Friday, December 14, 2018

Venite ad me (Mt 11:28)

Jesus invites us to come closer to him. Especially now in Advent season. How can we come closer to Jesus? First of all, through the holy sacraments. So we should start with confession and then receive Holy Communion. Also we meet Jesus in the chapel when we pray and sit in silence. During our prayer we can tell Jesus about everything. He is the One who listens and heals us. 
Each of us is busy with many things. We have tasks and responsibilities before Christmas. But the most important task of every religious person is to spend time with the beloved One - Jesus Christ. In the silence of prayer, our Lord teaches us to be meek and humble. Only in silence we hear his gentle voice speaking to us. Our Teacher assures us that we can find rest in him. 
Let us pray for the grace of prayer in the quite heart. Thus, we will prepare ourselves well for the coming Christmas.