Friday, June 8, 2012

Omnis Scriptura divinitus inspirata est (2 Tm 3:16)

All Scripture is inspired by God.

Sometimes we think that God is silent because he does not speak directly nor answer our prayers. However, it is only our point of view which is very biased. Actually, God listens to us all the time and wants us to pay attention to his words. These God's words are written in the Holy Bible waiting for a readers. When we open the Scripture, we learn a lot about God, world and ourselves. Moreover, we are taught how to remain faithful and how much we are to suffer for our belief. At the same time, the sacred Scriptures strengthen us and give us wisdom to live holy and religiously in Christ Jesus. Further, God speaking quietly to us fills our minds with his grace to be competent, righteous and equipped for every good work. So having read the passage of the Scripture we usually feel divine peace and love in our hearts. Although our life brings us many problems, we know how to resolve them all. Therefore, my heart always stands in awe of your word, my God. I meditate on it every day to recieve your holy peace and support. In such a way I wait for your salvation and fulfill your commands.

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