Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Cum omni humilitate (Acts 20:19).

A Christian is to give testimony to Christ in his daily life. Everything he does should be performed in the Jesus' way. Thus others see and learn more about Christian faith. First lesson is humility which is the most important virtue. Christ was humble and taught his disciples to serve the needy with love in their hearts. In spite of many trials that came to him, he did not give up but prayed eagerly to his Father. With courage he stood against the evil and the people who tried to destroy him. He earnestly bore witness for the sinners to repentance before God and to forgiveness for offenders. The next crucial lesson of the Son of God is obedience. He has never done anything contrary to the Father's will. He acted with the power of the Holy Spirit and always helped the people around him. Finally, he offered his own life for his sisters and brothers. He did not escape but showed his greatest respect for the humanity and the dignity of each person. By his example he still encourages Christians to keep strong faith in the time of persecutions and hardships. It is his Good News for all.

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