Saturday, June 30, 2012

Infirmitates nostras accepit (Mt 8:17)

Jesus took away our infirmities.

Not only we ourselves have many problems in our life, but also our friends, relatives and acquaintances. Therefore, every day we should come to Jesus to ask him for healing. He knows that we are suffering and sympathises with us. When he sees our humbleness and needs, he always is ready to give us his help. But usually we are not prepared to welcome him in the house of our heart. For that reason, first we are to confess our sinfulness and weakness. Later we are able to listen to his words which are like medicine for us. We do not need more than to hear his gentle voice full of compassion and love. We do not have to speak about everything because he knows it very well. On the contrary, we must maintain in his presence and open ourselves for the divine grace. And if we have enought faith, there is nothing impossible and we can be cured from all deseases and troubles. For Jesus Christ takes away our infirmities, forgives our sins and bears all our problems.  

Friday, June 29, 2012

Angelus Domini in circuitu timentes eum (Ps 34:8)

The angel of the LORD encamps around those who fear him.

Sometimes our situation is very difficult because of dangerous and bad events. Furthermore, often people hurt us and are unpleasant to us. Thus our spirit is cast down and we think that there is no escape from these circumstances. However, especially in such cases God happens to be with us through his angels and friends. For he sends good people to us and makes them help us. It does not matter how big our problems are because his power and wisdom overcome everything. In such a way we can experience miracles in our daily life. But there is one very important condition: we are able to recognize the angels coming to us with grace if we are men of prayer. Being in touch with God is necessary to know what we are to do in every moment of our life. In addition God very often invites us to make a jump of faith. It means that we cannot even understand what we are supposed to do but nevertheless we must do it. Afterward we know better and are grateful that God came to us mysteriously and delivered us from evil.       

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cito anticipent nos misericordiae tuae (Ps 79:8)

May your compassion quickly come to us.

O my Lord, I need your help all the time, but especially in the moments of trouble. I see many bad things around me and my spirit faints. So many people do not care about you and this situation makes me suffer. There is no regard for your statutes nor commands and for that reason many are angry and anxious. It has also an influence on me and on the community of the Church. Such atmosphere does not serve anybody. Therefore I ask you again for your help and compassion. Since without you we are not able to change our behaviors. We are waiting for your support and grace because we cannot live without it. Please, deliver us from evil and do not remember the iniquities of the past. We are really sorry for our mistakes and mischief. O Lord, help us! You are our savior as we believe. We do know that you can pardon our sins for your name's sake to make us happy and peaceful. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Librum legis repperi (2 Kgs 22:)

I have found the book.

There is a big value of the Holy Bible. Everyone is happy who reads it and finds the message for oneself in it. However, not everyone is aware how important is this book. And even many Christians do not listen carefully when it is read in the church. Nonetheless, there are faithful readers who know the value of the Scripture. They read it with a great respect knowing that it is God speaking through the Bible. Moreover, in the Catholic Church there are special scholars and ministers who are to explain the message from the Bible. And if we are good Christians, we always try to follow their explanation and to do the God's will. Since in the Bible there is something special for each of us, because God wants to talk with us all the time. It is his interest to share with us his wisdom and in such a way to make us joyful. From our part we are to keep his covenant which is very clear and to read God's words in the Scripture.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Intrate per angustam portam (Mt 7:13)

Enter through the narrow gate.

The narrow gate of prayer is difficult to go through. However, it is the best way in life. In every situation we are to spend time before God. Especially when trials and troubles come, we should stand in the temple and pray to God. There we are heard and we receive light from above. There we can speak about everything which is important to us. There we can ask for help always. And God our Father is ready to support us his servants. He sends his messangers and angels to bring us strength and to change our situation. He loves us so much that he never leaves us. On the contrary he let us feel his presence and love. Further, he upholds us and takes us on his shoulders when we loose our strength. He is our stronghold and we become stronger and stronger by his grace. For that reason it is so good to enter through the narrow gate of prayer and to thank God for all he has done for us. Though it is never enough praise and glory and thanksgiving to God for all his blessings. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Da nobis auxilium (Ps 60:12)

Give us aid.

