Wednesday, September 27, 2017

In loco sancto (Es 9:8)

Sometimes do we feel weak and troubled. In these moments we should raise our hands to the Lord and ask for help. It is true that we can be ashamed or confounded to look towards the face of God directly. For we make mistakes and commit sins. Nonetheless, we trust in the mercy of the loving Father. We acknowledge our trespasses and promise not to make wrong choices. 
We keep in mind that God the Father is merciful for his children. As his beloved ones we ask him for support and the divine grace. Accordingly, our heavenly Father brightens our eyes and gives us relief in our problems. 
Although we are only humans, with the power of the Holy Spirit we overcome every trouble and suffering. For sure we are never abandoned. We live thanks to the Lord, with the Lord and for the Lord. 
The Providence of God embraces us in all circumstances. Every day we are granted the gift of new life to start again and again. Thus, we are able to rebuild and renew everything which was destroyed by the evil.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Bono fructificantes (Col 1:10)

Christians do not cease praying. In every situation they keep in mind that the Lord is present. Moreover, they are filled with the knowledge of the Holy Spirit who moves them from the very morning until night. 
God the Father has put in them all spiritual wisdom so they act with dignity and prudence. In their behaviour they resemble the life of the Son of God. Accordingly they are pleasing to all the people and bear good fruit. The Holy Spirit strengthens them with the divine power and they work patiently with all endurence in every circumstances. 
Christians are fulfilled with the Spirit of joy even if their lives seem to be hard and difficult. Nonetheless, they keep giving thanks to the Father for all the gifts and especially for their salvation. Living on the earth, they walk in the light though the powers of darkness want to overcome them. 
They are always focused on the Lord who has delivered them from evil and prepared them place in the Kingdom of God. Therefore, with the divine grace they keep doing good and love all sisters and brothers wholeheartedly.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Spiritus super me (Lc 4:18)

As human beings we are connected with people but also with the Lord. Therefore, we need to find time for our beloved ones and for the Lord who has loved us. While we spend time in the community of believers, we hear the Lord speaking to us. He reminds that his Holy Spirit abides in our hearts. Also he teaches that we are beloved children of God the Father. We are called to live in the divine light and love our sisters and brothers wholeheartedly.
Every day Jesus Christ walks with us and supports us, especially if we pray sincerely and open our soul for his grace. Consequently, we are able to recognize his presence in our friends and relatives. We don't look at them as they were the ordinary people but as they truly are the children of God. For sure, accepting this fact is not easy because all of us make mistakes and hurt each other. However, if we forgive ourselves and others their guilt, we start to live a holy and peaceful life.