Friday, October 28, 2016

Concives sanctorum (Eph 2:19).

Sometimes we feel like strangers on earth, but the truth is that we are fellow citizens with the holy ones. Holiness is our vocation since we are members of the Holy Church. The main purpose of our lives is to make progress in the Spirit and to become saints. We only need to follow the example of Christ Jesus and other holy men and women. During our spiritual journey, we are supposed to discover that the heart of Jesus beats in our hearts. Also, we are to know that each of us is a sacred temple in the Lord. We live because the Holy Spirit gives us life and builds us up sot that together we are God's dwelling place. Every person can be the happiest person on earth if she or he were aware of the great dignity of their personhood. We need to remind ourselves about this especially while other people try their best to conceal this fact. Nevertheless, the divine truth always resounds as far as the end of the world and God's glory is proclaimed through the lives of holy people.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sacrae Litterae (2 Tm 3:14)

The foundation of our relationship with God is love. Love helps us to remain faithful and to believe in every word found in Sacred Scripture. When we listen to the Bible readings carefully, we comprehend Divine Wisdom and experience the presence of God. Consequently, we learn from the Lord, who speaks to us all the time. God's word is the inspiration and source of real love. When we hear it, our love is strengthened and cleansed by the Lord. We become more competent and equipped for every good work. Furthermore, we are more gentle and understanding towards others. Through the words of the Holy Bible, we stay in the presence of the living God. Also, the Spirit of God acts in our souls and empowers us to proclaim the Good News. We can convince and encourage people with patience and persistence. Thus, the word of God is present, living and effective throughout the whole world.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Psallite Domino (Ps 98:5)

Every day is good for praising the Lord but Sunday is the best day to do so. On Sunday, you can remind yourself the wonderful deeds that God has accomplished for you. You can give him thanks that his right hand supports you all the time. His holy grace accompanies you so that you can live and fulfill your obligations.
On Sunday, Jesus Christ comes in the holy sacraments and speaks to your heart through the Bible readings. He makes known his holy will and tells you about the vocation you are supposed to accomplish. The Son of God is present in the community of believers who gather together during the Eucharist, the thanksgiving celebration. In the sacrament of reconciliation, he shows his divine kindness and faithfulness towards you.
Consequently, you are able to rejoice and worship in the Holy Spirit. Your whole body experiences God's goodness and the love of the heavenly Father who takes care of you. You become joyful and peaceful in your heart. Accordingly, you start to give testimony that you are a beloved child of God. In all circumstances, you will be ready to give thanks, and this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Qui fecit misericordiam (Lk 10:37)

So often we stand before God and ask thousand questions. However, our problems are not as important as the main question concerning the love towards the Lord. We read the Scripture many times but we do not recognize the voice of God who speaks to our heart. The reason is that we do not pay attention while we are meditating on the Good News. 
Sometimes we find a very beautiful passage but we even do not know what to do with it. Whereas every word of the Holy Bible reminds us of our vocation on earth which is to love the heavenly Father with all our heart, with all our being, with all our strength and with all our mind. 
As a result of practicing this kind of divine love we become capable of loving our sisters and brothers with the similar and precious love. It means sincerly and wholeheartedly with patience and attentiveness. Accordingly we treat our neighbours with mercy since this attitude comes from God who always looks after his children with merciful love.