O Lord! I am so weak and need your help. Further, often do I feel lonely and deserted. Sometimes I even think you are too far from me. Therefore, again and again I ask you to be closer by me and to support me when I am tottering. Since there are many hardships not only in my own life, but also in lives of others. These troubles make me unhappy and powerless because so often I do not know what to do and I am not able to help the needy. Nevertheless, I am certain that what we need the most is just you. For that reason, please, come to our aid! Let us feel your pleasant presence which makes us peaceful. Because nothing and nobody can act as a substitute in this case. Furthermore, often I am occupied with so many things and sometimes even as under attack. In some situations I cannot find a good solution, though I know for sure that especially in these cases I need you the most. You still warn me through your words in the Scriptures. Moreover, you give me your commandments and statutes which defend me. Please, make me listen to them and fulfill them in my life.      

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dominus vocavit me (Is 49:1)

The Lord called me.

God's calling comes to us in various moments of our life. But in every case it is with power and strength. We usually feel unworthy to accept this inner voice but when it is heard, we are to follow it. Our happiness depends on this message and following it is the best choice for our future. Through his word God makes us brave to go and to preach the Gospel. And we cannot find anything better for us than his plan and ordinances. The reason is that when he prepares something for us, it is always for our good. Furthermore, this good news must be shared with others who are also waiting for the divine light. Since all of us are thirsty of God's words and only God understands our deep desires and longings. Moreover, he is the ultimate purpose of our life. He created our inmost being which cannot be satisfied but in him. So it is true that our heart is restless, unless it rests in God.   

Friday, June 22, 2012

Ubi thesaurus tuus, ibi cor tuum (Mt 6:21)

Where your treasure is, there is your heart.

We people have so many things around us. And sometimes we think they are very important and even we cannot live without them. Hence we forget about the matters of heaven. So Jesus keeps reminding us that our destiny will be fulfiled in the heavens. The reason is that here on the earth we still live as if in the darkness. We are not able to see clearly nor recognize the hidden meaning of events and things. Therefore we need a light from Chirst who teaches us in the gospel what is the most important. Furthermore, he leads us out of the darkness of our mischief and sins. He wants us to go through our life with the happy heart. Moreover he promises that he will never let us walk alone. On the contrary he is always ready to bless and to support us with his grace. The only thing we ought to do is to keep his covenant of love. Since his decrees are easy for everyone who loves God and people. Further, we should also remember that we are chosen by him and he wishes to live in our hearts all the time. It is his greatest pleasure and our best treasure - the heart of Jesus living in our heart...    

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Orantes nolite multum loqui (Mt 6:7)

In praying do not babble ...

Prayer is a power of Christians. During prayer we receive necessary graces from God. Also we hear words which are to help us in life. Meditating we are being taught and afterwards we can learn others how to live. In the past there were many holy men who were listening to God and they were granted with special gifts. These saints and blessed could even perform miracles according to the will of God. Their deeds were awesome and wondrous. The reason is that in prayer they were touched by God. Accordingly everyone who prays is pleased to God and knows how to act correctly. Such a person knows what should speak and how react in every situation. Nothing is able to disturb his patience and calmness. People want to follow his example. Because it can be easily noticed that the divine power is acting through him. Furthermore, even after death of the praying man the miracles still happen. Since his spirit connected to the spirit of God is working more efficiently. Happy is the man who in his prayer has never babbled but listened to the will of God always.     

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Conquiescite (Ps 4:5)

Reflect in silence.

Sometimes the situation around is extremely difficult and everything seems to be against us. The world, circumstances and the people do not support but disturb with our endeavours. Then our hopes fall down and we are very weak. Subsequently, the fear governs in our heart and mind. In such a situation it is not easy to believe anyone. And often we even lose our faith that God is our help. Nonetheless, God is with us even if we do not feel it and he sends us his angels to encourage and strengthen us. They pray for us and support with their example of faith. They help us to discover the miracles which God performs for us. Also they assure us that God hears our prayers and does act. And that we just need to reflect in silence on God's mercy and his blessings.   

Monday, June 11, 2012

Custodiet animam tuam Dominus (Ps 121:7)

The Lord will guard your life.

We do not have to worry when we trust the Lord. Also we do not need to be afraid when we listen to his word. Since the Lord speaks to us directly every day if only we open the Bible and read it. He always knows the best what is the most necessary for us now just in this precise moment. Moreover, if he promises something, he accomplishes it at the same time. Because his word is working not like our empty words. Further, his words and deeds are tightly connected. His help is certain and never fails. In addition, he assures us that he guards us all the time. He is very close at hand and does not let anybody hurt us. For that reason, we feel peace and are able to face any evil in our life. Thus we know that he takes care of us both now and forever.    

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Calicem salutaris accipiam (Ps 116:13)

The cup of salvation I will take up.

