is always the divine grace which leads us in meditation. The Holy Spirit comes from the Father and teaches us the truth about ourselves. Then, we become ready to follow Christ and preach the Gospel to others. We are even eager to suffer for the truth and offer our life for the sake of Jesus. Nowadays, the world needs our testimony and strong faith because many people do not know either God or the Saviour. Nevertheless, the Lord takes delight in his people and wants to save them. As his disciples we are called to help him bring all the children of God to his kingdom. Only in this way, there can be joy and happiness among all the peoples. For all should know that the Lord loves them and prepares the best place for each person in heaven.

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