Friday, May 29, 2015

Domus mea (Mk 11:17).

A Christian often visits the temple in order to meet the Lord. Moreover, a Christian himself is the temple where the Spirit of God lives. Obviously as a human being he suffers and experiences weaknesses of human life. Nonetheless, he knows where his strength comes from. He prepares his heart and makes place for the word of God. Sometimes he needs support to clean his soul from everything what is not good. He knows that without the help of Jesus he is not able to manage it. When his soul is ready and pure, the Christian becomes a man of prayer. Otherwise, he struggles with evil thoughts, temptations and cannot find peace but lives in constant fear. But if he does believe in the power of God, the miracles start to happen. The Christian is a person who does not doubt in his heart. He trusts in every word of the Scriptures and is sure it will come true. Consequently, all he asks for in prayer happen because he follows the example of the Son of God. 

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