God sends us many blessings every day and therefore we are thankful. The best way to express our thankfulness is the sacrament of Holy Eucharist. Celebrating it we meet with God personally in his words and gifts of the altar. The climax of this meeting is a holy communion. In this special moment we embrace God in our heart and there cannot be a deeper union similar to it. Such a mystical unity happens always we receive the body and blood of Christ in our hearts. As a result we become happy, peaceful and even more thankful than before because we have experienced the next miracle in our life. With a grace of the sacrament we would like to pay our vows to the Lord. Moreover, our heart is the great and perfect tabernacle of God and the place where the earth meets with the heavens. Thus our soul becomes a divine sanctuary and participates in a spiritual delight of the heavenly kingdom. Furthermore, our whole being is strengthened and we are being sanctified. Afterwards we can be called blessed because the grace of God cleanses our conscience from our guilts. In such a way we are able to worship God properly from the clean heart.     

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Vigila in omnibus (2 Tm 4:5)

Be self-possessed.

We are to live in the presence of God and to proclaim the word in all circumstances. Moreover, we are called to be persistent in it, nevertheless it is convenient or not. Although there are better and worse situations, we cannot forget about the divine Providence in our life. We are supposed to convince, reprimend and encourage all people we meet in daily life. Because we are disciples and followers of Jesus nowadays. Furthermore, there are more and more people who do not tolerate sound doctrine. So we must perform the work of an evangelist for them and in such a way fulfill our ministry. Such is our vocation to testify before the world that God is an important part of our life and we are even not able to live without him. For that reason we always praise him and proclaim his mighty works. Also we give thanks for his faithfulness and show our humbleness. As a result we receive his blessing and our heart is full of peace.  

Friday, June 8, 2012

Omnis Scriptura divinitus inspirata est (2 Tm 3:16)

All Scripture is inspired by God.

Sometimes we think that God is silent because he does not speak directly nor answer our prayers. However, it is only our point of view which is very biased. Actually, God listens to us all the time and wants us to pay attention to his words. These God's words are written in the Holy Bible waiting for a readers. When we open the Scripture, we learn a lot about God, world and ourselves. Moreover, we are taught how to remain faithful and how much we are to suffer for our belief. At the same time, the sacred Scriptures strengthen us and give us wisdom to live holy and religiously in Christ Jesus. Further, God speaking quietly to us fills our minds with his grace to be competent, righteous and equipped for every good work. So having read the passage of the Scripture we usually feel divine peace and love in our hearts. Although our life brings us many problems, we know how to resolve them all. Therefore, my heart always stands in awe of your word, my God. I meditate on it every day to recieve your holy peace and support. In such a way I wait for your salvation and fulfill your commands.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Non es longe a regno Dei (Mc 12:34)

You are not far from the kingdom of God.

Often we think that there is a very long way to the heavens. But actually, it is not. The kingdom of God is close at hand. And if we partake in it, we are ready to suffer for Christ the King. If we take the word of God seriously, we can bear everything. Moreover, we are able to sacrifice even our life for the sake of others. In this way we try to obtain the salvation that is in Jesus Christ. Further, if we know that the kingdom of God is so close, we want to live a true Christian life. We confess that Jesus is the Lord in every moment of our life. And we do our best to remain faithful and not to deny him. Also we are witnesses of our Catholic faith everywhere reminding people of the main purpose of life which is to achieve the God's kingdom. In addition, we ask our Lord to guide us always in his truth and to teach us his divine love. Because we too would like to be humble and just for one another. Overall, we strive to keep friendship with the Lord and to love everyone as he has beloved us. The reason is that it is the most important commandment in the Scripture which leads us closer toward the promised kingdom.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ut resuscites donationem Dei (2 Tm 1:4)

Stir into flame the gift of God.

God has chosen us because he loved us. In addition his will is to give us life, grace, mercy, and peace. And we cannot live without his divine grace; very hard is to survive without his mercy and impossible is to be in peace without his help. So if we know his graces, we are gratefull all the time. We worship him with a clear conscience and keep praying constantly. But it is not enough. Again and again we need to kindle our love more and more. The raeson is that our love should be growing always. Otherwise it is dying down. Furthermore, loving God our spirit is strengthened and we have power to do great things. With his love we are courageous and ready to partake in the hardships for the Gospel. Moreover, by is love we are able to become holy and to fulfill his will in our life. For the power of love can overcome even death and bring immortality to us. Since we know that we are followers of Jesus Christ who sacrificed his life for us.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Immaculati et inviolati in pace (2 Pt 3:14)

Without spot or blemish at peace.

Each of us desires peace but it is not easy to achieve it. The reason is that we still make many mistakes and commit small sins. Consequently, there are different kinds of spots on our hearts. Further, we lack patience and are anxious very often. It can even lead us to destruction and loosing our own stability. But there is a way of escape from this situation. For the solution is to grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. He is always close to us and ready to help in everything. Yet at daybreak he wants to fill us with his kindness, that we may shout for joy and gladness all our days. However, even if we know that he is trustworthy, we do not want to ask him to enlighten the eyes of our hearts. Because we are too pride and think that we are able to accomplish everything by our own. But we cannot be more mistaken. And it is a source of our all troubles - our hypocrisy. On the one hand we seem to believe him, but on the other we trust in ourselves completely. Therefore, there is still a large spot on our heart, we need to remove.   

Monday, June 4, 2012

Divinae consortes naturae (2 Pt 1:4)

Come to share in the divine nature.

We are supposed to be similar to God. But usually in our behaviour we are very far from it. The reason is that we do not use his grace and peace. Moreover we seem not to know our God and his divine power bestowed on us. And therefore we live by our own and not using his promises. The result is that we are still restless and anxious. Also we are slaves of our desires and plans for future. Yet we ought to change our mind and try to supplement our faith with virtue, and knowledge, and self-control, and endurance, and devotion, and mutual affection, and overall with love. The best way to live like that is to abide in the shadow of the Almighty and to trust him from the whole heart. In fact, when we cling to him, he will grant us the strength we need. When we pray to him, he will give us the answer for our requests. And when we share in his divine nature, we well really become the children of God. 

Deus in caelo sursum et in terra deorsum (Dt 4:39)

God in the heavens above and on earth below.

God is always inside and around us. His presence can be experienced when we pray and admire the created world. For the beautiful nature speaks to us all the time and there are milions of signs and wonders in our daily life. However, very often our eyes are closed and ears do not hear. Moreover, we forget quickly even the greatest miracles which happened to us and that our life is one of them too. Therefore, so important is to remind yourself continually that the earth is full of the kindness of the Creator. Further, that by his word the heavens were made and everything is being created continuously. Thus the eyes of the Lord are always upon the world and he keeps all creation alive. Accordingly, our soul needs his grace to live and to act. Since we are led by the Spirit of God as his children. And if we believe it, the divine power is given to us. In such a way we are able to testify and to make disciples of all people teaching them that God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is always with us until the end of the world. 


Saturday, June 2, 2012

In Spiritu Sancto orantes (Iud 17:20)

Pray in the Holy Spirit.

The foundation of our relationship with God is faith and it is a gift of the Holy Spirit. Although we do not see nor hear the acting of the Spirit, but we are able to feel God's love and mercy. Especially when we are very weak, the Spirit of Christ supports us. Moreover, when we fall down, his grace helps us to stand up. In his presence we can stay unblemished and exultant. And not only our soul is thirsting and waiting for the Spirit of God, but also our body needs the divine strength to move and act, because without it we are lifeless and powerless. Accordingly, all the time we are to pray and to ask for the Holy Spirit. During our prayer in silence we ought to keep faith and hope looking forward to the divine blessing. There we experience our God's kindness and boundless glory. There lifting up our hands and heart we are gifted with the spriritual riches. There we are satisfied and do not need anything more. Our only desire is to be with the Lord and to listen to his voice speaking deeply in our soul. As a result with Christ's word everything what we expect comes and we are fulfiled. Afterwards we want to give thanks to our beloved God.   

Friday, June 1, 2012

In omnibus glorificetur Deus (1 Pt 4:11)

In all things God may be glorified.

Our whole life should be a glorification of God. It means that everything we do is to give praise to our God. Furthermore, all the time we neet to keep in mind that we live, move and speak because God gives us his grace. Since without his help we would be able to do nothing. Even our prayer is inspired by his Holy Spirit. Moreover, our love which comes from our hearts has its source in the divine Love. And this love is another proof that God does abide inside us. Nonetheless we often forget about this special kind of his presence. On the contrary we do not try to think that each of our action is strengthened by him. For that reason we are to give him thanks continually. But sometimes when bad things happen in our life it is not easy to be grateful. In that situation we used to forget what we had received from God's hands. However, to be a good child is to remember all his blessings. And in the time of trial we ought to keep in memory that in such a way we participate in the suffering of Christ. Overall, with the Son of God there is always victory even over death.